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Single-Dose Pharmacokinetics and Preliminary Safety Assessment with Use of CBD-Rich Hemp Nutraceutical in Healthy Dogs and Cats

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Simple Summary

The use of cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp-based nutraceuticals is increasing in dogs and cats for disorders related to anxiety, seizures, cancer and pain. To date, there is little information related to appropriate dosing or long-term effects on serum chemistry or complete blood counts (CBC), and little data on the pharmacokinetics of single- or long-term dosing in dogs and cats. Single-dose pharmacokinetics and preliminary 12-week serum chemistry and complete blood counts are reported here showing short pharmacokinetic half-lives of cannabidiol in dogs and cats, with cats showing far lower oral absorption kinetics or rapid elimination suggesting dosing may differ between the two species. Fortunately, there were no changes in physical examination and few changes in the CBC and serum chemistry parameters suggesting the relative safety of oral supplementation over 12 weeks. One of the eight cats displayed a persistent rise in the serum alanine amino transferase (ALT) enzyme outside of the reference range and cats commonly displayed excessive licking and head shaking with administration of the oil. Based on these and other recent data, CBD-rich hemp nutraceuticals appear to be safe in healthy adult dogs, while more work in cats is needed to fully understand utility and absorption.


The use of CBD-rich hemp products is becoming popular among pet owners with no long-term safety data related to consumption in adult dogs and cats. The purpose of this study was to determine the single-dose oral pharmacokinetics of CBD, and to provide a preliminary assessment of safety and adverse effects during 12-week administration using a hemp-based product in healthy dogs and cats. Eight of each species were provided a 2 mg/kg total CBD concentration orally twice daily for 12 weeks with screening of single-dose pharmacokinetics in six of each species. Pharmacokinetics revealed a mean maximum concentration (Cmax) of 301 ng/mL and 43 ng/mL, area under the curve (AUC) of 1297 ng-h/mL and 164 ng-h/mL, and time to maximal concentration (Tmax) of 1.4 h and 2 h, for dogs and cats, respectively. Serum chemistry and CBC results showed no clinically significant alterations, however one cat showed a persistent rise in alanine aminotransferase (ALT) above the reference range for the duration of the trial. In healthy dogs and cats, an oral CBD-rich hemp supplement administered every 12 h was not detrimental based on CBC or biochemistry values. Cats do appear to absorb or eliminate CBD differently than dogs, showing lower serum concentrations and adverse effects of excessive licking and head-shaking during oil administration.

1. Introduction

Cannabidiol (CBD) use is becoming increasingly popular in both human and veterinary medicine due to federal legislation changes for hemp, making distribution of hemp and hemp-based products legal in the United States, so long as they contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) [1]. Veterinary consensus is that research is needed and many would consider its use, however current food and drug administration recommendations discourage the use of hemp products in pets, and regulatory policy surrounding hemp use is uncertain [2]. The Cannabis sativa and indica plants contain a multitude of chemicals including phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and sterols [2,3,4,5,6]. The phytocannabinoid of abundance in hemp is CBD and its derived acid, cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) which is rapidly converted to CBD with heat or pH changes; with lesser amounts of THC, cannabigerol, cannabichromene and cannabinol.

THC is the main cannabinoid found in Cannabis marijuana. It is responsible for the psychotropic effects and the toxic effects of THC have been well documented [7,8]. Conversely, CBD is the main cannabioid found in hemp [9]. CBD has been suggested to have a range of pharmacologic actions, such as allosteric inhibitory properties on the CB1 receptor, and is non-psychotropic, highly tolerable, with no known clinical toxicity recorded [2,3,4,5,9]. Mechanistically, CBD appears to be a partial agonist for the CB2 receptor as well as an agonist of the transient receptor potential cation channels (TRPV), 5 hydroxytryptophan 5A receptor, glycine receptors, and an inhibitor of adenosine uptake activity at low micromolar to high nanomolar concentrations. These attributes, as well as the ability to stimulate transcription and translational activity via the peroxisome proliferation receptor, and ability to down-regulate cyclooxygenase expression and activity makes CBD an attractive cannabinoid for therapeutic use in companion animals [9,10]. More interestingly, some evidence points to the potential for whole plant-derived CBD being more effective than synthesized or highly purified CBD, suggesting that other cannabinoids or terpenes may have additive or synergistic effects with CBD [9].

It is through these non-canonical receptor actions that hemp-derived CBD has been proposed to have clinical utility in human medicine with the focus of hemp-derived CBD use in seizures, mental disorders, chronic pain and cancer quality of life [2,3,4,9]. There is limited evidence for treating these same disease processes in animals with recent pilot studies investigating seizure management and osteoarthritis pain, showing promising results [11,12]. Currently, the longest pharmacokinetic study in dogs has been 6 weeks using 10 and 20 mg/kg and the longest clinical study using 2.5 mg/kg whole plant-derived CBD twice daily for 12 weeks; with both of these studies showing elevations in alkaline phosphatase enzyme and large inter-individual variability in serum CBD concentrations [11,13].

Recent work suggests that CBD can be absorbed most efficiently in an oil base and undergoes rapid first-pass metabolism with oxidation, carboxylation, and glucuronidation leading to a variety of metabolites [13,14,15]. The metabolites formed and the metabolic pathways utilized appear to vary between species [16,17]. Oil-based products delivering between 2–10 mg/kg of CBD show average maximal serum concentrations reaching 100–600 ng/mL within two hours of treatment and half- elimination rates of approximately 4 h in dogs [12,18].

The purpose of this study was to determine the pharmacokinetics and preliminary safety of an oral canine whole-plant CBD-infused soft chew and oral feline CBD-infused fish oil. It was hypothesized that there would be no significant changes in complete blood count (CBC) or serum biochemistry values and that the only adverse effects observed would be associated with oral administration of the product, particularly in cats.

2. Materials and Methods

The protocols used in these studies were reviewed and approved prior to study initiation by the Summit Ridge Farms’ Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and were in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act. Animals were housed in the proper facilities and cared for in accordance to the Animal Welfare Act (United States Department of Agriculture Registration, No. 23-R-0126).

2.1. Dogs

Eight fasted, healthy, purpose-bred research Beagle dogs with a mean age of 3.2 years ranging from 11 months to 5 years of age, weighing an average of 9.7 kg (7.4 to 12.0 kg), were included in the study. The dogs were offered ElleVet Mobility Chews (ElleVet Sciences; Portland, ME, USA) at a dose of 2 mg/kg twice daily for 84 days. Small chews contained 10 mg of CBD as a 50% mix of CBD (5 mg per chew) and CBDA (CBDA—5 mg per chew). Large soft chews containing approximately 15 mg of CBD (equal mix of CBD/CBDA) were also used in the study. When necessary, a combination of large and small chews were used or partitioned in half to reach the appropriate dose for 84 days. All dogs had been fasted from the prior day and were not fed until 8 h after the initial dosing.

