Best 510 thread oil vape pen for cbd catridge

4 Best CBD Cartridges and High-Quality CBD Vape Pens of 2022

Cannabidiol, frequently referred to as CBD, is a chemical extract of the cannabis plant. It is available in edibles, vape liquid, and oils.

CBD cartridge, on the other hand, CBD cartridge is a canister containing CBD vape juice with different flavors. Vaping has proven to be the safest way of consuming marijuana. However, you don’t have to be a pro vaper to make the proper product selection. Additionally, marijuana without smoke and the strange odor has become a top priority among marijuana users. The answer to this is CBD vape cartridges. However, choosing the best cartridge to serve your needs can be a challenge. Hence the need to compile a list of the best CBD cartridges.

Top 4 Picks For Best CBD Vape Pens

Here are brands with the best CBD cartridges in the industry.

1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Cartridge, Editor’s Choice
2. Cheef Botanicals: Strongest & Most Potent CBD Vape Carts
3. CBDistillery: Wide Variety Of CBD Carts
4. CBDfx: Best Value Hemp Derived CBD Vape Carts

Within the crowded cannabis market is Exhale Wellness, a fast-rising CBD products brand located in Los Angeles, California. With a philosophy that nature holds the key to wellness, Exhale Wellness is intentional about the ingredients they use in their products. Their cartridges are filled with natural and non-GMO liquid from hemp, making them one of the best in the industry.

Additionally, the cartridges come with a 510-thread battery and charger for convenience. Exhale Wellness specifically prioritizes the purity and safety of the products they deliver to customers, and that is no different with their CBD cartridges.

As a result, it ensures that their 900mg cartridges are plant-based, natural, and additive-free. This brand of vape cartridges is one of the safest and purest in the industry.


Variety of Flavors: Exhale Wellness spoils its customers with a wide range of quality flavors. The flavors available to customers include Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue, Mango, OG Kush, BlackBerry, Blackberry Kush, Pineapple Express, Jack Herer, Cactus Cooler, and Fruity Cereal.

Ingredients: The contents of Exhale Wellness cartridges are 100% natural, plant-based with no additives and preservatives. The company also tests its components to ensure the absence of MCT, PG, VG, PEG oil, and other cutting agents. The absence of these substances attests to its credibility as the best and the purest product in the market.

Third-party Validation: Like other Exhale Wellness products, their cartridges are subject to a third-party lab test. This is majorly to reaffirm purity and effectiveness before being released to the market. The third-party test further verifies that the hemp extracts used in the vape are processed using the CO2 method for purity.

Money-Back Guarantee: Exhale Wellness has a 30-day money-back guarantee on their cartridges. This policy ensures that you get the best product that suits your needs. If you aren’t satisfied with your cartridge, you can ask for a refund.

Price: For the quality of cartridges and the range of flavors Exhale Wellness offers, their prices are pretty fair. However, you can subscribe and save up to 25% on the price. Furthermore, Exhale Wellness gives you 20% off on your first order.

Free delivery: Exhale Wellness offers free delivery services. Your cartridge will be delivered wherever you are, regardless of the order size for others above $50. It takes two to three working days to deliver the products. You, therefore, don’t have to make a huge order to get your cartridges delivered in the shortest time.


• Organic and natural ingredient
• 30- day money-back guarantee
• Natural flavor
• 20 percent discount for first-time customers
• High-quality hemp
• Safe CO2 extraction method
• Third-party lab tests
• Non-GMO and organic
• Non-GMO and organic


• No international shipping

#2. Cheef Botanicals: Strongest & Most Potent CBD Vape Carts

A group of health-conscious cannabis enthusiasts with 25 years of experience founded Cheef Botanicals to make a difference in the organic food industry. However, they have gone further to produce some of the best quality CBD products on the market. The most famous of these products is its line of vape cartridges.

Firstly, Cheef Botanicals is rated high in this list thanks to its impressive range and mix of flavors. Secondly, the organic food giant partners with hemp farms to develop unique, high-quality products. Also, the products have less than 0.3 percent THC, which doesn’t harm your health. Thirdly, they are also gluten and GMO-free, which further cements their place as one of the best cartridges in the market.

Cheef Botanicals further subjects their cartridges to independent third-party accessors to ensure efficiency and safety. Furthermore, it incorporates natural aromatic compounds extracted from plants in its high-quality cartridges. The result is a sensational experience with a natural taste and aroma that has become Cheef Botanicals cartridge signature. Finally, each cartridge produces 200 to 400 refined puffs that guarantee satisfaction.

Customers can find Certificates of Analysis for each batch of cartridges on the company’s official website.


Assorted Flavors: Cheef Botanicals cartridges come in various sweet-tasting, good scented flavors. The wide range of choices gives vaping lovers a chance to select what they love most. The available flavors are fruity cereal, caramel macchiato, pixie shix, passion fruit, lychee ice, lemonade, blackberry kush, star fruit, bubble gum, strawberry, among others. The fan-favorite, however, is the sweet pineapple express.

Battery Technology: The Cheef Botanical cartridges come with the Jupiter cell atomizer that perfectly works with 510 thread vape pen. Jupiter is a leading inhalation technology designer that produces hardware for plant-derived extractors. Cheef Botanical cartridges have Jupiter’s CCELL technology that ensures uniform heating of the cartridge contents. Therefore, this technology is trusted to deliver the optimal vapor, hence the pure flavor from Cheef’s Botanical cartridges. The battery and charger are also available separately for the user’s convenience.

Value for Money: Quality cartridges don’t come cheap. Cheef Botanical cartridges, however, guarantee good quality and value for money. The cartridges are available at a price range of between 25 and 50 dollars. The 200mg cartridge costs 24.95 dollars, while the 400mg is 39.95 dollars. Meaning you can enjoy vaping on a low budget.

Ingredients: Cheef Botanicals use pure and natural ingredients to produce their cartridges. Cutting agents like PG are eliminated from the CBD cartridges, making them healthy. Moreover, the ingredients are organic with no traces of additives and preservatives. Vaping with CBD cartridges is not just safe but also healthy.

External Lab Tests: All CBD Cartridges produced at Cheef Botanicals are subjected to third-party tests to ensure potency and efficiency.


• No additives and preservatives
• 100 percent natural ingredients
• Available in both 200mg and 400mg
• Subjected to third-party test


• Extract type not clear

#3. CBDistillery: Wide Variety Of CBD Carts

Founded in 2016 and based in Colorado, CBDistillery is a leading CBD brand with a range of quality hemp-based products. The company’s mission is to produce cheap, organic, and natural CBD products. Besides production and distribution, CBDistillery educates people on CBD oils and their possible uses.

CBDistillery chooses to add artificial flavors to its cartridges instead of the natural flavors adopted by its competitors. The company, however, clearly documents the contents of its products. You can find details of the components in the Generally Recognized as Safe(GRAS) document, which explains the production process, extraction methods, and clinical studies.

Furthermore, the company is US Hemp Authority Certified. Cartridges at CBDistillery come in four flavors, served as regular strength broad-spectrum and extra strength broad-spectrum CBD. Regular strength broad-spectrum CBD comes in 500 mg packs, while extra-strength broad-spectrum are available in 1000 mg.

CBDistillery cartridges are expensive. They, however, beat their competitors in quality and value for money. You get free shipping for orders above $75. Additionally, customers get a 60-day money-back guarantee. This brand of vape cartridges is worth giving a try.


Customer Approval: CBDistillery is one of the most accepted and approved brands in the industry, thanks to its intense flavors and quality products. It has over 14000 reviews on its website only. Most of these are positive reviews from satisfied customers who are willing to recommend CBDistillery products. Also, the company’s products, including cartridges, have an average rating of 4.3, making it one of the best there is.

Certification: CBDistillery’s cartridges are approved by the U.S Hemp Authority(USHA), just like the company’s other products. In addition to the accreditation, CBDistillery is an active member of the National Hemp Association and the U.S Hemp Roundtable. Consuming the contents of the company’s cartridge is safe and healthy.

