Cbd oil drops for nicatin addiction

CBD Cigarettes & Nicotine | How CBD Cigarettes May Help People Quit Tobacco

We receive a lot of questions about whether or not hemp cigarettes might help someone quit smoking (tobacco). Every year, tobacco addiction claims more than 8 million lives worldwide. This includes not only long-term active smokers but also occasional smokers. Those affected by second-hand smoke are just as much at risk. While most people understand that tobacco use is detrimental to their health, tobacco continues to dominate sales in smoke shops across the country due to high rates of nicotine addiction.

The good news is that according to national surveys, the rates of tobacco usage in adults is gradually decreasing. Tobacco smokers are interested in quitting, and cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, may be helpful to those who are looking to fight their addiction. Studies suggest that CBD may help with managing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from smoking cessation. This is great news for nicotine smokers who’re looking to break free from the life-threatening habit and to lead a healthy life.

Want to find out how CBD cigarettes might be able to help people quit smoking? Read on to learn more about how hemp cigarettes might assist those who need to break free from nicotine addiction once and for all.

CBD Uses in the U.S.

You might have noticed CBD products popping up in your local grocery stores and health shops. With more research surfacing each year surrounding CBD and its purported health benefits, people are becoming increasingly optimistic about the positive effects it may carry. Some proponents of CBD claim that it may help people deal with diseases such as arthritis, anxiety, schizophrenia, cancer, and addiction. To date, the FDA has only approved CBD for as a medical treatment for epilepsy to reduce seizures in certain individuals.

In the U.S. market, the most sought-after (and off-label) benefits of CBD cigarettes include lowered anxiety and enhanced well-being. Additionally, some studies have shown the effectiveness of CBD for nicotine smoking cessation, so we’ve put together a guide to assist you.

Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD is one of the two most common cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. In the United States, hemp is defined as the Cannabis sativa L. plant containing no more than 0.3% THC, the chemical that makes you high. CBD on the other hand, is the non-psychoactive ingredient of the plant. In other words, you won’t get high from smoking or ingesting it. Nowadays, you can find CBD in various forms such as tinctures, vaporized liquids, edibles, capsules, hemp cigarettes and pre-rolls.

How CBD Cigarettes May Help You Quit Smoking

Similar to many hard drugs circulating our world today, nicotine is extremely addictive. After a sudden reduction of nicotine intake, most people begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within a few hours. These withdrawal symptoms can cause headaches, irritability, anxiety, sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, flu-like symptoms, and depression. It’s no wonder that so many who attempt to quit often fail.

Can CBD cigarettes help someone through the quitting process? Some research indicates that CBD may interact with certain receptors that help to regulate sleep cycles, improve mood, and decrease anxiety and pain. By combining nicotine cessation tools and strategies along with CBD, tobacco smokers may find some relief when experiencing withdrawals during the quitting process.

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CBD and Relaxation

In a 2015 study, CBD was found to have potential anxiolytic properties , meaning that it may help to reduce anxiety in patients. Sometimes compared to diazepam, a common sedative drug, CBD may have properties that promote a feeling of relaxation.

Some people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) use CBD for managing stress hormones and promoting a sense of calm. Although most of these claims are anecdotal, many users claim that CBD has changed their lives for the better.

CBD and Reduced Cigarette Consumption

A 2015 double blind placebo study of 24 smokers gave people a glimpse into the potential role that CBD may play in smoking cessation. The study instructed patients to use CBD inhalers when they felt the urge to smoke. Over the one-week period, the researches found that those treated with CBD inhalers smoked ~40% fewer cigarettes. Statistically speaking, this was a surprisingly significant reduction from their normal intake. Meanwhile, the placebo group showed no differences in number of cigarettes smoked. The writers of the article explain that this preliminary data, when combined with the strong preclinical rational for the use of CBD, suggests that CBD would be a potential candidate for nicotine addiction treatment that warrants further exploration.

In 2018, a study performed in the UK indicated that CBD reverses attentional bias to cigarette cues to tobacco withdrawal. It was a randomized, double-blind cross-over study designed where patients would abstain from using tobacco over two nights under observation. They found that CBD reduced the salience and pleasantness of cigarette cues, when compared with placebo. However, CBD did not influence tobacco craving or withdrawal or any subjectively rated side effects in this experiment.

The researchers responsible for these studies observed that CBD may yet prove to be a promising tool when it comes to helping smokers overcome their nicotine addiction. However, the results have also demonstrated the need for further, in-depth studies on the effects of CBD in tobacco smokers.

CBD Side Effects

CBD seems to be well tolerated, though it may cause some side effects, such as reduced appetite, drowsiness or fatigue, dry mouth, or diarrhea. Also, CBD may interact with some medications, so it’s always necessary to consult with your doctor prior to using any form of CBD.

Some Other Forms of CBD

CBD can be consumed in many different ways. One of the most common ways is in the form of oils. CBD oil can be introduced into the body in sublingual drops that are placed under the tongue before swallowing. Due to the naturally pungent aroma of the cannabis plant, many find the taste of CBD oil to be overwhelming. Several companies have found ways around this by incorporating it into beverages, edibles, topicals, or in our case here, hemp cigarettes.

For smokers who would like to imitate the action of smoking, hemp can be a solid option. Again, you should consult your healthcare professional before using any CBD products.

Which CBD Products To Buy

Before you purchase a CBD product, it’s important to conduct your own research, and consume only high-quality CBD products. Always opt for reliable companies and retailers who show COAs (Certificate of Analysis), that show pesticides, heavy metals, potencies, and other impurities that may affect your body.