Prior to the start of and every 4 weeks over the course of the study, 5 mm of blood was collected via jugular venipuncture in sterile syringes. Samples were split into two tubes, a red top coagulation tube and an ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid tube. Red top tubes were spun in a refrigerated centrifuge for 15 min at 1512× g after being allowed to clot for 10 min. Blood samples were packaged and sent priority-overnight for analysis to ANTECH Diagnostics (Fountain Valley, CA, USA). A white blood cell count (WBC), red blood cell (RBC) count, hemoglobin (Hb), hematocrit (HCT), Mean corpuscle volume (MCV), mean corpuscle hemoglobin concentration (MCHC), mean corpuscle hemoglobin (MCH), and platelet count along with a complete differential was performed. A serum chemistry screen was performed consisting of, albumin, alkaline phosphatase (ALP), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), calcium, chloride, cholesterol, creatinine, creatine kinase (CK), gamma glutamyl transferase (GGT), glucose, globulin, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, total bilirubin, total protein, triglycerides, and urea nitrogen (BUN).

2.2. Cats

Eight fasted, healthy, purpose-bred domestic shorthair research cats with a mean age of 4.5 years ranging from 2–6.3 years of age, weighing an average of 4.2 kg (3.3 to 5.2 kg) were included in the study. The cats were dosed with CBD-infused fish oil (50/50% mix of CBD and CBDA; ElleVet Sciences; Portland, ME, USA) at 2 mg/kg. The total dose per 24 h period was 4 mg/kg, for 84 days. The initial pharmacokinetic dosing was done with capsules to ensure consumption and all cats were fasted from the previous day and were not fed until 6 h after initial dosing.

Prior to the start of and every 4 weeks throughout the course of the study, 5 mL of blood was collected via jugular venipuncture in sterile syringes. Samples were split into two tubes, processed as described above, and sent priority-overnight for CBC and serum chemistries to ANTECH Diagnostics (Fountain Valley, CA, USA). The same parameters as described previously were measured.

On the first day of dosing, 3 mL of blood was collected for a pharmacokinetic (PK) analysis from only 6 of the 8 dogs and cats in the study at each time point. Only the most cooperative dogs and cats were selected for the PK analysis. Blood was collected at 0, 1, 4, 8 and 24 h for cats and 0, 0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 h for dogs to assess PK after treatment. Samples were placed into a redtop clotting tube. Serum was harvested by centrifuging the tubes at 1512× g for 15 min. The harvested serum was placed in cyrovials stored at −70 degrees Celsius. Samples were shipped overnight on dry ice to Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility at Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO, USA).

2.3. Serum Cannabidiol (CBD) Extraction and Mass Spectrometry Analysis

CBD was extracted from canine and feline serum using a combination of protein precipitation and liquid–liquid extraction using n-hexane as previously described [19], with minor modifications for microflow ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC). Briefly, 0.05 mL of canine and feline serum was subjected to protein precipitation in the presence of ice-cold acetonitrile (200 μL; 80% final concentration in distilled water), spiked with deuterated CBD as the internal standard (0.06 mg/mL, CBD-d3 Cerilliant, Round Rock, TX, USA). 0.2 mL of water was added to each sample prior to the addition of 1 mL of hexane to enhance liquid–liquid phase separation. Hexane extract was removed and dried under laboratory nitrogen. Prior to liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC–MS) analysis, samples were resuspended in 0.06 mL of 100% acetonitrile. A standard curve using the CBD analytical standard was prepared in canine and feline serum non-exposed to CBD and extracted as above. Cannabidiol concentration in serum was quantified using a chromatographically coupled triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer (UHPLC–QQQ-MS) using similar methods as previously described [20].

2.4. CBD Serum Concentration Data Analysis

From the UHPLC–QQQ-MS data, peak areas were extracted for CBD detected in biological samples and normalized to the peak area of the internal standard CBD-d3, in each sample using Skyline [21] as well as an in-house R Script (www.r-project.org). CBD concentrations were calculated to nanograms per mL of serum as determined by the line of regression of the standard curve (r 2 = 0.9994, 0–1000 ng/mL). For this assay, the limits of detection (LOD) and limits of quantification (LOQ) represent the lower limits of detection and quantification for each compound in the matrix of this study [22,23].

2.5. Physical Examination

Physical evaluations were performed prior to the start of the study by the staff veterinarian and weekly thereafter for the duration of the trial. Qualified trained animal attendants performed adverse event observations twice daily for the duration of the study for signs of vomiting, loose stool, pain, or distress.

2.6. Data Analysis

Single-dose pharmacokinetics data is reported as area under the curve (AUC), maximum concentration (Cmax), time to maximal concentration (Tmax), elimination half-life (T ½), and mean retention time (MRT) (PK Solutions V.2, Montrose, CO, USA). Statistical analysis was performed with a commercially available software package (JMP 12.0, Cary, NC, USA). All continuous data were assessed utilizing a Shapiro–Wilk test for normality. Considering a majority of our blood and serum data were normally distributed a one-way analysis of variance was used to analyze these outcomes with Dunn’s post hoc testing for differences between baseline treatment and the other time points. A p-value 0.05 or less was deemed significant.

3. Results

3.1. Pharmacokinetics

All 6 dogs were dosed with soft chews at a dose of 2 mg/kg CBD/CBDA at 6 am in the morning. In all but one dog the entire dose was consumed, where it was realized the dog did not consume a portion of the dose at time 0 and was thus dropped form the experimental pharmacokinetic data set. Pharmacokinetics in dogs demonstrated that CBD T ½ life mean was 1 h for the 2 mg/kg dose ( Table 1 ). Cmax of CBD was 301 ng/mL with a Tmax of 1.4 h MRT was 1.4 h and the mean AUC was 1297 ng-h/mL.

Table 1

Single dose serum pharmacokinetics of 2 mg/kg oral dose of cannabidiol (CBD) enriched soft chew of individual dogs with mean and standard error.

Dog Cmax (ng/mL) Tmax (h) T1/2 el. (h) AUC 0-t (ng-h/mL) MRT (h)
1 266 2 1.8 1494 2.6
2 315 1 0.5 1431 0.7
3 242 1 0.8 803 1.1
4 151 2 1.1 845 1.6
5 531 1 0.8 1912 1.2
Mean ± SEM 301 ± 63 1.4 ± 0.2 1.0 ± 0.2 1297 ± 210 1.4 ± 0.3

Cmax = maximum concentration; Tmax = time of maximum concentration; T1/2 el = half-life of elimination; AUC 0-t = area under the curve (time 0 to 24 h); MRT = median residence time.