Ingredients and Manufacturing Processes: CBDistillery only uses quality hemp from open airfields in Kentucky, Oregon, and Colorado. The hemp is cultivated without inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. What’s more? They are non-GMO hemp. CBDistillery does not add preservatives to its cartridges for quality assurance purposes. The company also uses the recognized Current Good Manufacturing Practices(CGMP) and is ISO 9001 certified.

Third-Party Lab Tests: CBDistillery subjects its cartridges to third-party testing like other brands, and it also displays the test results on its website for all to see.

Method of Extraction: CBDistillery opts for the safe and effective CO2 extraction method for both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD. This method ensures the safety of cartridges and the highest possible quality.

Price: Cartridges at CBDistillery are not the cheapest compared to other brands in the market. The product comes in a 30 ml bottle, and customers can purchase the cartridges at the company’s official website. Meanwhile, the catch for using CBDistillery cartridges is that they give you value for your money.


• E-liquid contains zero percent nicotine
• Naturally grown hemp
• US Hemp Authority Certified
• Third-party lab tested
• Discounts for veterans and military personnel
• 60-day money-back guarantee
• ISO 9001 Certified


• It doesn’t ship worldwide

#4. CBDfx: Best Value Hemp Derived CBD Vape Carts

CBDfx was launched by Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers in 2014. The company has since grown to become one of the largest private CBD companies globally. CBDfx mainly focuses on full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate products. These products go through strict supervision to check and eliminate the slightest impurities after a unique CO2 extraction process. The result is a delicious and pure e-liquid from the best quality hemp.

With a range of 12 flavors, CBDfx cartridges are more than capable of satisfying a vapor’s needs. Moreover, a vital information label on the package gives you an overview of the product you are buying. Additionally, scannable QR codes on the cartridges take you to the lab results with reports on the cartridge components.

CBDfx’s cartridges are disposable and come in 30 mg and 50 mg of cannabidiol. Moreover, the 30mg cartridges sell at affordable prices. The 510 threading connectors hold together removable parts of CBDfx cartridges to enhance their performance. The 400mah battery additionally supplies constant vaping power making them ideal for the users.

The cartridges come with a smart overcharge shield that protects them from overcharging. Therefore, your CBDfx cartridge is safe even when you forget to unplug it from the power source.


Flavor Variety: CBDfx customers can pick their cartridges from 12 assorted flavors. The 30mg cartridge comes in strawberry lemonade, Blue raspberry, Tropic breeze, Honeydew ice, Melon Cooler, and Fresh mint flavors. The 50mg, on the other hand, comes in Gelatto, Pineapple Express, OG kush, Soar Diesel, Platinum Rose, and Blue dream flavors.

Promotions & Offers: CBXfx has promotions that offer 12pack boxes of 30 mg cartridges at affordable prices. Moreover, buyers can get a 15% discount per item with the code, ‘WELLNESS.’ Additionally, a 20% discount for two products and a further 25% discount for more than three products is available under the same code.

Shipping: CBDfx offers free shipping services for orders above $75, and the shipping is done within a few days of ordering. It’s, however, worth noting that CBDfx only ships within the borders of the US.

Product Testing: CBDfx tests its cartridges with CC Testing Labs and is ISO 17025-certified. Furthermore, you can get the certificate of analysis by scanning the QR code on the cartridge package. The lab checks CBDfx cartridges for pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, among other impurities.

Design and Build quality: The first notable thing is the ceramic material CBDfx cartridges are made of. The part holding the juice is glass, while every other part of the cartridge is metallic. Also, there are six adjustable airflow holes in the cartridge to control airflow. You can open all six holes depending on your preference though it’s advisable to open only three while monitoring the performance. Furthermore, the ceramic coil reduces spitting while vaping, thus preserving your cartridge.


• No added filters
• The potency of products is verified
• 30-day money-back guarantee
• Pocket sizes for mobility
• Descent flavors
• Lightweight
• Good battery life

• Only one cartridge in the box

#5. Vape Bright: Most Popular CBD Carts

Vape bright is one of the most trusted and reputable vape oil brands infused with the benefits of CBD oil. Vape Bright, like other reputable companies, was founded by a group of individuals who were fed up with the glut of low-quality CBD products on the market. Vape Bright is an online company that sells 100 percent pure, safe, and legal CBD cartridges.

This company places a premium on purity and quality, and they work hard to make genuine and cutting-edge vape cartridges. Vape Bright employs an ultra-clean CO2 filtration method and ensures that all of their products are thoroughly tested by independent laboratories.

In addition, every vape cartridge sold by this company has less than 0.3 percent THC, which is legal. In addition, this company uses natural ingredients and avoids adding preservatives, artificial flavors, or other potentially harmful chemicals in its products.


Potency: The cannabis industry is now filled with brands trying to sell their product first at cheaper costs. But people don’t understand that cheap products also compromise with cost. The products lack potency and do not produce the required amount of euphoria when consumed. Vape Bright offers the best vape oil dab pens with the highest level of potency.

Cash Back: To further increase the mutual understanding between the buyers and sellers, the company offers a cash back facility where the buyers can return the product if not satisfied with. The return is applicable only within 30 days of purchase date. Also, there is product guarantee available which basically allows the buyers to return the product if they receive the product damaged or tampered with.

Variety: Vape Bright offers a large selection of vape oil carts. Each cart is differentiated on the basis of flavor and potency. This allows the users to cater to all types of audience from beginner to expert.


• Large variety of flavors
• 0.3% THC content as per norms
• Special offers and discount available via coupon code
• Third party lab tested
• Affordable prices


• Limited availability
• Delivery of the product takes time

How We Compiled The List

Several companies are rushing to make the most of the increased popularity of the CBD. However, not all of them will give you the experience you are looking for. So, after thorough research, we have made a list based on the following factors.

What We Looked For

• Cost: The most significant factor to consider in any product in any market is the cost. CBD cartridges range from affordable to expensive, depending on the brand and quality. Cartridges are one-time investments; it’s, therefore, advisable to get value for your money.

Brand Reputation: On the top list of our research was brand reputation. Many companies parade as having the best products. However, most don’t meet the needs of the consumers, nor do they deliver what they promise. Only reputable brands deliver what they promise; thus, reputation was a significant factor in this listing.

Customer Reviews: There is no better way of testing a product’s credibility than the consumer’s views. A good brand should have positive reviews from most of its consumers. Credible companies don’t shy away from availing their products for public review. All the brands listed in this article have positive customer reviews on their official and third-party review platforms.

Ingredients: The main reason CBD cartridges are gaining popularity is their benefits to health and wellbeing. The ingredients used in a product are essential, and our list of CBD cartridges contains natural ingredients and flavorings.

Third-Party Lab Testing: A good product should be transparent in its production process. CBD cartridges being a sensitive yet popular product, you should be keen on their safety and credibility. Having proof of authenticity is therefore crucial in determining the best CBD cartridges.

Flavor Variety: Having different flavors speaks a lot about the brand. A wide range of flavors helps new users choose their favorite cartridge while freely transitioning from one cartridge to another.

Buying Guide to the Best CBD Cartridges

Getting quality cartridges can be easy for seasoned vapors because they know what to look for and what they want. For a beginner, however, the process might not be as simple. There are many brands and long lists of flavors, and here are some factors to consider when buying a CBD cartridge.

• Extraction Process

There are three primary ways of extracting CBD from hemp. They are CO2 extraction, steam distillation, and solvent extraction. Steam distillation and solvent extraction are common in the industry but are not guarantee the best extraction process. Cartridges made from the extracts gotten through this method are low-quality. CO2 extraction, on the other hand, produces the purest hemp extract for the most refined CBD products.

• Customer Reviews

The best way to know the quality of a product is through the views of first-hand users. A CBD cartridge can meet all the requirements and pass all tests but has terrible reviews. There are several sites dedicated to reviewing CBD cartridges. Go through them and make sure the products you settle for actually back their claims.

• Cost

Price is a huge determining factor in selecting the best CBD cartridges, and quality cartridges are relatively expensive. This, however, doesn’t mean that all highly-priced cartridges are safe and efficient. Settle for reasonably priced cartridges that will give you value for your money.


