Cbd oil for bearded dragon

How to safely give your bearded dragon CBD oil

Bearded dragons make for incredible pets, but top-quality care is essential if you want them to live a long and healthy life. They need ideal temperatures, a comfortable baking place, healthy food options, and to be left alone when they wind down and head towards brumation in the winter. It’s a lot of work, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things can go sideways, and one of the most common problems owners run into with these adorable reptiles is fecal impaction.

What is fecal impaction?

Fecal impaction means a hard mass is somewhere in the digestive tract that has a hard time moving through the body. The most common indicator of this issue is a lack of defecating, as the blockage causes the bearded dragon to become constipated, but there are other signs to watch out for like:

  • Lethargy
  • Stress (black marks or black bearding)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Bloated belly
  • Sleeping a lot
  • Aggression

This condition can come out of what feels like nowhere in what appears to be otherwise healthy and well cared for dragon, but if it isn’t dealt with promptly, the situation can eventually turn deadly. Luckily, there is something that you can do to speed things along, and that is to give them a small daily dose of CBD oil.

Why use CBD oil?

Generally, it is recommended that bearded dragon owners administer small amounts of mineral oil, vegetable oil, or olive oil because it will help coat the digestive tract in the slippery substance, which will help the animal push out the blockage. However, here, we’re recommending that you use CBD infused oil rather than the regular kind because it has it’s own healing powers for reptiles, as they too are equipped with an endocannabinoid system.

Is CBD oil beneficial for bearded dragons?

Of course, CBD oil isn’t something that should be given regularly or in large doses because that could have negative consequences on their overall health, causing diarrhea, among other troubling symptoms. But during a time like this, when your bearded dragon care needs to be intensified, and your reptile is stressed to the max and likely in pain. A light dose of CBD can have the same effects as the regular stuff while also soothing many of the symptoms that come with fecal impaction.

Is CBD oil safe for bearded dragons?

CBD oil in small amounts for specified periods of time can help things like anxiety, stress, or pain, but this is not something that should be over administered to your bearded dragon, as the high-fat content and empty calories offer minimal nutrition compared to what they need. However, as long as it’s given in a safe manner slowly with a dropper or syringe, it’s an entirely safe option to try before heading to your vet for further analysis of the situation.

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What causes fecal impaction

Typically poor husbandry is the main reason for fecal impaction in bearded dragons, which is when an owner isn’t maintaining the appropriate temperatures, lining the tank with unsafe substrates, or feeding too much or too little of the wrong types of foods. Sometimes this can happen accidentally when the weather cools because cold temperatures outside mean less heat inside, which is why you should always check the temperatures of your dragon’s terrarium, but it’s generally due to one of the mistakes mentioned above.

How to use CBD oil to relieve fecal impaction in a bearded dragon

First, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve corrected any potential causes for the problem, and then you can begin with a CBD oil treatment.

Get a bottle of the most heavily diluted CBD oil you can find, ideally less than 5mg per tablespoon, but a little more won’t hurt.

Young bearded dragons that are four months or less and weigh up to 60 grams may have 3 drops once a day via a dropper, syringe, or injected into a bug (only if yours is still willing to eat). Older reptiles that weight more than 60 grams may have one additional drop for every extra 20 grams.

Each day, the CBD dose should be closely monitored and followed up shortly thereafter with a warm bath that will encourage them to move and make pushing the fecal impaction out less painful.

Steps 2 and 3 should be followed diligently for up to seven days. If by the eighth day your bearded dragon still hasn’t shown any progress, then it’s time to book a vet appointment because the fecal impaction might be more severe than you realized.


This advice is not to replace that of an exotic pet carer or medical provider. It is merely a guide that many bearded dragon owners have had success with using. It follows a protocol that is often recommended by licensed veterinarians all over the world. Though we certainly encourage you to explore the benefits of combining CBD oil with your bearded dragon care routine, it is just as important to seek the advice of your pet’s medical provider before proceeding.

Study: CBD could help to make dogs less aggressive

This research could hold the key to providing relief for millions of pets all over the world, in particular those that struggle with aggression.

CBD for Pets

As long as you have a backbone, you have an endocannabinoid system . This means our furry friends that we live with at home. Whether it is a dog, a cat, or a bearded dragon, they can benefit from cannabidiol (CBD) medications and treatments.