All 8 cats were fasted overnight and dosed with fish oil filled capsules at 6:00 a.m. Two cats were observed to salivate heavily after administration and the study staff was not confident that two of the participants received the entire dose due to capsule rupture and were dropped from the pharmacokinetic study portion. Pharmacokinetics in the six compliant cats demonstrated the CBD T ½ life mean was 1.5 h for the 2 mg/kg dose ( Table 2 ). The Cmax of CBD was 43 ng/mL with a Tmax of 2 h. MRT was only 3.5 h and the mean AUC was 164 ng-h/mL Mean and standard error of the mean (standard error of the mean (SEM)) concentrations from 0–8 h for dogs and cats are in Figure 1 .

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Mean and standard error of the mean (SEM) cannabidiol concentrations from dogs (n = 5) and cats (n = 6) at different time points after dosing.

Table 2

Single dose serum pharmacokinetics of 2 mg/kg oral dosage of CBD-infused fish oil of individual cats with mean and standard error.

Cat Cmax (ng/mL) Tmax (h) T1/2 elim (h) AUC 0-t (ng-h/mL) MRT (h)
1 75 1 1.2 212 2.1
2 41 1 1.3 125 2.4
3 53 1 1.7 194 2.9
4 21 4 1.7 134 5.4
5 20 1 1.7 60 2.7
6 48 4 1.2 256 5.7
Mean + SE 43 ± 9 2.0 ± 0.6 1.5 ± 0.1 164 ± 29 3.5 ± 1.4

Cmax = maximum concentration; Tmax = time of maximum concentration; T1/2 el = half-life of elimination; AUC 0-t = area under the curve (time 0 to 24 h); MRT = median residence time.

3.2. Complete Blood Counts (CBC) and Chemistry

CBC or serum biochemistry values outside of the reference ranges at any time point were not observed during the 12-week trail. ( Table 3 and Table 4 ). CBC results for dogs show no alterations other than a small decrease in mean corpuscle volume with no changes in RBC morphology on examination at any time point.

Table 3

Dog (n = 8) complete blood count means and SEM immediately prior to (week 0), 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks of an oral 2 mg/kg CBD dose twice daily using a CBD-rich hemp product.

Comp. Blood Count (Ref. Range) ** Week 0 Week 4 Week 8 Week 12 p-Value
WBC (4.0–15.5 × 10 3 /mm 3 ) 8.4 ± 0.7 7.7 ± 0.5 7.3 ± 1 7.7 ± 0.7 0.22
RBC (4.8–9.3 × 10 6 /mm 3 ) 7.5 ± 0.3 7.3 ± 0.2 7.9 ± 0.1 7.5 ± 0.1 0.35
Hb (12.1–20.3 g/dL) 17.5 ± 0.6 17.1 ± 0.5 17.9 ± 0.2 17.8 ± 0.3 0.32
Hct (36–60%) 54 ± 1 53 ± 1 57 ± 2 51 ± 1 0.73
MCV (58–79 μm 3 ) 73 ± 1 72 ± 2 73 ± 1 69 ± 1 *
MCH (19–28 μg) 24 ± 0 23 ± 1 23 ± 0 24 ± 0 0.92
MCHC (30–38 g/dL) 33 ± 1 33 ± 1 32 ± 1 35 ± 1 0.34
Platelets (170–400 × 10 3 /mm 3 ) 318 ± 18 311 ± 15 304 ± 11 347 ± 19 0.16
Neutrophils (2060–10,600/μL) 5508 ± 567 5216 ± 388 4889 ± 740 5221 ± 586 0.64
Lymphocytes (690–4500/μL) 2347 ± 59 1912 ± 65 1960 ± 131 1904 ± 160 0.07
Monocytes (0–840/μL) 361 ± 20 297 ± 36 335 ± 66 359 ± 70 0.88
Eosinophils (0–1200/μL) 198 ± 11 238 ± 36 154 ± 23 181 ± 22 0.28

Table 4

Dog (n = 8) mean and SEM of serum chemistry parameters immediately prior to (week 0), 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks of an oral 2 mg/kg CBD dose twice daily using a CBD-rich hemp product.

Serum Chemistry (Ref Range) ** Week 0 Week 4 Week 8 Week 12 p-Value
TP (5.0–7.4 g/dL) 6.1 ± 0.1 5.9 ± 0.2 6.3 ± 0.2 6.0 ± 0.2 0.65
Albumin (2.7–4.4 g/dL) 3.5 ± 0.1 3.5 ± 0.1 3.5 ± 0.1 3.4 ± 0.1 0.22
Globulin (1.6–3.6 g/dL) 2.6 ± 0.1 2.5 ± 0.1 2.9 ± 0.1 2.6 ± 0.2 0.18
AST (15–66 U/L) 27 ± 2 25 ± 2 23 ± 2 25 ± 1 0.45
ALT (12–118 U/L) 34 ± 3 27 ± 2 35 ± 10 28 ± 3 0.57
ALP (5–131 U/L) 39 ± 6 46 ± 7 56 ± 10 61 ± 13 0.09
GGT (1–12 U/L) 4 ± 0 3 ± 0 4 ± 0 4 ± 0 0.72
BUN (6–31 mg/dL) 11 ± 1 10 ± 1 11 ± 1 11 ± 0 0.82
Creatinine (0.5–1.6 mg/dL) 0.5 ± 0.0 0.5 ± 0.0 0.5 ± 0.0 0.5 ± 0.0 0.36
Phosphorous (2.5–6.0 mg/dL) 4.3 ± 0.2 4.1 ± 0.2 4.2 ± 0.3 4.0 ± 0.2 0.11
Glucose (70–138 mg/dL) 97 ± 3 92 ± 2 102 ± 3 99 ± 2 0.16
Calcium (8.9–11.4 mg/dL) 10.4 ± 0.1 10.0 ± 0.1 10.2 ± 0.1 10.1 ± 0.1 0.16
Magnesium (1.5–2.5 mEq/L) 1.6 ± 0.0 1.6 ± 0.0 1.6 ± 0.0 1.6 ± 0.0 0.11
Sodium (139–154 mEq/L) 148 ± 0 148 ± 0 146 ± 1 148 ± 0 0.58
Potassium (3.6–5.5 mEq/L) 4.3 ± 0.1 4.4 ± 0.1 4.3 ± 0.1 4.2 ± 0.0 0.23
Chloride (102–120 mEq/L) 113 ± 0 113 ± 1 111 ± 1 113 ± 1 0.74
Cholesterol (92–324 mg/dL) 182 ± 13 203 ± 12 211 ± 12 212 ± 17 0.06
Triglycerides (29–291 mg/dL) 48 ± 4 44 ± 4 43 ± 5 46 ± 6 0.44
Creatine Kinase (59–895 U/L) 130 ± 16 142 ± 43 83 ± 5 97 ± 5 0.10

** Klaassen, J.K. Reference values in veterinary medicine. Lab Med, 1999, 30, 194–197.

On serum chemistry evaluations there were no statistically significant differences across the entire spectrum of chemistry values. ALP or ALT levels did not exceed the normal reference range during the study for any dog.