The rising demand for hemp products has seen a surge in brands that claim to be the best manufacturers of CBD products. Most, however, don’t have legitimate backing to their claims. Your health is,this, in safer hands with well-known and established brands. They build their reputation based on quality and safe products, and most of them also have a Certificate of Analysis to prove it.

• Money-Back Guarantee

Brands have a money-back policy to show their confidence in the efficacy of their products. However, you might not get a full refund on returning the goods. There are companies whose policy is to deduct shipping costs before refunding. Check the refund conditions on the product you want to buy before settling for it.

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• Laboratory Testing

CBD cartridges aim to provide a relaxing experience for vapors. It is crucial not to overlook the safety of products before purchasing them. Always make sure that the cartridges you buy have gone through independent testing. In addition to quality and safety, third-party testing ensures that the right concentration of CBD and other ingredients, if any, are delivered.

• Cutting Agents

Cutting agents are dilute vape liquids that affect the overall strength of the vaping solution. Although it will look adequately filled, the CBD concentration goes down, meaning you puff a lot for the same effect. Therefore, you should avoid cartridges that use CBD oil, MCT oil, PG, PEG, or VG oil as cutting agents.


The manufacturer’s ingredient label has rich information on the cartridge content. CBD cartridges can have natural terpenes or food-grade flavors. Always go for natural terpenes. Check if the cartridge is pure or contains additives—the more refined, the better and safer. Your needs must, however, determine your choice. Go through the product’s ingredients and choose what works best for you.

• Customer Service

You must buy from a brand that prioritizes customers’ needs and has an active customers support team. Many times you may have questions about your purchase or need clarifications. Having a company’s representative or agent, you can get answers from. The brands we reviewed have functional support teams available 24/7 to attend to your inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions On CBD & CBD Vape Carts

Q1. Are CBD cartridges legal?

Hemp products that include less than 0.3 delta-8 THC are legal in most states but not all. Manufacturers, therefore, tend not to ship their products to states such as Arizona, Alaska, and Utah, where the consumption of hemp or cannabis products is illegal.

Q2. Are CBD cartridges safe?

There is no substantial evidence that shows the threat of CBD cartridges on human health. However, chemical substances and extraction processes can have some side effects. It’s therefore essential to ensure that the product you are using is thoroughly tested for safety and has a Certificate of Analysis badge.

Q3. Can beginners use CBD cartridges?

Yes. Most CBD cartridges accommodate both beginners and seasonal vapers. You don’t need experience or lessons to use them. Most of them come with simple user guides. It’s, however, advisable to start with pre-filled disposable cartridges because they are easier to use.

Q5. Will using CBD cartridges get me high?

Yes. You will certainly get high vaping the delta-8 contents in the cartridge. The catch, however, is that you get high without hallucinating. CBD cartridges have a calming effect that helps you sleep after a long day. Moreover, it is said to have medicinal aspects which are helpful to the body.

Q6. What are the side effects of using CBD Cartridges?

The contents of CBD cartridges are safe and will not cause bodily harm or affect their function. However, overdose can increase the heartbeat rate and cause anxiety and paranoia. On the other hand, proper usage guarantees a fun and relaxed feeling.

Q7. How should I store my CBD Cartridge?

CBD cartridges are durable and are easy to store. However, it would be best not to expose your cartridge to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Store them in places without direct heat as this will break down the THC hence lowering its efficiency.

Q8. What are CBD Cartridges?

CBD cartridges are tank-like containers holding CBD vaping juice. They vary in size, brand, and flavor.

Wrapping Up On Buying CBD Vape Pens

CBD is gradually gaining popularity because of its natural components. Moreover, it’s not addictive, and neither does it cause bodily harm. Vaping is the easiest way of enjoying the calming benefits of vaping CBD. To do this, you will need quality, reliable and efficient cartridges. The best cartridge depends on personal needs and experience. Before investing in a cartridge, check the ingredients, safety, effectiveness, efficiency, third-party test, and price.

Also, look for cartridges that will not harm your health as well. You can also focus on the variety of flavors available and the CBD vape cartridge capacity. It is also important that the cartridge is tested and quality verified by a third party to avoid bias. The cartridges above have gone through tests and validation by third parties and have proven to be safe for human consumption. You can select from any of the CBD vape cartridge brands in our list and get value for your money. They are the best CBD vape cartridges in the market.

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19 Best 510 Thread Vape Pens & Accessories – The Ultimate Guide!

There are a lot of important numbers in your life – your age, your birthdate, your social security number, your phone number, your driver’s license number, the number of your children that you dropped off and picked up from school (hopefully they matched), and so forth – but if you like to vape cannabis or CBD oils and if you love portability, then the number 510 is gonna also be good to remember! Why is 510 important to users of the ol’ vape? That is the standard thread size for a vast majority of vape battery-base pens, so if you want to buy weed wax pen attachments – like cartridges – stop your search. You’ll want 510 threading.

There generally aren’t a lot to the parts of a vape pen; from tip to end, the major components of vape pens, or vape sticks, tend to be the cartridge, the heating coil, the sensor and the battery. The cartridge, sometimes called the tank if it’s a refillable cart, generally has a mouthpiece attached to one end while the other contains the 510 threading that screws in to attach it to the battery base. The heating element, also called an atomizer, is generally part of the cartridge, or it can be a separate cup-like unit that you put wax weed concentrate in and then enclose with a globe. The sensor on a pen vape may be activated by a push button – or sometimes, it activates the heater when you inhale through the mouthpiece. The largest part of the whole vape pen assembly is the battery itself – the cylindrical pen-shaped section is a rechargeable lithium ion power cell, sometimes with variable voltage, that supplies enough power to heat your concentrates up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few seconds.

Another essential component to a vape pen is the plug-in charger: just like your smartphone, whenever you use your vape and the more often you use your vape, sooner or later it will need recharging. Usually it attaches to the battery via the 510 threaded connection that screws onto the charger, and then there’s normally a corded section that either plugs into a wall outlet or has a USB connector end that could attach to any power source, like say a laptop, that has a plug-in port for USB. Some chargers also attach directly via USB to a power source, no cord.

For vapes with push button operation, there is a standard sequence of button pushes that controls the battery and thus affects the vaporizer pen’s operation. For example, in a vast majority of the pen vapes out there, you turn them off and on with 5 clicks, adjust the voltage and thus the heat level with 3 clicks, and just press and hold the oft-times glowing button to inhale vapor. Obviously, consult your manual to be sure of the operation, but if you just bought a vape with no instructions then there’s a good chance that the sequence we outlined will work – feel free to copy these instructions or bookmark this page in your browser.

So now you have some background on what 510 thread vape pens are, what their basic parts are, and how they work – now let’s look at some of the best choices of vape pens out there and some of the accessories that you can buy to take your portable vape game to infinity and beyond, getting you buzzed for lightyears!

PCKT – Two – $79.99

The PCKT Two vapor unit offers a built-in ultra-high capacity 660mah Li-ion battery. With 5 practical power modes to suit your hardware needs and pass-through charging, you have that extra battery power when you need it most. 5-clicks on/off feature allows for absolute function and safety when not in use. Unique magnetic adapters make any 510 cartridges ready in a snap. Works with cartridges 11.5 mm in diameter or smaller and works with top and bottom airflow cartridges. In line with the PCKT VRTCL the PCKT 2 has lightning fast charging using a USB-C Charging port and cable. The PCKT 2 also comes with 5 levels of haptic feedback and LED brightness.

  • Range of awesome colours
  • 5 PreHeat Modes
  • Wide range of cartridge compatibility
  • Fits perfectly into the hand for discrete consumption
  • Great build quality

Airis Quaser Wax Pen – $21.98

If you’re ready to start vaping your favorite waxes and need a high-quality wax vape pen, then the Airis Quaser Wax Vape Pen could be just what you’ve been searching for! This high-quality wax vape pen is made from premium materials and consistently delivers smooth hit, not only that it comes with a dab tool for easy loading, mixing, scraping, and cleaning. It is also small enough to slip into your pocket or bag quickly and our team at Weed Republic thought it was great! If you are in the market for a new vape pen then go check out the Airis Quaser

  • 510 Theaded
  • Built-in Dab Tool
  • PreHeat Mode
  • Slimline Pen Style Vape
  • For use with Wax Concentrates
  • The slim design and high-quality construction

Kind Pen 510 Battery And Charger $29.98

It would be cruel to be without a Kind vape pen battery on hand – what good is a fistful of cannabis cartridges without a reliable 510 thread pen vape battery to power them and melt your potent pot wax into sweet, sweet vapor? Blessedly, there is a simple solution to this dire situation, get yourself a Kind Pen 510 Battery and Charger!

