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California’s #1 cannabis sleep brand

dreamt is a science-backed sleep aid made with cannabis.

cannabis for sleep

dreamt is scientifically designed to help you fall asleep quickly and enjoy a full night’s rest.

The sleep you’ve been dreaming of

Helps deep sleep and REM sleep

Unlike other cannabis sleep products, dreamt’s formulation is backed by more than 200 scientific studies and designed to give you a complete night’s rest.

Wake up fresh every morning

dreamt pairs cannabis with natural sleep compounds like melatonin, L-theanine and valerian root to give you great, restorative sleep without morning fogginess.

Fast acting, long lasting

dreamt has a variety of products aimed at helping those with difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Find out which product is right for you.


Sleep Pen

Our fastest acting product and winner of ‘Best New Product’ at Weedcon.

Sleep Tincture

Our easy-to-dose 30-night tincture is fast acting and long lasting.

Sleep Shot

Our melatonin-free 2-night sleep shot is perfect for occasional sleeplessness.

Sleep Gummies

Our 20-night gummies are all-natural, melatonin-free and simply delicious.


“There are very few products I would describe as life-changing, but the dreamt pen is one of them.”

– Lindsay

“If anyone else has an impossible time sleeping like I do, the dreamt tincture has done more for me than any OTC or ambien. It’s amazing.”

– Liz

“I’ve tried everything, even prescription medication and none of it works. But this stuff is my holy grail. I highly recommend the sleep gummies.”

– Tess

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Our assortment of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, extracts, edibles, CBD and more have all passed rigorous testing requirements, ensuring the utmost in safety, potency, and consistency for our customers. And because we want you to feel at home, The High Note is staffed with expert Budtenders ready to serve you in an elegant, welcoming Prohibition-inspired environment. From cannabis newbie to connoisseur, top-shelf products to cost-saving deals, there’s something for everyone at The High Note.


Flower is the part of the cannabis plant most commonly used for smoking. That’s because compared with cannabis leaves and stems, the flower contains the largest concentration of chemical compounds (known as cannabinoids and terpenes) responsible for the plant’s therapeutic properties.

Also known as nugs, herb, or bud, flower can be broken up for use in pipes and bongs, or ground up and rolled into a joint, pre-roll, or blunt. Available in loose, dried form, cannabis flower comes in a variety of strains offering a range of effects – from uplifting to pain relieving to sleep inducing, and everything in between.

Cannabis is grown using a variety of methods, each of them impacting everything from how much the plant yields to flavor, potency and much more. With outdoor cultivation, sun, soil and water are used to grow the annual flowering herb the old fashioned way. Cannabis cultivated using organic techniques sources nutrients directly from nature – like composted plant material – instead of lab-created resources. Indoor hydroponic cultivation means the plants are grown in a highly controlled indoor environment in a nutrient-rich solution instead of traditional soil to produce higher potency and higher yields. Light deprivation greenhouse is another method that allows the grower to use a combination of indoor and outdoor techniques to control the plant’s exposure to sunlight, and when it flowers as a result.

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The High Note carries an assortment of flower grown through these various methods providing the ultimate in variety for our customers.


A pre-roll is a joint that has been assembled in advance for the customer’s convenience. With a pre-roll, a cannabis brand has ground the flower and rolled the joint for you, often adding a crutch or filter for added ease, so you can start smoking right away.

Pre-rolls offer customers an easy, cost-effective way to try a certain brand or strain without having to purchase an eighth or more of flower. Their accessibility makes pre-rolls a great option for experimenting with strains, especially for cannabis newbies, and are wonderful for sharing with friends.