The Takeaway

Tobacco addiction has proven to be a notoriously difficult habit to break. But if you’re one who’s looking to kick the habit, here’s a bit of advice. Combine different types of cessation tools, such as gum, breathing exercises, and perhaps CBD. Tools like gum or patches will help you slowly reduce nicotine intake, while hemp cigarettes can introduce CBD as a potential mechanism to reduce nicotine cues, and also mimic the act of smoking with an actual cigarette without the nicotine. Start with the decision and stick with it. If you have a rough day and give in to your cravings, don’t let it discourage you. it’s normal. Keep trying, and don’t ever give up.

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5 ways hemp can help you stop smoking

Millions of Americans suffer from tobacco addictions. No matter how hard they try to stop smoking tobacco products, it never seems to go well. The nicotine patches and gum are not always powerful enough to curb nicotine dependency. That is why an increasing number of people have turned to hemp as a more effective solution to kick their addictive tobacco habit.

Hemp is a cannabis plant filled with medicinal terpenes and cannabinoids, including cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabis has over 100 cannabinoids in its chemical makeup, but CBD is the most potent non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Tobacco addicts have a much better chance of quitting smoking if they consume a modest amount of CBD each day.

CBD smokes feels like a regular cigarette

Forget about consuming CBD oil and CBD edibles to quit smoking. There is a psychological factor to smoking hemp that must be addressed. Some people need to feel like they’re smoking something because they grow dependent on the habit. It makes them feel as if their needs are getting fulfilled. If you want to refrain from smoking cigarettes, then why not smoke hemp?

Smokable hemp products offer you a similar experience to smoking tobacco. You get to hold a cigarette-like stick in your hand and light it up for a smoke in the same manner. It will make you feel like you’re smoking a standard tobacco cigarette, even though you’re not. That will train your brain to ignore the desire to smoke anything else, such as a cigarette.

Oklahoma Smokes is one hemp brand that sells smokable sticks that look just like cigarettes. They even have the brown filter and white paper wrap to resemble a real cigarette. If someone sees you smoking the hemp stick, they won’t be able to tell the difference, and neither will you.

Alleviates tobacco withdrawal symptoms

The nicotine in tobacco cigarettes is ultra addictive. Some people say it is as addictive as cocaine or heroin. Once you attempt to stop smoking cigarettes, the withdrawal symptoms will leave you climbing the walls in agony. You’ll experience insomnia, stress, anxiety, headaches, depression, increased appetite (or decreased appetite), and high blood pressure.

Hemp does not come with any side effects other than relief from these symptoms. Hemp reduces the urge to want to smoke tobacco cigarettes. The CBD in hemp can reduce high blood pressure, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, and all other symptoms that occur after quitting smoking. Its chemical properties alter the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors to provide you with calmer and more positive feelings.

The central nervous system produces two neurotransmitters to create calmness in your mind. These hormones are called serotonin and dopamine. Do you ever notice how you feel better after a long exercise workout? The reason you feel better can be attributed to the increased production of dopamine and serotonin. Exercise increases the flow of neurotransmitters to create more sedation and relaxation.

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When you smoke cigarettes and consume nicotine, it has the opposite effect. The nicotine stops your central nervous system from producing these neurotransmitters. Sure, you might feel good temporarily because your endocannabinoid receptors are altered. But once those effects wear off, you’ll start to feel the urge to consume more nicotine as a substitute for the lack of neurotransmitters in your system. If you don’t get your nicotine fix, it’ll cause you to get nervous and anxious.

Hemp CBD reverses the nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The CBD will restore the production of neurotransmitters to give you the same calm and sedated feeling without needing nicotine to do it. As your body starts to produce neurotransmitters again naturally, your withdrawal symptoms won’t be as severe.

Natural ingredients

The Oklahoma Smokes brand of hemp flower smokes is free of tobacco, nicotine and chemical additives. The ingredients are 100% natural, making the CBD extra potent and efficient in the smokes. The hemp flower smokes even taste better than tobacco cigarettes. It won’t take you long to enjoy the flavor and experience while knowing it all comes from natural and healthy ingredients.

Remember that CBD is a non-toxic active cannabinoid ingredient of the cannabis plant. It doesn’t change your brain function whatsoever. In fact, it restores your brain function after being altered by nicotine for so many years. So you are really helping your mind and body get to a more natural state by replacing cigarettes with hemp. Check out the tobacco-free hemp smoke products to see an example.

No fear of the law

It is perfectly legal to consume hemp products because they contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Anyone familiar with cannabis knows that THC is the cannabinoid that causes a person to experience psychoactive effects. It is why recreational marijuana is illegal in so many places throughout the country. However, hemp is legal to smoke because it does not cause psychoactive effects. The best part is that all the other added benefits remain the same!

You have nothing to fear from the authorities if you decide to smoke hemp rather than cigarettes. When the U.S. Congress passed the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill, it protected the right to farm, harvest, and consume hemp in most of the country. Some states have local regulations against it, but you won’t have any legal issues on a federal level.

Save more money

Hemp doesn’t need to be consumed nearly as much as tobacco to achieve long-lasting sedative effects. After you stop smoking cigarettes for about a month, you’ll notice how much more money you have saved in your bank account. Then it will start to register in your brain that you were spending way too much money on cigarettes in the past. The monetary savings will be a big motivator to continue using hemp while ditching the cigarettes forever.


You don’t have to search hard to find smokable hemp products. There are plenty of reputable hemp brands on the internet, such as Oklahoma Smokes . This brand has gained a positive reputation because of its all-natural ingredients and high CBD potency. It is a great place to start beating your smoking addiction.