Like many other pen vape batteries, the Kind battery is compatible with most, if not all, 510 thread cartridges; so, whether users buy a CBD cart online or snagged a cannabis oil cart from your local dispensary – or maybe you’re gonna fill one of the optional empty tanks with some CBD or cannabis oil – as long as the threading on the cartridge is 510 threaded, you can use it on a Kind Pen 510 Battery base.

The operation of the Kind battery pen is so simple a stoner could do it; you have a 2-click pre-heat setting of 2.0 volts, which is great for thick oils! You also have 3-click variable voltage that rotates between 2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v; and you have a 5-click on or off safety feature to use when you are charging the vape pen battery or when you want to put it in your purse or pocket. The power button is also an LED light that blinks rapidly when the pen vape battery is powered on or off, and glows red while charging but turns green when it is fully charged.

All you have to do to charge the Kind Pen 510 Battery is screw it into the included Universal Micro USB Charger, and then connect that to a USB port on a power source like a laptop computer or wall socket USB adapter.

You have your option of buying the battery with a 1mL glass wickless cartridge, or tank, there’s also a 1mL plastic cartridge – or you can buy it with no cartridge at all. And the outer chassis of the vape pen comes in black, gold, or silver finishes.

The cost to you for your own Kind Pen 510 Battery and Charger is $19.99 with no cart or tank, and $29.98 with either the glass or plastic. You’ll be a happier customer with one of these in your pocket!

  • Compatible with most, if not all, 510 thread cartridges
  • You can choose between 1mL glass wickless cartridge, 1mL plastic with wick cart, or no cartridge at all
  • 2-click pre-heat setting (2.0v) – great for thick oils
  • 3-click variable voltage (2.4v, 2.8v, 3.2v) temperature control
  • 5-click on/off safety feature
  • LED power button to activate, deactivate, or vary the voltage and thus the vape pen temperature
  • Comes in black, gold, or silver finishes

Kangertech Kanger XLUM 200w TC Starter Kit – $55.95

If you’re a dab banger who likes portability, try a Kanger 220w Vape Pen Mod and enjoy hits that are danker! The Kanger XLUM 200w Vape Pen Starter Kit is a comprehensive full-range vape kit that comes with the XLUM 200w Vape Mod itself, a refillable 4.5mL XLUM tank with a 510 threading that you can remove and attach a standard vape cartridge instead, replaceable bulb glass, a 0.18ohm NR Mesh Coil and a 0.2ohm NR8-OCC NiCr Coil, an o-ring set and micro USB charger cable. Though it isn’t specifically designed for smoking cannabis concentrates – and is in fact an e-cig battery and vape with 510 thread – you can use cannabis or CBD vape oils in this vape mod and it will work just as well!

The Kanger XLUM 200w Box Mod is designed for high performance, with useful features such as an advanced MCU (microcontroller unit) chipset with customizable output, an Intuitive 0.91-inch OLED read-out screen, an oversized firing button, black rubber textured sides for easy gripping, and a temperature up and down adjustment button. The front and back are aluminum and zinc alloy with metallic finishes, available in silver, red, rainbow, blue and space gray (so, kind of shiny gray).

The backside has a ventilated magnetic battery door to insert or replace your dual high-amp 18650 batteries (sadly, sold separately; the vape mod does not come with batteries) that provide a maximum output of 200w power.

You activate the Kanger 220w Vape Pen Mod with five clicks, just like a traditional stylus vape battery, and the lighting display features a set of LED lights on the lower triangular panel that are programmable to go all multicolored and disco flashy – very far out! The indicator on the front has a clock, battery life indicator – with a graphic for each of the two batteries – as well as the wattage, voltage and resistance in ohms. Lots of valuable info, as you would expect from a sub ohm vape pen that is gonna let you precisely regulate the intensity of your vape smoke, boosting potency and flavor! The indicator has a trippy stand-by screen that gives you some wild visualizations!

As we mentioned up above, included with the Kanger XLUM 200w TC Starter Kit are a 0.18ohm NR Mesh Coil – rated for 40-60w and 0.2ohm R8-OCC NiCr (nickel-chrome ) coil – rated for 30-140w – your info display will rotate through temperature control options that include stainless steel, titanium, and Ni200 wires. So, you have a lot of versatility when it comes to customizing the power and thus the output of this powerful pocket vaporizer.

If all this seems a bit overwhelming, there is an illustrated manual included that covers how to operate the Kanger 220w Vape Pen Mod – or you can bookmark this page in your browser and return for reference.

You can purchase the amazing Kangertech Kanger XLUM 200w TC Starter Kit for $55.95 and then play around with the various coils and settings – including swapping out their refillable tank for a pre-filled CBD or cannabis cartridge of your own, personalizing the vape mod for the perfect puff of potent cannabinoid bliss!

  • Comprehensive full-range vape pen starter kit that comes with:
    • XLUM 200w Vape Mod
    • Refillable 4.5mL XLUM Tank with 510 threading
    • Replaceable bulb glass
    • 0.18ohm NR Mesh Coil
    • 0.2ohm NR8-OCC NiCr Coil
    • O-ring set
    • Micro USB charger cable.


    Found the perfect vape, but still seeking the right battery to put inside it? This Funky Farms 510 Threaded Vape Battery may be just the right unit for you. As easy to use as it is easy on the eyes, it will keep your precious vape going for days – depending on how often you’re taking a hit of course! What’s even more out of this world with this vape? The micro-USB that’s included with the purchase!

    • Sleek, thoughtful design that includes micro USB
    • Long lasting battery life (unless you’re a serial toker – no judgement, just make sure to charge!)
    • Compatible with a wide variety of cartridges


    Join the gods as they party in the clouds with the beautiful Horus concentrates vaporizer by Mythology! With mutli-level wattage options, you control which level you want to go to. With an 8 second preheat feature, you’ll be enjoying your precious concentrates in no time. Connect your atomizer with a 510 thread, heat up, and watch the screen to know when you’re ready to go. Combine its functionality with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind design and you have one beautiful device on your hands!

    What we love:

    • 8 second pre-heat options
    • Especially compatible 510 threaded concentrates atomizer
    • Beautiful design to fit anyone’s preferences
    • Variable wattage settings to give you your preferred level of heat

    4-in-1 Multi-Vape Pen Kit for E-Liquid, Oil, Herb, Wax – $19.99

    When sorting through countless vaping options, we thought that this kit was just awesome because it pretty much has all-the-things you want in a vape pen and need for vaping! You can use this 4-in-1 multi-purpose vape pen for toking e-liquids, medicated oils, wax concentrates and dry herb. It’s a good starter kit for someone just getting into and experimenting with portable vapes, and it’s also an excellent option for budget-minded cannabis aficionados looking for multiple vape pen uses without having to fork out wads of cash.

    One of the fantastic features of this pen vape kit is that it includes a long-lasting 1100mAh battery – if mAh means nothing to you, it stands for ‘milliampere hour’ and the long and short of that is that, if you held the power button down continually, it would take over an hour for the thing to drain. 1000mAh generally takes an hour to discharge; obviously, when you vape you only hold the button for a few seconds at a time, thus with normal use, you have hours and hours of vaping with each charge. And the lifetime of the battery itself is estimated to be around 300 charges and recharges, perhaps more.

    And as amazing as the battery life is, this pocket vaporizer kit only gets better: you get multiple different atomizer types! There’s a MT3-model atomizer that is ideal for e-liquids or oils, and a glass globe atomizer with a spiral pancake coil good for herbs and weed wax, plus a skillet tank atomizer with a dual quartz coil that works well with herb and waxes, or shatter; lastly, you have BUD-brand Touch atomizer (CE3) Tank that is super for oils and e-liquids. Now there’s a lot of model numbers and such coming at you, but the point is that with this one kit and these assorted atomizers, or heaters, and with the various ways that they work with the pen vape, you can vape everything from dry cannabis leaf to solid shatters and wax to oils!

