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[Acne] CBD oil made my skin worse. has anyone experienced this?

I did extensive research about the full spectrum CBD oil and bought 2 different brands. they are both full-spectrum and less than minimum THC contained. It’s been 3-4 weeks using it internally and externally on the face. It gave me a bad headache and I feel tired during the day. Worse is that it made my skin very inflamed and sore. in the last 3-4 days I got13-14 painful pimples on my face, almost like an allergy or infection. Usually, I do breakout but nothing like this inflamed pimples. I am under massive stress because of this. I’ve stopped using it since yesterday. Feel soooo depressed and angry.

Has anyone experienced this kind using cbd oil? Did it get better?

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[Acne] CBD oil for acne?

Very hard to find reports or official studies on this, a lot of pseudoscientific nonsense spread around all over the internet. Is eating or applying CBD oil topically on the skin any good for acne?

Theoretically eating it should help because it reduces inflammation but I wonder if anyone here has any stories, anecdotes or advice?

I started taking it for anxiety and noticed my skin looked a lot better. It definitely reduced my redness a lot and my face just looks more clear. I’m in love with it! I’ve never put it on my face though

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Same! This just happened to me (also got some for anxiety) and my skin looks so clear and my body is just less swollen in general. I came on here just to see if anyone else experienced the same thing!

I’ve tried it and it doesn’t help.

What did you try, eating it or the oil on skin?

I’m trying CBD for depression and stress. I vape it. Haven’t noticed much besides arthritis relief.

I doubt that would help. Weed is great, but it’s not a miracle drug!

I know this is old, but I started taking CBD oil a couple months ago for general anxiety, and unfortunately things went sour quickly. While it did help with my anxiety, it also threw my hormones wayyy out of wack. I was a week late on my period, for the first time in years, and it gave me the worst hormonal acne of my life. Legit, my skin had never looked like that before. Completely wrecked and covered in painful cystic acne all over my mouth/cheeks/jawline. I’m still trying to recover from that. Apparently CBD oil causes a spike in testosterone, which usually normalizes itself pretty quickly and doesn’t have a negative effect on most people. However, I already slightly have elevated testosterone (ovarian cysts, fibroids, etc), and it was awful.