Cbd oil dosage for sleep reddit

What is a good CBD dosage for sleep?

I have purchased Purekana full spectrum 300mg oil for helping with sleep issues that I’ve had for close to 10 years. I read that you are supposed to start out on lower doses and gradually build up so I took the suggested serving of 15 drops last night. I was WIDE awake and could not fall asleep. Tried to do some more research today and found out you need 40-160mg for sleep and my 1 serving contains 7.5mg of CBD.

Maybe I am reading reading these dosages incorrectly or not doing the right math but I will basically need the entire bottle for one night if I need 160mg to get to sleep.

Help?! Does anyone know a good dosage or how the properties work?

I vape 1,000mg and its perfect. I use to vape 500 but it just wasn’t enough. Especially if you have anxiety go with 1,000.

What product do you use if you don’t mind me asking? Haven’t been having the desired effects from what I’ve been doing at the moment, and would like to step up to something much stronger, but have been reading mixed things about the safety of vapingn cbd with things like mct/pg/vg.

Any helps greatly appreciated

I started on gummies a week ago, a gummy had 15mg so I cut it in 3, got that one during the day, didn’t feel much, uped the next day to 1 and 1/2=22mg next day 2=30mg, I was feeling calm but did not much for pain. I ordered some concentrate powder 1mg and made oil at 250 in 15ml making it a ~15mg per dropper (1ml) felt the inicial buzz after 10mins, still pain (my low back) next day I tried dabbing a tiny rice size, maybe 3-5mg? felt horrible, a big buzz like if I took 2mg of xanax (I usually only take 0.06 = 1/4 of a .25mg pill to clam or to sleep, sometimes a 1/2 to sleep if I feel/know I won’t sleep and I really need to).

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In between the gummies and the concentrate before dabbing it I took around 7mg or half dropper (.5ml) of the oil I made and I felt that maybe that was ok. I tried the dabbing cause of people saying is the only way for immediate pain but it made my sinus/headache worst, I could have gone to sleep I guess, I was down in the coach but it was the middle of the day and had things to do. Of course I couldn’t sleep much that night. I think I have to build up on the sublingual oil first and its better as it didn’t taste funny like the gummies, I mixed it on organic cold pressed coconut oil so is tasty.

How to determine dosage for sleep?

Hi all, my partner has had terrible insomnia recently and wants to give CBD a try to see if it will help. He picked up some edibles that contain 10 mg of CBD per gummy. The helpful guy at the store suggested starting with a 2.5 mg serving (which is in line with the Health Canada guidelines). This seems like a very small amount, and my partner is a big guy at 6’3 and nearly 200 lbs.

In my research on the subject (neither of us are cannabis users so this is all very new to us) I’ve read literature that discusses doses of 25 mg and up for sleep. I’ve also read that people should take 1 mg per pound of body weight, which is a lot more than the cannabis store dude recommended.

I’m wondering whether we are being overzealous and if he should stick to the suggested 2.5 mg dose, whether he should try a bit larger of a dose given his size, and more generally, if anyone here has had experience trying CBD for sleep and what dosage amount worked for you.

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