    Pretty much everything in this powerful kit, being 510 thread, is fully compatible with any other vape or attachment that has 510 threading, whether it’s from this kit or not!

    Included in the 4-in-1 Multi-Vape Pen Kit is a wax stirring tool, or wax wand; you also get a cleaning brush, a USB battery charging cable, and user reference guide – all in a retail gift box along with the vape battery base and the assortment of atomizers. It’s all here, that’s why we selected it and it costs not $49.99, not $29.99, but only $19.99! Your search could be over now with the purchase of this kit!

    • Makes an excellent kit for beginners or experienced vapers
    • Long-lasting 1100mAh battery; good for hours and hours of normal vaping
    • Battery lifetime is estimated to be over 300 charges and recharges
    • Assorted atomizer attachments include:
      • MT3-model atomizer that is ideal for e-liquids or oils
      • Glass globe atomizer with spiral pancake coil good for herbs and weed wax
      • Skillet tank atomizer with a dual quartz coil that works well with herb and waxes
      • BUD-brand Touch atomizer (CE3) Tank that is super for oils and e-liquids

      Best 510 Vape Batteries

      510 O2 Vape Pen Battery – Gray – $19.99

      If you got the carts, we got the device for you – an O2 vaporizer pen battery. With this vaporizer there’s no waiting for it to heat up to use it, and you don’t even have to push any buttons, simply drag off the mouthpiece end, instantly inhaling concentrated cannabinoids.

      We know you users can live a very on-the-go lifestyle (and who doesn’t?) and if you don’t have time to wait (and who does?), then this is the ideal 510 vape battery for you! No waiting, no buttons or dials, you breathe in and it delivers; you end your puff and it shuts off. It literally could not be simpler! And, like any pocket vape, all you have to do is drop this 3-ounce vape pen in your purse or pocket and its smallness allows you to discreetly take it with you wherever you go and use it with a smidgen of stealth, a modicum of privacy.

      To recharge the battery is simple enough, all you need is a USB port – and those are pretty much everywhere these days. A fully charged battery can last 3 to 5 days depending on how much you use it. Battery voltage varies from 3.3 to 3.6 depending on charge.

      This 510 O2 Vape Pen Battery vaporizer battery comes in stylish white, gray, steel and black finishes.

      You could pick up one of these little vape sticks for $19.99, or even stock up on extra 510 vape batteries to prevent unnecessary interruptions in your daily vaping experience. $34.99 is the price for a 2-pack; a 4-pack is $64.99; and you can get 10 for $145.99. You really can’t go wrong; it just depends on your budget.

      • Compatible with any 510 threaded cartridge or tank
      • No button pushing, just inhale the vapor
      • Portable – easily drops into your pocket or purse
      • To recharge the battery, all you need is a USB port – charger comes with vape pen
      • Fully charged battery can last 3 to 5 days depending on usage
      • Comes in stylish white, gray, steel and black finishes

      Vuber Pilot Battery – $15.99

      The Vuber Pilot will have you flying high through thick clouds of rich cannabis vapor – and at a great price! This is a solid, versatile and reliable piece of equipment, which is good when it comes to aircraft or vaporizer pen batteries – you always want to get where you are going after some smooth flying!

      The sleek, streamlined Pilot Battery features 3 temperature settings for the 400mAh battery – the lowest temperature is about 2.6 volts, the medium is 3.3v, and the highest setting is 3.7v. There is also a pre-heat setting that allows the wax or oil to vaporize more efficiently, once the vape pen reaches cruising altitude – plus pre-heating is especially helpful in colder weather when you’re having an outdoor vape sesh.

      This Vuber vape pen battery is powerful, but it’s pretty easy to operate: 5 clicks on the power button in succession turns the unit on or off, while 3 clicks throttles through the temperature settings. For the pre-heat setting, you simply click the ignition button twice. When you are ready to take a hit, you simply hold the power button down and breathe in – the Pilot will power whatever cart you have aboard, producing vapor for as long as the button is depressed until the automatic override kicks in. This override prevents the battery from overheating and potentially burning out the coil in your vape cartridge or vaporizer tank.

      Any and all 510 thread vape concentrate cartridges – tobacco, cannabis, or CBD – and wax atomizer tanks or ceramic skillets will work with the Vuber Pilot Battery stylus.

      Buy a ticket to fly with your own Vuber Pilot for $15.99.

      • 3 temperature settings for the 400mAh battery: low is 2.6 volts, medium is 3.3v, and high is 3.7v
      • Pre-heat setting that allows the wax or oil to vaporize more efficiently
      • Easy to operate:
        • 5 clicks on the power button for on or off
        • 3 clicks cycles through the temperature settings
        • 2 clicks to activate the pre-heat setting
        • 1 click and hold to take a hit

        LINX Hypnos Zero Battery – $29.99

        We thinx LINX doesn’t stinx – in fact, it’s a darned fine basic 510 thread vape pen; it doesn’t need to be flashy or complicated, it just does what it was designed to do and it does it very well! You should be aware, if you care, that this battery is a spare for the LINX Hypnos vaporizer – but being 510 threaded, say it with us now, it can be used with any 510 threaded cartridge or tank.

        Having a backup is always a good idea, having a quality backup vape battery is even better! LINX uses all-metal construction in their battery so that it is rugged and reliable! Having an extra battery means that if your current vape pen battery runs dry, you can swap it out with the spare and keep on vaping – handy if you’re passing your LINX vape pen around at a party.

        This powerful replacement 510 vape battery fits both LINX Hypnos and Hypnos Zero pens – and again, any and every other 510 thread-sized vape cartridge; and it has four power settings instead of the typical three temperature settings that most other pens have, so you can get some very low temperature, long-lasting hits from it. If you like subtle and smooth smoke-downs then that is simply superb!

        Oh, and it comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty, so LINX stands behind their product.

        The only drawback, really, is that this unit doesn’t come with a charger, because it was meant to be a replacement for the battery that comes with LINX Hypnos pens, and when bought together, there is a battery charger included. But, being a 510 thread vape pen battery means any compatible charger will reenergize the LINX Hypnos Zero Battery.

        Should you need or desire a replacement for your LINX Hypnos and Hypnos Zero pens – or want a solid, reliable battery for general vaping use – then you can virtually plunk down your $29.99 and it will be delivered directly to your doorstep or mailbox.

        • All-metal construction
        • Can be used with any 510 threaded cartridge or tank
        • Backup battery for both LINX Hypnos and Hypnos Zero pens
        • 4 power settings instead of the typical 3 temperature settings that most other pens have
        • 1-Year Limited Warranty
        • Doesn’t come with a charger – but can use any compatible 510 thread vape charger

        Best Complete Vape Pens

        Med-ePen HHR Vape Extract Pen Black – $14.65

        Sure, this is a no-frills basic kind of stylus-style vape pen, but you don’t necessarily need flashy or complicated for an on-the-go portable and reliable vaporizer; however, this is one of those you-can-have-any-color-as-long-as-it’s-black-or-silver kinds of things – look at it this way, black and silver tend to go with everything! You don’t want your vape pen clashing with your wardrobe, man – that’s not cool!

        You can drop your Med-e-Pen slim vape pen battery with built-in ceramic skillet with donut coil into your pocket or purse, toss it in your glove compartment or gym bag, and be out the door and on your way into whatever adventure the day holds. It’s very much a no fuss, no bother, it’s just there and it works pen vape – and there’s nothing wrong with that!

        You can either drop a chunk of wax into the ceramic vaping chamber or screw on a 510 compatible pre-filled oil cartridge to toke your troubles away.

        To operate this vape pen you follow the usual button pushing range of 5 clicks to switch the vape battery on or off, 3 presses to adjust the voltage, and just a single press to begin inhaling your sweet, sweet cannabis or CBD concentrate vapor – really easy!

        Med-e-Pen’s HHR Vape heavy-duty extract pen comes with magnetic cap, a dab tool, one replacement coil and a USB charging system; carts or tanks are not included. You can purchase separately a 5-pack of replacement coils.