CBC results for the cats at all four time points are in Table 5 . Cats exhibited no significant changes in mean cell counts over time, except for small significant decrease in eosinophil counts (p = 0.02).

Table 5

Cat (n = 8) mean and SEM of complete blood counts immediately prior to (week 0), 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks of an oral 2 mg/kg CBD dose twice daily using a CBD-rich hemp product.

Comp. Blood Count (Ref. Range) ** Week 0 Week 4 Week 8 Week 12 p-Value
WBC (3.5–16.0 × 10 3 /μL) 14.0 ± 1.6 13.6 ± 1.5 12.9 ± 1.3 12.5 ± 1.6 0.10
RBC (5.9–15.9 × 10 6 /μL) 8.8 ± 0.2 8.0 ± 0.3 9.0 ± 0.2 9.0 ± 0.3 0.22
Hb (9.3–15.9 g/dL) 11.4 ± 0.4 10.7 ± 0.4 12.4 ± 0.4 11.8 ± 0.5 0.06
Hct (29–48%) 39 ± 1 34 ± 1 40 ± 1 39 ± 2 0.48
MCV (37–61 fL) 44 ± 1 42 ± 1 44 ±1 43 ± 1 0.86
MCH (11–21 pg) 13 ± 0 13 ± 1 13 ± 1 13 ± 1 0.16
MCHC (30–38 g/dL) 30 ± 2 32 ± 0 31 ± 1 31 ± 0 0.12
Platelets (200–500 × 10 3 /μL) 333 ± 31 374 ± 30 361 ± 20 289 ± 19 0.08
Neutrophils (2500–8500/μL) 7980 ± 1081 8993 ± 1124 7394 ± 1082 7847 ± 1349 0.70
Lymphocytes (1200–8000/μL) 4481 ± 518 3314 ± 782 3856 ± 803 3614 ± 1052 0.24
Monocytes (0–600/μL) 428 ± 138 416 ± 66 545 ± 36 364 ± 73 0.08
Eosinophils (0–1000/μL) 1149 ± 148 876 ± 139 1026 ± 212 650 ± 91 * 0.02

Serum biochemistry values were not observed to be outside of the normal ranges at any time point for the cats other than a single cat with elevated ALT level during treatment ( Table 6 ; Figure 2 ). On serum chemistry evaluation there was a significant decrease in BUN over time, which was different from baseline values at week 8 and week 12 (p < 0.01). Serum triglycerides were also found to be decreased from baseline at week 8 and 12 (p = 0.02). Serum CK activity decreased over time being lower than baseline values at week 4, 8 and 12 (p < 0.01).

Serum alanine amino transferase (ALT) concentrations of all cats at time 0, 4, 8 and 12 weeks after oral dosing at 2 mg/kg twice daily. Dashed line represents the upper level of the reference range.

Table 6

Cat (n = 8) mean and SEM of serum chemistry parameters immediately prior to (week 0), 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 weeks of an oral 2 mg/kg CBD dose twice daily using a CBD-rich hemp product.

Serum Chemistry (Ref. Range) ** Week 0 Week 4 Week 8 Week 12 p-Value
TP (5.2–8.8 g/dL) 7.2 ± 0.2 6.7 ± 0.2 7.1 ± 0.2 7.1 ± 0.2 0.94
Albumin (2.5–3.9 g/dL) 3.2 ± 0.1 3.2 ± 0.1 3.4 ± 0.1 3.2 ± 0.1 0.65
Globulin (2.3–5.3 g/dL) 4.0 ± 0.2 3.5 ± 0.2 3.8 ± 0.2 3.9 ± 0.2 0.72
AST (10–100 U/L) 21 ± 2 24 ± 4 24 ± 3 24 ± 3 0.17
ALT (10–100 U/L) 51 ± 5 90 ± 30 76 ± 17 75 ± 15 0.29
ALP (6–102 U/L) 30 ± 5 30 ± 6 29 ± 5 28 ± 6 0.53
GGT (1–10 U/L) 1 ± 0 1 ± 0 2 ± 0 1 ± 0 0.91
BUN (14–36 mg/dL) 23 ± 1 22 ± 1 20 ± 1 * 19 ± 1 *
Creatinine (0.6–2.4 mg/dL) 1.3 ± 0.1 1.3 ± 0.0 1.3 ± 0.1 1.3 ± 0.1 0.84
Phosphorous (2.4–8.2 mg/dL) 4.5 ± 0.4 4.6 ± 0.4 4.3 ± 0.4 4.1 ± 0.2 0.06
Glucose (64–170 mg/dL) 90 ± 2 85 ± 2 88 ± 3 86 ± 3 0.25
Calcium (8.2–10.8 mg/dL) 9.6 ± 0.1 9.0 ± 0.1 9.5 ± 0.2 9.3 ± 0.1 0.72
Magnesium (1.5–2.5 mEq/L) 1.9 ± 0.1 1.8 ± 0.0 1.8 ± 0.0 1.8 ± 0.0 0.65
Sodium (145–158 mEq/L) 151 ± 1 153 ± 1 154 ± 1 151 ± 1 0.39
Potassium (3.4–5.6 mEq/L) 4.7 ± 0.2 4.7 ± 0.2 4.7 ± 0.3 4.5 ± 0.1 0.30
Chloride (104–128 mEq/L) 119 ± 1 121 ± 1 122 ± 1 119 ± 1 0.33
Cholesterol (75–220 mg/dL) 139 ± 9 123 ± 6 128 ± 6 123 ± 7 0.09
Triglycerides (25–160 mg/dL) 32 ± 1 28 ± 2 26 ± 2 * 25 ± 2 * 0.02
Creatine Kinase (59–529 U/L) 197 ± 31 113 ± 15 * 106 ± 12 * 126 ± 14 *

3.3. Physical Examination and Treatment Acceptance

Dogs were observed for signs of adverse events twice a day for the 12-week study. Out of 1344 total observation periods, 53 adverse events were reported. Loose stool was the most common adverse event noted among the eight dogs and occurred 44 times (3.3% of the time). Vomiting was recorded as either food or bile emesis. Vomiting was only recorded 6 times (0.45% of the time). For the duration of the study there was a high rate of acceptance of the CBD-infused chews, with an average acceptance rate of 96.7%. Five of the eight dogs had a 100% acceptance rate, on rare occasion 3 of the 8 dogs required manual treatment administration. Food consumption and body weight remained consistent during the 12 weeks. Physical examinations revealed no abnormalities or changes in behavior in the dogs throughout the study. The mean average weight change for the dogs during the 12 weeks of the study was −0.04 kg (−0.43%) which was not significant over the 12-week trial.

