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CBD infused beer is already becoming a big thing in the United States, and it is set to become an international product… Today we’re going to answer these burning questions and discuss the effects of CBD beer, what it actually does and what happens when you drink it. And yes – it is perfectly safe…

Will CBD-Infused Beer Become the Next Big Thing?

When we first looked at CBD-infused beers a few years ago, red tape prevented brewers from getting involved in this exciting cannabidiol sub-niche in the United States. Federal agencies such as the DEA and ATF were slowing down the inevitable growth of this particular market.

Unfortunately, things haven’t changed much. Prospective producers of CBD-infused beer in America have many issues to contend with. A handful of states don’t even allow CBD in any food or drink. The FDA says this practice is still illegal, and hardly any brands even try to make CBD-infused beer.

Internationally, fewer obstacles are stopping the CBD-infused beverages market from becoming a juggernaut. Let’s find out more about this fascinating sector.

What Can CBD-Infused Beer Do?

CBD is the most prominent non-intoxicating cannabinoid in hemp and most cannabis strains. The belief is that you will experience a different sensation from what you would get drinking a regular beer.

It is marketed as a drink that allows you to relax without becoming drunk or high. Those who have tried this product claim that it helps them to relax. Some users also suggest that their mood improves after a CBD beer.

Those who have tried this product claim that it helps them to relax.

Certainly, there is evidence that cannabidiol can help people unwind. A study published in 2019 looked at CBD’s effects on people with anxiety. The study also included individuals who had insomnia. The volunteers who consumed between 25mg and 75mg of CBD a day for a month reported reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality.

Interestingly, CBD could help prevent some of alcohol’s adverse effects. This includes reducing the effect of a hangover and preventing cell damage and disease.

How Much Alcohol Does CBD-Infused Beer Have?

Combining CBD and alcohol could have effects beyond what most people realize. Both substances lower your inhibitions and cause you to relax. If CBD helps you attain a nice, mellow feeling, using it with alcohol could result in a strong level of sedation.

The trouble is, there is conflicting information. A study published in 1979 involved volunteers combining CBD and alcohol. It found that those who mixed alcohol with a CBD capsule had lower blood alcohol levels than individuals who consumed alcohol alone. More research is needed to understand the effect of CBD combined with alcohol fully.

Some CBD beers contain a low alcohol level. Typically, these beverages contain no more than 0.5% ABV. It is the same story in the THC-infused beer market. Manufacturers are aware that combining the two is probably a bad idea and avoid it.

It is a different story overseas. International CBD beer brewers have no qualms combining the two substances. Their beverages contain close to the same amount of alcohol as ‘regular’ beer.

How Do Companies Create CBD-Infused Beer?

The development of CBD beer is very similar to its non-alcohol counterpart. It begins with the creation of a non-alcoholic flavor base. This satisfies the taste buds of people who like beer but don’t want to consume alcohol.

After the brewer removes the alcohol, a cannabis nano emulsification is infused into the liquid. This practice ensures that the CBD suspends properly in the beer. It also increases the absorption rate and provides a faster uptake time. Therefore, users benefit from a higher bioavailability rate than with many rival CBD products.

For brewers that create CBD beers with alcohol, the process is effectively the same as normal. They use nano emulsification to add the CBD, but the brewing process doesn’t change otherwise. This means you can expect CBD beers to taste as good as their non-CBD counterparts.

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Is CBD-Infused Beer Widely Available in the United States?

Unfortunately, little has changed in terms of bureaucratic red tape delaying the growth of the industry. While THC-infused beer is subject to detailed testing, its CBD counterpart is not and remains a ‘Wild West’ of poor regulation. Also, THC beers enjoy the same status as edibles in legal states. Therefore, you can buy and sell them in states where recreational use of cannabis is allowed.

We look at the research…

CBD beers are stuck between two stools. While there are distinct recreational and medical marijuana programs in dozens of states, hardly any have clear guidance on CBD use. Like THC, CBD remains a federally illegal substance. Only Epidiolex, a pharmaceutical product containing CBD, has received the FDA seal of approval.