        To medicate yourself with the Med-e-Pen HHR Vape Extract Pen just charge a very reasonably priced $14.65 to your plastic money.

        • Portable vape pen available in black or silver finishes
        • Built-in ceramic skillet with donut coil
        • Can use wax concentrates or 510 compatible cartridges or tanks
        • Easy to use: 5 clicks to switch the vape battery on or off, 3 presses to adjust the voltage, and just a single press to begin inhaling cannabis or CBD concentrate vapor
        • Pen vape comes with magnetic cap, a dab tool, one replacement coil and a USB charging system – no carts included
        • 5-pack of replacement coils can be purchased separately

        Atlas Solo Vaporizer – $29.99

        You shouldn’t shrug when it comes to considering the Vuber Atlas – it’s a vape pen battery kit complete with dual coil atomizer that should please the most conservative and stingiest of wax dabbers and cannabis oil barons.

        Somewhat similar to the Vuber Pilot, which we showcased above in this blog post, the Atlas is simplistic to use – even moreso than the Pilot, really, because it has just one temperature setting. For most 510 vape oil cartridges, one setting is plenty – for concentrates, while it’s nice to have multiple settings, the single temperature will still produce a fountainhead of vapor.

        To operate the Vuber Atlas all you really have to know is that it’s 5 clicks for on and off, and a single click and hold to produce prodigious amounts of vapor; you don’t have to share the superior flavor produced by your vape pen if you don’t want, you could keep it all for yourself. Why should anyone else enjoy the fruits of your vaping?

        Powered by a long-lasting, self-reliant 900mAh battery, the Vuber Atlas dual quartz heating rods are wrapped in titanium coils in a quartz bowl – no plastic or wicks – and allow you to experience the full flavor of your concentrates, producing 3.3 volt – 3.7 volt output to meet your, and just your, cartridge and dabbing needs. The Atlas’ voltage is within the acceptable range for a sub ohm vape pen, so you ought to get a proper cloud of vapor that you can feel downright smug about! The Atlas vape pen battery works well with thick-as-crude-oil, high viscosity oil cartridges, or your solidly traditional wax dabs.

        The unrivaled power of the Vuber Atlas needs a little influx, now and then, so there is a USB charger that comes with it so that you can acquire more power when you need it. Also included in the kit are a dab tool and a concentrate container.

        Get a Vuber Atlas Solo Vaporizer for yourself for $29.99 and enjoy a profitable vaping experience!

        • Just one temperature setting
        • Easy to use: 5 clicks for on and off and a single click and hold to produce vapor
        • Long-lasting, self-reliant 900mAh battery
        • Dual quartz heating rods, wrapped in titanium coils in a quartz bowl – no plastic or wicks
        • Heating element produces 3.3 volt – 3.7 volt output
        • USB charger included
        • Also included in the kit are a dab tool and a concentrate container

        Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen – VB11 – $49.99

        There is no 7-Eleven vape pen, though you can pick up some e-cig supplies at your local convenience store or quickie mart – most vape pens are sold for ‘tobacco use only’ unless they are specifically sold at a licensed dispensary because there is still a ‘prohibition’ attitude with retailers and some local law enforcement, despite increasing legalization of cannabis products, hemp and CBD. But whatever you can vape or smoke tobacco e-liquids, tobacco wax and dry leaf in you can also vape or smoke cannabis oils, cannabis wax and weed in. They can fight the future – or at least they try, but they can’t fight physics; you can buy and use ‘tobacco use only’ products to vape your various pot products with, so there!

        All that said, the powerful Vaporbrothers’ VB Eleven Vape Pen is what we are here describing to you, and it is no cheap convenience store battery vape but a solid, reliable vape pen that you can use for vaping cannabis or CBD oils, wax, shatter, or crumble. It isn’t sold specifically for vaping dry leaf, but because it is a 510 thread vape pen, you can swap out the vape chamber that comes with the stylus for any other 510 pre-filled or vaping carts or ceramic chambers – so if you have something that does heat and vaporize leaf or pre-filled oils, and if that cartridge or whatever is 510 threaded, then you can attach it to the VB Eleven battery base.

        The vaping chamber, or skillet, utilizes a single chromium-free, titanium coil and a wickless ceramic core. The porous ceramic rod that the vaping coil is wrapped around is hollow, significantly speeding up heating.

        The vape chamber’s cone-shaped cover features a hole in the side that increases the airflow and circulation inside the heater cartridge, cooling and smoothing your hit, giving you voluminous clouds of cannabis-infused vapor!

        Colors that the Vaporbrothers’ VB Eleven Vape Pen are available in include black, fog (or white) and ocean (also popularly known as blue) with a soft grip finish for a secure, comfy grip when you hit! There’s little likelihood that the pen vape will go flying out of your hands, which is good to know!

        The included 30-inch mini USB cord allows you to use the VB Eleven even while charging!

        The Vaporbrothers Eleven Vape Pen – VB11 – comes in a zippered carry case with a dab container and dab tool, as well as the mini USB charger, and webbed pouches to carry extra carts or attachments. All of this can be yours for $49.99.

        • Solid, reliable vape pen for vaping cannabis or CBD oils, wax, shatter, or crumble (not dry leaf)
        • 510 threaded – so you could potentially use other carts and ceramic skillets with the VB11
        • Vaping chamber, or skillet, utilizes a single chromium-free, titanium coil and a wickless ceramic core for fast heating
        • Available colors include black, fog (or white) and ocean (also popularly known as blue) with a soft grip finish
        • Vape chamber’s cone-shaped cover features a hole in the side that increases the airflow and circulation inside the heater cartridge, cooling and smoothing your hit, creating voluminous vapor clouds
        • 30-inch mini USB cord allows you to use the VB Eleven even while charging
        • VB11 comes in a zippered carry case with a dab container and dab tool, as well as the mini USB charger, and webbed pouches to carry extra carts or attachments

        Best Mods Pens and Vape Mod Accessories

        Pluto iMini Oil Vape – $34.95

        At the edges of our solar system orbits an icy dwarf planet named Pluto, a world composed of nitrogen ice, with traces of methane and carbon monoxide… and that has almost nothing to do with our subject, vape pens, other than the planetoid Pluto shares a name with the maker of the iMini Mod Vape Pen. The Pluto iMini vape pen is pretty out-of-this-world cool, though! And like the dwarf planet Pluto, it is very small!

        Basically, the iMini is a very small and compact modified vape pen – meaning it isn’t at all shaped like a pen, but it does have universal 510 threading – so there’s that. Actually, many find mods more portable than standard vape pens because they are more compact and less likely to leak in your pocket or purse – so, there’s that, too.

        Because it is a smaller ‘vape pen’ the Pluto iMini Oil Vape only has a 500mAh battery – about half as long-lasting as standard stylus-style pen vapes, but 15w of power is adequate for a superb on-the-go pocket vaporizer. The Pluto iMini Mod automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity. The Pluto iMini Vape comes with a wickless coil built into the vaporizer that heats up fast and induces maximum potency and flavor extraction from both thin and thick oil concentrates. Cartridges plug into a recess in the squarish vape pipe that is behind a see-though panel, so you can see the fill level of the refillable tank or pre-filled oil cartridge.

        The iMini is easy to use and, after filling the open tank with either your favorite e-liquid or cannabis concentrate oil, suitable for both beginner and expert vapers. The power button turns on or turns off the device with five rapid clicks, whereas pressing down and holding the power button engages the coil. For thicker oil concentrates, the iMini has a pre-heat setting that is activated by clicking the power button once after unlocking the device; then if you click the LED power button once again, you can just press it down to begin your vaping session.

        It features a standard USB plug which makes it easy for you to charge it conveniently – you can connect it to an adapter for wall sockets or any other power source with a USB port, like your laptop computer or the dashboard of your car.

        With some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a paper towel, the iMini pen vape is also rather easy to clean and maintain.

        Now that you have the skinny on the iMini, you might want to buy one for your arsenal of vaping – which we all would love to have – and you can do so for $34.95.