Cats were observed for signs of adverse events twice a day for the 12-week study for a total of 1344 observation periods. The main adverse effects noted included licking and head shaking, which were observed 476 (35.4%) and 339 (25.2%) times, respectively. Other adverse events noted were pacing (n = 150, 11.1%), chomping/chewing (n = 88, 6.5%), gagging (n = 29, 2.1%), vomiting food, bile, or hairballs (n = 15, 1.1%), salivating, drooling, or foaming (n = 16, 1.2%), jumping (n = 6, 0.45%), being uncooperative (n = 5, 0.4%), and grimacing (n = 5, 0.4%). Loose stool was not observed in any of the cats during the study. Food consumption and body weight of the cats remained consistent during the 12 weeks. Physical examinations revealed no abnormalities or changes in behavior in the cats throughout the study. The mean average weight change for the cats during the 12 weeks of the study was +0.06 kg (+1.04%).

4. Discussions

The serum pharmacokinetics of oral CBD-rich hemp nutraceuticals in dogs has been limited, with no data available in cats [11,12]. In dogs and cats respectively, the present pharmacokinetic study showed a mean Cmax of 301 ng/mL and 43 ng/mL, AUC of 1297 ng-h/mL and 36 164 ng-h/mL, and Tmax of 1.4 h and 2.0 h. Recent studies in dogs have shown that delivery of between 2–20 mg/kg of CBD in an oil base appears to be the preferred method of delivery for absorption, whereby oil beadlets and transdermal approaches are also effective, but not as effective as infused oils [11]. One aim of this study was to examine an infused soft chew treat made with a glycerol/starch/fiber base which should be easily digestible and appears to deliver approximately two and a half times the concentration as previously observed using an oil base [12], however the retention and half-life times appear to be shorter: between 1–2 h. The reasons for these differences are unclear. The prior study used small volumes of oil which might slowly transcend the esophagus into the stomach possibly prolonging the absorption; while the current delivery of a soft chew is more likely to create a food bolus that could be delivered to the stomach rapidly, thus allowing for quicker digestion and absorption. The fact that CBDA makes up half of the total CBD concentration in the chew may also be influencing this rapid and enhanced absorption since serum CBD concentrations tend to be higher when human participants are provided CBDA when compared to an equal amount of CBD [24].

Human data suggests that the oral absorption of CBD in fasting individuals is less than 10% of the dose. Recent pharmacokinetics in humans show that giving 1500 mg of CBD with food increases absorption 4–5 fold [25,26]. This appears to be true for other cannabinoids since primates given a THC-laden oatmeal cookie versus a sesame oil base in gelatin capsules display three-fold better absorption rates and five-fold higher Cmax concentrations [27]. In our opinion oral dosing with CBD in an oil base may enhance absorption, and may have been enhanced further in this study by inclusion in a food matrix. We have no explanation for our finding that elimination of CBD in the present work was significantly faster than in our previous study.

This brings into question the potential for therapeutic uses at our current dosing of 2 mg/kg twice a day (4 mg per day) and whether this may be enough to achieve therapeutic concentrations of CBD. The most current information from a canine seizure study suggests that therapeutic dosing might be approximately 2.5 mg/kg of CBD, and our positive clinical study in canine osteoarthritis using a whole plant extract showed benefits at 2 mg/kg [12,18]. This is in contrast to the current human dosing for children with specific forms of epilepsy which stands at 5–10 mg/kg twice daily of purified CBD [26,28,29]. In children with intractable epilepsy, when using a CBD-rich whole plant extract the effective dose can be lowered to approximately 2–3 mg/kg twice daily [29]. Further meta-analysis of whole-plant CBD-rich extract vs. synthetic CBD also indicates that lower doses are needed when using whole-plant extract [30]. When looking more closely at serum concentrations in the canine seizure study the effective serum concentrations of CBD are likely between 200–800 ng/mL, [11] however the methods for administering the product (i.e., with or without food) were not reported and might be the reason for the large variation in serum concentrations observed. Further work is needed to better understand how food influences serum absorption and steady-state pharmacokinetics of CBD which may help explain some of the variations in clinical studies. The differences in CBD serum concentrations in our pharmacokinetics and prior initial pilot study observations suggest there may be a role for clinically monitoring serum concentrations of CBD; if it were to be used by veterinarians [12,18].

In this uncontrolled preliminary study dosing of 2 mg/kg twice daily as an even mixture of CBD and CBDA showed no abnormalities in weekly physical examinations, nor any evidence of organ dysfunction as assessed by blood parameters. The canine CBD-infused chews showed no ALP elevations, with no ALP values falling outside the reference range (5–131 U/L) for any dog in the study. In a recent study, significant elevations in ALP values were noted when larger doses (10 and 20 mg/kg) were used in a 6-week trial [13]. When a clinical population of dogs was evaluated while utilizing a CBD-oil for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain at 2 mg/kg twice daily in dogs, 9 dogs exhibited rises in ALP with some being outside of the reference range in this primarily geriatric population [12]. Similarly, in a study using a different extract than the one used in this study at 2.5 mg/kg there were significant rises in ALP in many of the dogs’ undergoing seizure management [11]. The increases in ALP seen with CBD treatment are likely due to induction of cytochrome p450 mediated oxidative metabolism of the liver previously reported with prolonged exposure to cannabis [14,15]; however, in these clinical populations of dogs there were concomitant non-steroidal or seizure medications being given. The discrepancy between ALP rises in dogs with clinical diseases versus these healthy dogs receiving a similar dose is concerning and further studies are needed to better understand the hepatic response to cannabinoids.