Anyone who has a pet knows that they can get anxious or sick just like we can. And they are also a part of the family. We want what’s best for our pets, and research is starting to show us that what is best for them is CBD.

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It is important to note that when researchers do studies on humans, they have already completed trials on mice and rats. That being said, any research that shows positive results in humans generally has shown positive results in animals. For some ailments, we only know it works on animals. So our furry friends have the benefit on that!

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in the cannabis sativa plant. As of now, CBD is extracted from industrial hemp to be sold legally. It lacks the same properties as THC that get the consumer “high”, but it has the beneficial properties that make the consumer healthy.

CBD interacts with a system in the body called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is in charge of homeostasis, which is regulating the body. The ECS tells the body how to react to surroundings, what to do when a virus has gotten into the body and makes sure your joints are well maintained. If you have a fever, that is your ECS raising your body temperature to combat an illness. The ECS is behind the majority of our body’s actions.

CBD comes into play when your endocannabinoid system isn’t working properly. Autoimmune diseases, mental disorders, and neurological pain disorders are just a few things that happen when your ECS isn’t working properly. And surprise! CBD can help with all of those. Even for your dog.

Can CBD Heal My Pet?

Animals show a lot of symptoms similar to humans, which makes sense because their diseases are quite similar as well. We both get anxiety, we both get old tired bones, and unfortunately, we both can get cancer.

My Pet Is Anxious

You may have an overly anxious pet. Does your dog tear up the house when you are gone? Or cry at the door for hours? Whine while they are playing because they are just so excited? Many felines develop an anxiety disorder familiar to the human race, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Your pet may have a clean bill of physical health, but the anxiety is driving them almost literally up the wall.

Studies have shown that CBD relieves stress , they even have evidence of it helping with social anxiety . If you have a dog that can’t focus, even years after leaving the puppy stage, CBD also improves cognitive function. You can even start teaching tricks to your cats!

My Pet Is In Pain

Dogs can get cancer, cats can get muscles torn, bearded dragons can get into fights, animals can feel pain. It’s miserable to watch someone you love helpless and in pain. Now you don’t have to.

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While studying CBD and pain, they administered CBD drops to patients experiencing chronic pain. These people had exhausted treatments and medications, but when they took CBD oil , their pain was almost non-existent . Whether it is a fresh wound that needs attention or chronic pain your animal has had for years that you just want to put an end to, hemp oil medications work for it all.

My Pet Has Seizures

For centuries, cannabis has been used to treat seizures. Considering it is something that you can watch as it is being healed, all over youtube are success stories of using cannabidiol for seizures. Even in pets.

Studies have proven that CBD can help with seizures, even in patients who are treatment-resistant . From children to seniors, people having seizures have been taking advantage of CBD, and now you can for your pet too.

My Pet Has Nausea and Is Vomiting

It is exhausting cleaning up vomit constantly because your pet is sick. You’ve tried the medications, you’ve changed their diet, and still, you find yourself on your hands and knees with carpet cleaner. There can be many reasons your pet has nausea, so it is suggested to go to the vet. But when they still can’t stop it, you know CBD is going to be there for you.

Studies have shown that with CBD’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system, it calms nausea and vomiting . They started with calming rats, so you know your little fur babies will benefit. But they didn’t stop there. Cancer patients have also stated that their nausea from chemotherapy went down after using cannabidiol treatments. That’s a powerful medicine!

My Pet Won’t Eat

Sometimes we have to give our pets medicine that makes them unable to eat. Our pets can also get depressed, like when a loved one has died or someone moved off to college. Anorexia is common in cats, which is not because they don’t want to eat, but because they have no appetite.

CBD has an amazing ability to regulate the body, and this includes appetite. Studies have shown that when patients go through chemotherapy, they lose their appetite. Doctors suggest using CBD for their appetite, as it does increase it. If CBD can help cancer patients, they can help our pets.

There are many different ways to feed your pets CBD medications. There are dog treats for the canine family members. Tinctures you’re your finicky cats and elusive lizards. There are even pills and powders you can sneak into their food. We would do anything for our pets because they would do anything for us. Now we have a natural medicine to heal them just like we heal ourselves.