        • Very small and compact, yet powerful modified vape pen, or mod
        • Universal 510 threading
        • 500mAh battery that produces 15w of power
        • Automatically shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity
        • Wickless coil built into the vaporizer that heats up fast
        • Easy to use and suitable for both beginner and expert vapers
        • Pre-heat setting
        • Standard USB plug

        SMOK Alien Mod – SMOKTeh – $41.95

        We’ve gone from the out-of-this-world Pluto iMini Oil Vape to the equally extraterrestrial SMOK Alien Mod; vaping can expand the frontiers of your mind, with stellar vaping equipment and some high-octane cannabis concentrated rocket fuel! These choices are out of this world (yeah, we went there)!

        This 510 thread SMOK mini vape has a futuristic lightweight zinc alloy body with a curved, ergonomic shape. The ignition trigger is no mere button, rather a device-length trigger. So, you can easily activate the SMOK Alien in either hand and regardless of how you’re holding it. And this shiny vaping technology comes in an astronomical array of colors and accents like silver, black, dark blue, black/orange, black/red, black/blue, black/gold, and white/red.

        The compact but easy-to-read OLED display screen is packed with data such as your current voltage, ohms, amperage, mode, MOD temperature and a puff counter. Part of the high-tech read-out is a dual battery life indicator to keep you apprised as to when a recharge of batteries is needed; the dual readout also alerts you if the batteries are out of sync with each other.

        The SMOK Alien 510 vape mod not only features a sophisticated info display panel but it also has a 220-watt power core capable of producing a temperature control range of 200 – 600℉ / 100 – 315℃. If you really like to geek out over technical specifications, then the resistance range is 0.06 – 3.0ohms for Temperature Control Mode and 0.1 – 3.0ohms for variable wattage; which means this is an excellent mods pen for sub ohm vaping – you get nice, thick and rich, potent clouds of vapor, not recommended for beginning vapers! And even geekier is that the firmware is upgradable – modular memory management! Be advised, however, that temperature control requires the use of nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils to keep your SMOK Alien Mod functioning within design parameters.

        Such sophistication requires tremendous power and so the SMOK Alien Mod requires two high drain (20A+) 18650 batteries to take your vaping game to warp speed – those batteries, by the way, are sold separately.

        To keep your twin vaping engines powered up, there is a micro USB charging port, just don’t let your astromech droid mistake it for a data terminal – remember poor R2-D2!

        If this sounds like your kind of high-tech vaping toy, then you can make contact with your own SMOKTech Alien Mod 220w Vape Pen for $41.95.

        • Futuristic lightweight zinc alloy body with a curved, ergonomic shape
        • Device-length trigger, so you can easily activate the SMOK Alien in either hand and regardless of how you’re holding it
        • Comes in an astronomical array of colors and accents like silver, black, dark blue, black/orange, black/red, black/blue, black/gold, and white/red
        • Compact but easy-to-read OLED display screen packed with data such as current voltage, ohms, amperage, mode, MOD temperature and a puff counter
        • Dual battery life indicator keeps you apprised as to when a recharge of batteries is needed
        • 220-watt power core capable of producing a temperature control range of 200 – 600℉ / 100 – 315℃
        • Excellent mods pen for sub ohm vaping
        • Requires two high drain (20A+) 18650 batteries for power
        • Micro USB charging port

        Best Vape Pen Accessories

        Glass Vape Cartridges (.5 mL) – $7.95

        Tanks are a bit much for some people, and they work best atop vape pen mods that have the mighty battery power to really utilize their various coil configurations – for simplicity and ease of use you probably should start with a 510 thread cart.

        Cartridges are made to be filled with your favorite choices of e-liquid, cannabis or CBD vaping oil. Using a plastic injection syringe, you unscrew the cap and squirt the vaping oil into the side of the cartridge, going slowly enough to be sure that you are evenly filling the clear glass chamber. Then, once you have filled it to the desired level, you re-attach the mouthpiece top and let it set for a few minutes to saturate the wick inside. Then all you have to do is screw it to a 510 thread vape pen battery base and press the power button – or begin to inhale for a buttonless pen vape. To store your now filled refillable cartridge, you should keep the cartridge upside down at room temperature.

        This powerful O2 Vape tempered glass cartridge has a .5mL capacity tank available with airflow hole size of 1.22mm for medium viscosity oils or an airflow hole size of 1.66mm for thicker oils and concentrates. There are other holes sizes available in .5mm, .7mm and .9mm, but those are only by special order and you would have to contact the company directly for pricing and other details.

        Chrome or gun metal are the finish options for this O2 vape cartridge and they can be purchased singly for $7.95, or in a 2-pack for $14.95, a 5-pack for $29.95, and a 10-pack would cost $54.95.

        • 510 threaded cartridge
        • Made to be filled with your favorite e-liquid, cannabis or CBD vaping oil
        • .5mL capacity tank
        • Select between an airflow hole size of 1.22mm for medium viscosity oils or an airflow hole size of 1.66mm for thicker oils and concentrates
        • Other holes sizes are available in .5mm, .7mm and .9mm by special order – you must contact the manufacturer directly for pricing and other details
        • Chrome or gun metal finish options
        • They can be purchased singly for $7.95, or in a 2-pack for $14.95, a 5-pack for $29.95, and a 10-pack would cost $54.95

        Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Pen Tank – $64.90

        Keeping up with the latest vaping technology, terminology and accessories can be a thankless job, but somebody has to do it! You needn’t fear if your brain is drowning in info about e-liquids, cartridges, tanks, coils, ohms and so forth, because we have done the mind-bending labor to sort through it all and bring the information to you as clearly and concisely as we can – and, as ever, you are entirely welcome!

        So, if you brain is fogged from all of the vaporous volumes of vaping data, then maybe a Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Pen Tank filled with your favorite cannabis oil will relieve the confusion – or maybe CBD oil would be better for your headache.

        Blessedly, the Brain Fogger Atomizer Pen Tank is compatible with most standard 510 thread mod pens, or box mod, vaping devices. Fully assembled, the Brain Fogger is 58mm (or just over 2 ¼ inches) high by 22mm (or just under an inch) wide, and it holds a volume of 4mL of the e-liquid concentrate of your choice.

        A very important feature of the Brain Fogger atomizer is the innovative reversed stack coil design that melts your wax concentrate evenly to ensure smoother, flavorful, reliable hits. When vaping from an atomizer tank, your weed wax or whatever will be warmed by between 7w-10w of power to a temperature range of 200F/ 93.3C degrees to 300F/148.8C degrees. Once you apply the wax, shatter or crumble to your coil, it will take around 5-10 seconds just to heat the device and for your wax to melt on your first hit, then thereafter about half the time. Usually, you would inhale for 12 to 15 seconds per hit, hold your breath in for a second or two and then exhale the vapor.

        Be careful not to over-wax the coils or they may become clogged and far less efficient. For self-cleaning adjust your vape pen controls to 15-25 watts of power, just don’t make the wrong move and hold the power button on your vape pen mod too long or you will fry your coil.

        The Brain Fogger is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel with 510 gold plated threading and a heat-sensitive airflow base, making the atomizer universal, durable and extremely dependable.

        The gift packaging for the Brain Fogger Wax Atomizer Pen Tank also contains a dab tool, rubber tank protector, user manual and a DOA (day of arrival) 1-Day Warranty Factory defect warranty. And the suggested retail price of this Atomizer Pen Tank is $64.90.

        • Compatible with most standard 510 thread mods pens
        • Made of powerful, high-quality 304 stainless steel with 510 gold plated threading
        • Heat-sensitive airflow base
        • 58mm (or just over 2 ¼ inches) high by 22mm (or just under an inch) wide
        • Holds a volume of 4mL of e-liquid concentrate
        • Vaping watts range 7w-10w
        • Temperature range of 200F/ 93.3C degrees to 300F/148.8C degrees
        • Self-cleaning at 15-25 watts of power, but if power is applied too long it could fry the coil
        • Also comes with a dab tool, rubber tank protector, user manual and a DOA (day of arrival) 1-Day Warranty Factory defect warranty

        Ceramic Wax Atomizers – $8.99

        Things wear out, look at grandpa – he’s shrinking, getting slower and prunier. When your vape pen’s single coil ceramic atomizer wears out – assuming of course that your vape pen battery with 510 thread came with an atomizer skillet, if not then you could potentially add one to it by buying one of these – just replace it with a new ceramic atomizer, screw it atop your battery base, and you are good to go again. Modularity is a wonderful thing!