The CBD industry as a whole must continue to wait while the FDA makes the necessary legislative updates. Also, states such as Maine, New York, and Ohio have banned the sale of CBD-infused foods and beverages. In most cases, it is down to the fact that CBD isn’t yet deemed safe as a food additive.

Who Brews CBD-Infused Beer in America?

There are hardly any companies specifically creating CBD-infused beer in the United States. This is in contrast to the THC beer market, which is taking off. Outbound Brewing is one of the very few brands trying to bring CBD beer to Americans. It announced its plans to launch a hemp beer range in early 2020.

However, over a year later, there is still no news on when consumers can expect these products to become available. Outbound has Blood Orange Haze, Grapefruit Haze, and Pale Haze flavors lined up. Each bottle contains 20mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. Yet, the brand is clearly still waiting to see if they can legally sell it before committing.

A few years ago, Longtrail Brewing Co. and Coalition Brewing both released CBD beers. However, production of the beverages was soon halted. It is difficult to tell when CBD-infused beer will become widely available in the United States.

CBD-Infused Beer is Already an International Sensation

One must have sympathy for would-be CBD beer brewers in the United States. They are missing out on what is becoming a huge market. The CBD beverages industry as a whole has the potential to hit $3 billion per annum within the next few years.

It is hard to say what percentage relates to the CBD beer market, but the drink is popular in several countries. Over in Hong Kong, OH CBD Beer, a new craft beer brewery, became the first to launch CBD-infused beer in Asia.

The brand sold the first batch of 2,000 bottles within ten days after the launch in January 2020. Interestingly, the beer contains 3.5% ABV. At over $14 a bottle, you’ll certainly need plenty of money to make it your drink of choice on a night out!

The CBD beverages industry as a whole has the potential to hit $3 billion per annum within the next few years.

Another Hong Kong brewer, Young Master, released its CBD beer in August 2020. It sells an estimated 10,000 cans per month!

The United Kingdom is another country where CBD-infused beer is available for sale. Brands such as Green Times Brewing and Hope & Hemp Brewing Co. are faring extremely well. The latter has an alcohol content of 4.1%, along with 10mg of CBD per can. It is genuinely fascinating to see these brands combining the substances since American breweries are unwilling to try.

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Remember, the belief is that combining CBD and alcohol could result in a higher-than-normal level of sedation. Yet, we have heard no reports of any negative incidents involving CBD-infused beer with moderate alcohol content.

Final Thoughts on CBD-Infused Beer

At present, CBD-infused beer is practically nonexistent in the United States. The federal and state laws surrounding the cannabinoid continue to confuse. As a consequence, brewers based in the United States are unwilling to take the risk. Those who have tried to make CBD beer in the past quickly shut down.

Abroad, it is a different story. Brands in places like Hong Kong and the United Kingdom are free to brew CBD-infused beer. Although their products are expensive, these companies are seeing a growing demand. Once the dust settles in the United States, any brewer that can create a tasty CBD beer will likely enjoy enormous profits.

CBD Beer Effects: What Does it Actually Do?

You may have heard of Cannabidiol (CBD) before – but what is it and what does it actually do? Cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil that is rapidly gaining popularity as an addition to alcoholic drinks – including beer.

While it is extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant (marajuana, hemp, etc.) – which can carry negative associations for some – many agree that CBD can be incredibly beneficial, with research suggesting loads of health benefits associated with it.

However, due to the negative association it carries, many have wondered if CBD is safe to consume, if it will get you high or if it will get you more drunk if it is consumed with alcohol.

Today we’re going to answer these burning questions and discuss the effects of CBD beer, what it actually does and what happens when you drink it. And yes – it is perfectly safe!

Why we use CBD in our beer

In short, we use CBD in our beer because it carries bucket-loads of benefits with it, which we’ll take a look at in more detail below. We use the highest quality ingredients in our CBD beer, and the CBD oil we use is no exception: it is comprehensively tested by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Shelf Stability Evaluation and ISO (quality assurance management).