During this preliminary investigation, 97% acceptance of the soft chew was observed. The only side effects noted were occasional episodes of loose stool and vomiting observed in the dogs (3.3% of total observations). This is well within the typical occurrence at this specific contract laboratory where the incidence of diarrhea is approximately 3%.

To date, the absorption of CBD in cats from an oral preparation has not been studied. On initiation of the CBD-infused fish oil product two of the cats given the dose in the encapsulated form showed salivation and head shaking due to broken capsules during administration, therefore only 6 of the 8 cats had pharmacokinetic testing. Overall, the absorption kinetics showed maximal serum concentration are approximately one-fifth of what was observed in the dogs (mean Cmax of 43 ng/mL) with a longer retention time at 3.5 h and a half-life of 2.4 h. It is entirely possible that we missed the peak Cmax since a 2 h time point was not collected in this cohort due to blood collection times being limited by the physical size of cats, but if absorption is similar to dogs the serum concentrations would have been similar at 2 h [11,13]. These findings suggest that the absorption of CBD in the fish oil base is less than in dogs using plant oil bases, hence larger doses may be necessary for pharmacological effects. This information is important for feline practitioners that are considering the use of CBD products in cats for anxiety, arthritis, house soiling, seizure activity, or neoplasia, which are all reported as maladies where owners are using CBD products [1].

When examining the complete blood count and the serum chemistry results, there were some changes in a few parameters for cats. The feline CBD-infused fish oil did not alter ALT in all but one cat. One cat showed maintained elevated ALT changes above the upper reference-range limits throughout the study after initiation of treatment. No clinical signs were observed that could be directly linked to the increased ALT. This rise could be due to hepatocellular injury because of an unknown disease process in the one cat or due to the CBD-infused oil. In addition, there were small decreases in triglyceride, creatine kinase and blood urea nitrogen, which may be attributed to the CBD or the fish-oil treatment. The lack of controls during this study does not allow for speculation regarding the effects of fish oil or CBD, as both have been associated with alterations in triglyceride and creatine kinase [31,32,33,34]. Further long-term dose escalations studies are warranted examining the serum chemistry changes with particular attention paid to the hepatic enzymes.

During the study, some of the cats were observed to have negative effects associated with oil administration. Considering the lack of a control group receiving fish oil alone we cannot say whether this reaction was due to fish oil or the hemp-volatile molecules. For these reasons, other delivery methods examining pharmacokinetics and toxicity should be considered, such as transdermal or transfollicular administration.

Besides the lack of a control group as a major limitation discussed above, other limitations must be recognized. This was a small homogenous population of dogs and cats being utilized in a contract research facility which may not reflect the companion animal dog or cat living in a common household. Additionally, it does not reflect what is occurring in dogs or cats with comorbidities that are being treated with other pharmaceuticals in an aged population. The use of this particular product cannot be used to determine the global safety of all products since many of these hemp products are not pure CBD products and have other cannabinoids and terpenes in smaller quantities that may affect cats and dogs differently [35]. Lastly, due to logistics regarding sample collection and shipping, we did not get steady-state concentrations after 12 weeks of administration, therefore we cannot comment on serum concentrations after chronic exposure in either species. Overall, the lack of negative CBC and serum chemistry findings in a modest duration toxicity/tolerance trial of this nature are encouraging regarding the safe use of this specific dose and this specific CBD-rich hemp product.

In conclusion, hemp-based CBD appears to be relatively safe in healthy populations of dogs and cats, and dogs appear to absorb CBD better than cats. The lack of serum chemistry alterations in both species is comforting as it relates to preliminary toxicity findings; however, use of CBD-rich hemp products requires monitoring of liver enzyme values. Continued clinical follow up is essential in those patients undergoing long-term use with naturally occurring disease who may be on other treatments for their ailments. Further studies are warranted to determine safety in dogs and cats. Studies should also examine drug interactions in patients on multiple medications, especially in those that are highly metabolized by the hepatic cytochrome p450 system.

Author Contributions

Conceptualization, J.J.W. and W.S.S.; methodology, J.J.W.; software, L.W.; validation, L.W.; formal analysis, L.W., K.A.D., and J.J.W.; writing—original draft preparation K.A.D. writing—review and editing J.J.W., K.A.D., and W.S.S.

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He made up his dosing of cbd oil mind in his heart Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains Never let this girl drink alcohol in the future Leave me alone Feifei grabbed the cup again, and although does amazon sell full spectrum cbd oil it was empty, she held it in her arms first.

Silly girl I Mannian said that it works for you, and you absolutely do Stop talking nonsense Today, Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains you have to go If you don t go, you have cbd oil for migrains to go Mannian swung his arms over and pinched my neck Just keep going.

Hee hee, he must be more angry than me.

The rock was that dark brown red, like the color of dried blood.

Is there any news from Ner zhul Alleria asked.

He opened his eyes wide and called, Deathwing You want us to kill Deathwing What Turalyon shouted, Deathwing Here And they want us to kill it to him Alleria replied.

Uncle just call me Shenghao An Shenghao quickly added in a pleasing manner, iowa cbd oil which was appreciated by cbd oil for migrains the old.

I sat back on the cot again, and moved my feet up embarrassingly, What about school Is it just the two of us One week Don t have to go to school Gaga, then cbd oil for migrains I ll be happy, but if it s just me and An Shenghao would there be is it possible to over dose on cbd oil too much danger of being alone.

We re going to hit the orcs and stop them so they don t bother us again, cbd oil for migrains or other innocent worlds, never again.

Through the clear sunlight, I saw his cbd oil for migrains deep love from the corner of his mouth.

I am so timid and afraid of things, and I want to save face.

Then he twisted his fingers, his whole palm against cbd oil for migrains Cbd Oil And Albuterol Side Effects Ner zhul s cbd oil for migrains face.

It doesn Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains t sound like they re a single, led Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg tribe.

our last The team of technicians sent here I have to say, they are really miserable.

Two warriors caught Turalyon s attention.

The death knight bared his teeth as Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains he looked at the captive lying cbd oil for migrains Wholesale at Ner zhul s feet.

For fear that she might recover at any Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains time, tell him that she was just talking to him.

Fenris looks at them, their green faces looking very in the dark light pale.

Come. I ll take you there. Nimrean didn t say anything else, put the map in Danas s hand, turned around and walked up the Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg stairs, his hooves clacking on the stone floor ring.

His facial features are straight, with a hint of aristocracy, and cbd oil ten year felony in texas those pointed ears cbd oil for migrains Wholesale and slightly slanted eyes make him look somewhat similar to cbd oil for migrains an elf, but more rugged than an elf.