        Though these single coil O2 Ceramic Wax Atomizers are specifically manufactured for O2 Vape DUO wax vape pens, you can use them on any one of your choices of 510 thread vape pens because universality is a thing. O2 is a great company, too, so you know you’re getting a quality product.

        Before you do buy a new Ceramic Wax Atomizer – or even after, to maintain it – you should always try cleaning your atomizer with a Q-tip and some isopropyl rubbing alcohol (nothing more powerful), or by soaking the atomizer in alcohol overnight – just let it dry before using it again because alcohol is flammable and vape pens get hot, you can probably guess why that would be bad.

        Generally, atomizers are durable enough to last for many months of use, but eventually you’re gonna wanna refresh to improve the potency of your puff and the intensity of the vapor from each and every hit from your 510 thread vape pen.

        You can buy O2 Ceramic Wax Atomizers singly for $8.99, doubly for $14.99 or in a 4-pack (quadly?) for $25.99. Why wait? You’ll be a happy customer in no time!

        • Single coil ceramic wax atomizer
        • Specifically manufactured for O2 Vape DUO wax vape pens, but can be used on any other 510 thread vape pens
        • With regular usage and cleaning, the atomizer should last for many months of use
        • Can buy singly for $8.99, doubly for $14.99 or a 4-pack for $25.99

        Yocan Evolve Plus Ceramic Donut Coil (5-Pack) – $25.00

        You can say what you want about the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer, but we’re not so much interested in that right now, because we want to focus on its coils – it’s a perfectly fine 510 thread vape pen, and very popular, but the coils that it comes with are quartz and some people prefer ceramic coils.

        First of all, it’s called a donut coil because it’s a shallow ceramic basin from the top down – which is your typical view of a vape coil because you are looking down towards the coil after you just placed your concentrates in it – and so the round disc with a hole in it looks like a donut.

        Some dabbers really like ceramic coils precisely because they are shallow basins, so it’s very easy to place, or dab, your wax into them. Another reason that some prefer ceramics is because ceramic heats up slowly; a more gradual temperature tends to produce a smoother vaping experience. And ceramics are preferred by waxheads because the ceramic used in vape pens is food/medical grade, so it doesn’t affect the flavor of your cannabis or CBD solids.

        Quartz coils have their pluses, too – they tend to be less expensive, they also won’t adversely affect the taste of your dabs, and they heat faster producing more intense vapor and flavor, but some prefer less intensity and more smoothness to their hits. Quartz also doesn’t hold heat as long as ceramic and can be trickier to load your dabs into. All of this is why they offer an optional alternative to the quartz coils that normally come with the Yocan Evolve Plus Vaporizer.

        These ceramic coils were originally designed for the Yocan Evolve Plus and Yocan Torch vapes, but being universal 510 threaded, they also can be used on other 510 thread battery vape pens.

        Innovative air inlets on the side of each Yocan Evolve Plus Ceramic Donut Coil head enhances the airflow for better flavor and extra aroma – also helping to prevent any melting oil from leaking out of the bottom of the ceramic coil.

        To be sure that you are getting the real deal, the Yocan coils all come with an ‘Authorized Yocan Retailer, Beware of Knockoffs’ certificate, suitable for framing – though we’re not sure why you’d want to. It also comes in a gift box if you want to give one to a dabber you love for Christmas or their birthday – or just gift yourself because you’ve been working hard for the money, so hard for it , honey, and you just want to treat yourself right.

        The Yocan Evolve Plus Ceramic Donut Coil comes in a 5-pack for $25.00; so if cleaning them with rubbing alcohol no longer restores their efficiency, or if you break one accidently, butterfingers, then you have plenty of spares.

        • Ceramic coils are shallow basins, so it’s very easy to place, or dab, your wax into them
        • Heat up slowly, more gradual temperature tends to produce a smooth vaping experience
        • Made from food/medical grade ceramic
        • Designed for the Yocan Evolve Plus and Torch vapes, but can also be used on other 510 thread battery vape pens
        • Innovative air inlets on the side of each Yocan Evolve Plus Ceramic Donut Coil head enhances the airflow for better flavor and extra aroma
        • Comes with an ‘Authorized Yocan Retailer’ certificate of authenticity
        • Packaged in a 5-pack gift box
        (510 vape pen and mod, image from Page 5 Of on Instagram)


        Vaping with vape pens or mod pens is a constantly evolving method of enjoying marijuana and cannabidiol concentrates and oils; vaping actually started with the electronic cigarette vaping fad that began back in the early 2000s and continues to this day. With so many choices it is easy to be overwhelmed! The 510 thread vape pen battery is a direct descendant of the 510 thread e-cig battery; and pretty much all of the devices sold for using tobacco leaf, oils and solids will work just as well for cannabis leaf, oils and solids. With 510 threading being universal among vape battery bases, most vape cartridges, vaporizer tanks, USB battery power adapters, vape coils and other vape pen attachments and accessories can be swapped around like Legos for stoners.

        A pocket vaporizer is so portable and convenient, you can take it nearly anywhere with you – out in the woods, in your car, pass it around easily at parties; and some pen vapes hit just as well as a bong, weed pipe, or blunt with good flavor and potent puffs of vapor. As pocket vaping has grown in popularity it has also become more sophisticated and in many ways more and more complex. Sure, you can just buy a pen vape and screw on a vape cartridge and in some cases, you don’t even have to press a button, you can just draw on the mouthpiece and take in your cannabis or CBD vapor.

        But for those who consider themselves vaping cannasseurs, it can get very involved. There aren’t just vape pen battery bases and carts, but there are also mod pen vapes – which instead of being one long stylus, move the cart and vaping chamber down next to the battery in a boxlike configuration. There are different types of cartridges to consider, smaller and simple cartridges versus bigger vaporizer pen tanks. The vapor tanks have different types of wicks and so you have to consider whether you want an atomizer or cartomizer or clearomizer – and what is the best cartomizer or what is the best atomizer for your vape mod? And just what is a sub ohm vape pen? (We do answer that above.) Why is a 220w vape a good thing? (We answer that, too.)

        There are a gazillion different companies springing up to meet the surging need of the vaping community: you can choose from iMini mods and Vuber Pilots, there are Med-e-Pens and Fez Vapes, some people shop for a Sigma vape pen while others want to know, is Element Vape Pen legit (yes, btw, it is); your Smoke Vape Pen can have 22 accessories or you can stick with simple vape sticks and puff away in peace. There are web pages upon web pages about pen vaping and dabbing with vapes – pages like this here blog, or you can read a Etron cigarette review and compare it to Element Vape reviews… dizzying, right? Take a hit on a CBD wax pen attachment screwed onto your slim vape pen battery, relax and you’ll be fine.

        Even an ultimate guide for 510 thread vape pens, mod vape pens, parts of a vape pen, vape batteries, cartridges and vaporizer tanks, and vape and mods pen accessories can really only just scratch the surface. That’s why there will be another one of these ultimate guides next year for 2020 – vape pens and mods pens are exploding commercially just like computers once did and then smartphones after that – the future of vaping is coming on and hopefully we helped you answer some of your questions and entertained you along the way! Now, grab your favorite pocket vaporizer, twist on your tastiest vaporizer pen tank or cart, depress the power button and inhale because the 510 thread vaping revolution has just begun. You can find a wide variety of 510 vapes by checking out the Hemper pen collection

        Written by Megan Medeiros (BA)

        Megan Medeiros has a bachelor’s degree in English and is currently working on a master’s in English at James Madison University . She’s the owner and operator of Medeiros Writing , and has been working as a cannabis writer for the past three years, mostly following the legal climate of marijuana, especially in areas like California, Colorado, Oregon, Canada, and other legal areas.

        This post contains references to products from one or more of our advertisers. We may receive compensation when you click on links to those products. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page . All photos were sourced from | updated 2021

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