And the beer we infuse the CBD with? Well, it’s fully Safe And Local Supplier (SALSA) certified. We’re all about the quality at Cannabrew.

So, why do we use CBD in our beer?

1. CBD beer helps you unwind, naturally

Research strongly indicates that drinking CBD-infused beer helps people to relax. While some people turn to beer to help them unwind, the benefits of introducing CBD have been reported to reduce feelings of anxiety in drinkers whether at the pub with mates, at a gig, or cosied up at home.

2. CBD beer can help you drift off for a great nights’ sleep

As long as you don’t go overboard on your intake, sinking one or two CBD beers has the potential to help you get a better sleep. It calms your nerves and puts you in a state of greater relaxation – the perfect recipe for some shut-eye.

3. CBD beer can help with pain relief

Yep, it’s not only relaxing, but a natural way to help with some of those pesky day-to-day aches and pains. Beer on its own is never a great cure for a headache – but CBD beer? Well, in our opinion, it might just help you out.

4. Our CBD oil is tailor-made for us

At Cannabrew, we don’t just settle for CBD from any old place – our CBD oil is tailor-made especially for our range of beers and ciders. Why? It allows us to control dissolvability, absorption rate, taste and aroma. Basically, it helps us make a damn fine product that we’re all incredibly proud of.

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Effects of CBD infused beer

Alcohol is well-known to reduce our inhibitions and – consumed in safe amounts in controlled environments – can be the recipe for a great time, aid relaxation, combat anxiety and generally be great fun.

Throw CBD into the mix – some of these traits are enhanced. Research indicates that CBD beer drinkers feel more at ease, relaxed and calm. It has the power to give more firepower to the fight against anxiety and may contribute towards getting a better nights’ sleep.

While these effects can indeed alter your mood and behaviour – there’s nothing to worry about at all! After all, it’s kinda the point…

Don’t just take our word for it

Since we launched, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive responses by our customers who agree that we provide not just a relaxing and calming beer, but a great taste to go along with it:

So good to relax at the weekend! Great taste and leaves you wanting more! – Cameron C.

A new-found favourite! So refreshing with balanced vanilla notes and was very much welcomed after a walk up Helvellyn! Great views and even better beer. 5 stars all round! – Sophie L.

Great tasting craft lager highly recommended after a stressful day to help unwind. – Lewis H.

You can read more customer ratings on Untappd.

Common questions about what CBD beer does

We fully understand that some of you folks may still have some burning questions about CBD beer and what it does, so we put together this super handy FAQ just for you. Want to broaden your understanding and open your mind? Let’s get into it:

Does CBD beer get you high?

No – while CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, we put it through several intensive processes to remove all traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive agent found in abundance in marijuana and cannabis. So no, it will not get you high as it contains 0.0% THC.

Does CBD make you more drunk?

No – in fact, it has been suggested that consuming CBD beer can help alleviate the nasty effects of a hangover by reducing the stress on your liver and the neurodegenerative effects of alcohol. But… this definitely depends on how much you drink – so drink responsibly!

How does CBD beer make you feel?

CBD is added to our products in order to help you unwind, feel calmer and combat feelings of anxiety. In short, to help you feel more comfortable in yourself in any environment, whether you’re in the pub with your mates or putting your feet up at home after a long day.

Try the effects of CBD beer for yourself

Hopefully, your doubts have been addressed and you’re ready to take the plunge into the relaxing world of the best CBD beer.

We use only the very best, tailor-made CBD oil in all of our products, which have been comprehensively tested by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Shelf Stability Evaluation and ISO (quality assurance management). And don’t forget that Safe And Local Supplier (SALSA) certification!

Getting your hands on a case of our CBD beer or cider is easy as pie. You can select a case of either our Sesh IPA, Soul lager, or go for a mixed case if you want the best of both worlds. And remember – we’ve also got CBD cider too.

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