He stepped forward, took off his hood, and the guards turned pale One of them whispered to the other, and the just chill cbd oil drug test latter bowed and retreated into the darkness.

Why should I listen to you Who am I To do this instead You have to listen to me His big hand squeezed my little hand tightly, it hurts Good good Listen to you I do not have a boyfriend Okay Let go of your hand, okay My timid character always makes me not have a firm position.

Who You you He looks familiar Who is it Go away Want my brother to beat you to death how to compile info for clinical trial for schizophrenia using cbd oil Zhao Zhening Shen Qiyuan s violent drinking finally awakened my memory.

Their numbers have dwindled many wyrmlings have died in the mountains.

He was cbd oil for migrains back in his old body, looking at his wrinkled hands and his snow white beard, Khadgar felt a deep sense of melancholy and grief.

Why attack Watch Keep now Why when should i take my 81 mg aspirin after taking my cbd oil joe rogan cbd don t you wait until the entire Horde is there cannabis cream for pain A mixture of blood and saliva splattered on Danas s face.

We have to go there. There are some tunnels that are definitely not damaged, at least a short distance away.

I m Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg also unhappy I didn t say break up Fei Fei Shaking his head, he seemed to see cbd oil for migrains a hand calling for her in the haze, so he stretched his arms and matched cbd oil for migrains the man opposite him.

Her throat suddenly choked up. Tell them, she didn t sound as sweet as usual.

Shenghao don t do this, okay Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains My hand holding the spoon couldn t help shaking.

Don t worry about me Good night I ran up the stairs as if to escape, hid in my own nest, and sobbed to heal my wounds.

Then, Danas charged forward, deep wound after sword in his cbd oil for migrains hand, the screams and moans of his victims intermingled with the true med hemp oil chaos of the room pure cbd hemp oil below them.

He has the intimacy of a big brother Hey I scratched my scalp embarrassedly, Thank you, cbd oil for arousal senior.

You An Shenghao I want I raised my head and looked at the two giants with difficulty, hating their sky Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg high height.

There are many Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg artifacts, and items that the wizard cannot use himself, but cannot risk letting it fall into the hands of others.

Then, his senses sensed the black halos cbd oil for migrains that surrounded cbd oil for migrains them.

I dangled around and found an saxerhof.at cbd oil for migrains idle machine in an unremarkable corner Bubble Hall Although a childish game, it Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains s better than going back to the pool room I classify my current boyfriend as dangerous A bit oh.

Alleria opened her small hands and placed them over pricing for cbd oil for pets go up around the fourth of july the still glowing charcoal fire for warmth.

There are a lot of orcs out there, and whether they re disturbing us or not, it s a big threat to us.

Ner zhul turned to look Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains at Grom. Grom sc chiropractic association and selling cbd oil was taken aback when he saw the Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains old shaman s face.

Wuuu, it s all her, it s her existence that will bring bad luck to my brother and Qiyuan I hate smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation her Is An Meiyan talking about me doom Is cbd oil for migrains Qiyuan bad luck My heart suddenly tightened, but I saxerhof.at cbd oil for migrains can i smoke cbd oil in an e cigarette didn t saxerhof.at cbd oil for migrains open how much is advicable to take cbd oil and blood thinners my eyes.

I was like his mother, standing beside him is it better to take cbd oil in a mouth spray or a capsule and hugging him, patting him, and comforting him.

The tiny dimples made my heart feel relaxed and warmed.

The orcs looked up and watched in amazement as cbd and the brain Danas burst into their midst.

The demon fell to the ground, its neck cut clean cbd oil for migrains Wholesale from both sides, and its head rolled at Regnock s feet.

The light from the staff in his hand symbolized his mighty power, and his eyes burned with the Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains passion that lay Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains deep within him.

The griffins were chirping, and then they turned and flew through the forest, out of sight.

Just like Turalyon. a muffled snort to dana S opened his eyes.

Didn t you say it Become cbd oil for migrains a member of Shanggao, and you can marry you Quan Zhengyu took the baby s hand and looked silly.

If you can not grow up, how much OK Then there will be no troubles of love, no tyranny of responsibility, no days of cbd oil for migrains Wholesale low can you get cbd oil with thc in kentucky pressure.

Ner zhul smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation also cbd oil for migrains staggered, but under the support of the cbd oil for migrains endless energy, he still cannabis extract oil for sale stood firm.

The door was suddenly pushed Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains open and came in A light and fit man.

His smiling cbd oil for migrains 500mg hemp oil mouth widened when he saw hempworx dosage the can you buy cbd oil at whole foods surprised expressions on Ner zhul and Dentar s faces.

My engagement made them two pairs 0 0 Didn t Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains Shen Qiyuan say he was Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg coming Why is there no four corners cbd shadow cbd oil for migrains of him I craned my neck and searched hard, but Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains I didn t find a super handsome figure of 186 cm I was suddenly lost how many sprays of cbd oil can i take in one day and flustered Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg like a child without care.

Only a few orcs to face. But those orcs had enough time to call in reinforcements.

The surrounding earth seemed to Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains tremble.

I ve Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains heard my best friend say it for a long time, it seems that some Korean cbd oil for migrains Wholesale students are very messy, there are gangs and the like, and they will die if they fight.

Now we re going to Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains Blackrock Mountain first.

Mad, they got engaged today, which one of us is this Hee hee, cbd oil for migrains I m sorry I m excited Aiying wiped her tears and smiled like a child Thank you for having you I m very lucky My tears fell for the precious friendship, for today s catastrophe, for the sadness in my heart The pure European ceremony began. After best prices on hemp oil with cbd the opening remarks, introductions, .

How to use canna oil cbd?

cbd oil for migrains and congratulatory speeches, we finally asked our newcomers to enter the venue smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation I was staggering and shivering I was cbd pet afraid and hungry Ding ding ding ding ding cbd oil for migrains ding ding ding dong dong dong Honestly Standing in front of the master cbd oil florida prescribed for what symptoms of ceremonies, An Shenghao and I and the smiling, elegant and noble guests all around were instantly stunned Where did the symphony come from Everyone looked to the door following the music a band was playing hard.

Danas asked him softly, Have you lived here all by yourself all these years There are others, Auchenai replied, raising his staff to light the way.

The prey is gone but they will be followed and trapped in the second place they appear.

The black dragon slid to the ground, its weight making the ground tremble, and the dragon ended up best cbd pens being the victim cbd oil and liver enzymes of its own violence.

You don t can cbd oil cause a promblem when getting blood work and urin test done have to know them, just let them know you.

Forget it An Shenghao s unhurried tone contained Jiang Fanhaibo.

01 seconds, but I could feel the warmth of his hands united states map that shows what is legal in each state cbd oil all over my body.

The black dragon frowned terribly, staring smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation at the orc.

And the honorable ambassador. It s a pleasure to see you again.

Those stone thorns stretched out in all directions, as if the do you have to have a card to buy cbd oil peaks were showing their bloodthirsty side.

Haha Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg success Everyone immediately ended their programs and opened the campus network honestly.

That s what Overwatch is for. They re not going to take this castle cbd oil for migrains lightly.

We ll be leaving shortly. Kilrogg nodded and left the room, too.

In an instant, the two rowed to the how to obtain cbd oil flag Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg 100 meters away, and at the same time Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains reached out to grab the flag it is good It was Shen Qiyuan who swept away the flag a second beforehand Haha, great A smile rose to my cheeks.

The whole world was so cbd oil and antidepressants abnormal. In Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains fact, he and smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation Blow were the most abnormal.

Grezik reached for the door and jumped back, beaks bumping up and down in surprise, and he curled up, claws raised.

Ner zhul asked curiously, What Rebuilt The death knight explained to him, There are still Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains leftovers on Azeroth.

Did it does marijuana help with adhd think we .

How does other cbd oil compare with hempworxs?

were immoral I pushed Pushing Shen Qiyuan, he pointed to the big cbd oil for migrains cat that was still barking, and was frightened by its green eyes.

Krasus read the contents above, his face fda is cbd oil legal in all 50 states cbd oil for migrains Wholesale gradually filled with fear and shock.

Go to dinner Yummy, so delicious I was chomping my head and chewing, and I didn smart organics cbd oil 315 mg t have time to pay attention to the big man beside me.

But those humans did not flee. Their ship approached again, and this time another black cbd oil for migrains Wholesale dragon intercepted it, and it and Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg its crew were soon saxerhof.at cbd oil for migrains overwhelmed by fire.

He knew that his eyes were shining brighter than the sun.

Anyone could see the tension .

Cbd oil how long after drops may I eat or drinlo?

between their commander in chief and is cbd oil bad for immune system the female elf accompanying how long does it take 1000mg full spectrum cbd oil to work him.

Now cbd oil for migrains it seems that some Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains of the dead The soul took what he said seriously.

The Wildhammer shouted, and the Stormhammer returned to him.

Just wait and cbd oil for migrains see. I think I will.

Left really gone I pondered straight hemp coupon Shen Qiyuan cbd oil for migrains s last Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains words blankly, and fell cbd wax dab into deep thought.

His Royal Highness, I have to go back to work.

Oh I remembered, I saw him, is cbd oil for cats legal in texas I cbd oil for migrains Wholesale smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation saw him in Rotten Orange Hello, senior I bowed and said hello.

Death people Shen Qiyuan cbd oil for migrains s face is still blushing Falling down in front of a woman is really shameless.

Although puzzled, Khadgar obeyed Turalyon.

Breathing heavily, the dwarf slammed into the door with all his might.

As the archmage watched, Deathwing easily resisted his spell, which would have cbd oil for migrains turned smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation his bones into ice.

I cbd oil for migrains Wholesale m starving to death, weigh the bottom of my is vaping cbd oil bad for you stomach first, and drink it later I kept going. I put something in my mouth, my saxerhof.at cbd oil for migrains cheeks were bulging, and I was able to cbd oil for migrains move my tongue to speak.

We were busy fighting the orcs here, and they took away He turned smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation to the approaching elf. Did they steal anything The two Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains elves looked cbd oil for migrains even more unhappy now.

We are all part of an alliance, and we must all work what is cbd flower together to cbd miracle cannabidol oil where i can buy in chicago protect our cbd oil for migrains world, our cbd oil for migrains land.

It shouldn t be me that he cbd oil for migrains asked. If you does cbd oil show up on umbilicalcord lose this woman, you will know the unstoppable pain The yellow hair said, and he took out a dark pistol from his arms aimed at me Load cbd oil for migrains the gun Be careful Shen Qiyuan best cbd oil for appetite cbd oil for migrains reacted the fastest and Top 4 Best cbd oil for migrains pushed my wheelchair away.

Xihan, you don t know how to change his australian cbd clothes, he s wet, how to wear it cbd oil for migrains And this humidifier, why isn t it turned on cbd oil for migrains Go buy a hygrometer first, if it s lower than 45 Turn on the humidifier now The careless mother often needs me to take care cbd essential oil young living of me, and I m about Cbd Oil And Prostate Cancer cbd oil for migrains to become half a nurse.

Eight o clock. After dinner, I will take you cbd oil for migrains to visit Jeju Island.

Halkan Skullbreaker Grom cried Chief Bonebiter, holding up his still twitching arm.

cruel What a cruel and vicious method Being ruthlessly dumped by Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg others, yet to celebrate the beginning of a new relationship Shen cbd oil for migrains Qiyuan I hate you I bit my cbd oil for migrains lower lip, suppressing my fear.

Before long, cbd oil for migrains the valley was littered with corpses.

I don t know, that s what cares Let s go.

Don t lose your keys Love your mom I held the money in one hand and the key in the cbd oil business cbd oil for migrains other, and was stunned How can there be such a selfish parent Am I her biological daughter Of course the answer is yes, I am a copy of can i get thc cbd oil in arizona my mother Just a little smaller than her eyes, a little paler lips, a little shorter It s already dark smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation I cbd zero slept so long It seems that the belly is quite poor The street was already cbd oil for sale at cvs brightly lit and crowded with people.

Help I felt cbd oil for migrains that the momentum was not good, and asked for help around Cbd Oil Legal In Europe smart organics cbd oil 315 mg me.

Disgusting Go away I can i put retinol serum over top of cbd oil on my face have cbd oil dosage for insomnia a boyfriend I retreated to the game console behind me, and there was no way out.

Qiyuan Tears slid down and slammed on the ground.

He does smart organics cbd oil 315 mg Study Cbd Oil For Inflammation not deliberately cbd oil for migrains seek a path, he only creates one for himself.

The underground drug trade has become more rampant, the illegal human trafficking in East Africa and India has become more frequent, and the business on Forty Second Street has become more prosperous The cruelty and ruthlessness of the mountain eagle cbd oil for migrains are even more feared and avoided.

You You cbd oil for migrains are my wife you forgot Qi Yuan tried his best cbd oil for migrains to open his eyes and said with a big tongue.

Still singing happily I immediately forgot about cbd oil for migrains my own safety and began to wonder about his mentality.

He knew, smart organics cbd oil 315 mg and he panicked about it. cbd oil for migrains

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