Cbd oil for blisters

Self-initiated use of topical cannabidiol oil for epidermolysis bullosa

Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare blistering skin disorder that is challenging to manage because skin fragility and repeated wound healing cause itching, pain, limited mobility, and recurrent infections. Cannabidiol, an active cannabinoid found in cannabis, is postulated to have antiinflammatory and analgesic effects. We report 3 cases of self-initiated topical cannabidiol use in patients with epidermolysis bullosa in an observational study. One patient was weaned completely off oral opioid analgesics. All 3 reported faster wound healing, less blistering, and amelioration of pain with cannabidiol use. Although these results demonstrate promise, further randomized, double-blind clinical trials are necessary to provide scientific evidence of our observed benefits of cannabidiol for the treatment of epidermolysis bullosa.

Keywords: blistering skin therapy; cannabidiol; cannabis; epidermolysis bullosa.

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How Can CBD Help in Treating Skin Blisters?

Skin-related problems are common, but they are something you shouldn’t avoid. Skin blisters are one such problem that is easy to treat at home. But, if it seems infectious or severe, you should consult a dermatologist. Some doctors acknowledge the fact that CBD (Cannabidiol) helps to alleviate many skin disorders. The compound contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties vital for healthy skin. For more details, let us know more about skin blisters and the best way to treat them.

Table of Contents

What are skin blisters?

They are the bubbles that pop up on your skin. They may fill up with blood, serum, or pus. Some skin blisters appear as a single bubble, and they are mild. Such ones are not a matter of concern because they may heal without any medical intervention. However, many blisters create an annoying, painful, and uncomfortable condition. They may form up as clusters and could itch or hurt you a lot. You must seek medical help if unexplained, severe blisters appear on your skin. Remember, don’t pop a blister yourself. If your doctor decides to puncture it, the surgeon will apply antibiotic ointment and cover the area with a bandage.

Causes of skin blisters

A raised portion on your skin filled with fluid could be blisters. It could occur due to any of the following reasons:


The most common cause of blister is excess friction. Accordingly, blisters may appear on the areas that encounter constant abrasion. Whether walking, running, or playing a musical instrument, repetitive actions can cause blisters. Friction blisters are often on the thumb, palm, heel, or toe.

Extreme temperature

Too much coldness or heat could cause blisters. In winters, people are more likely to have blisters due to frostbite. Staying out for long in the scorching sun is also another reason for it. The same thing happens when you touch the stove burner or handle frozen materials.

Allergic factors

If your skin gets exposed to a foreign substance, you need to be cautious. Otherwise, you might end up having blisters. It is because contact dermatitis occurs when you touch something that develops an allergic reaction. Many people are allergic to perfume, detergent, jewelry, pesticides, soap, toys, etc.

Insect bites

Flea, bedbugs, midge, and gnat bites may cause fluid-filled blisters. These insects inject formic acid that may lead to blisters, inflammation, redness, swelling, pain, and itching. Likewise, scabies, tiny mites may drill into your skin, creating curved lines of blisters in their tracks. Various insects often attack the hands, feet, wrists, and under the arms.

Other reasons

There are many other causes of blisters, such as:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Chickenpox and shingles
  • Herpes simplex virus
  • Hand-foot-and-mouth disease
  • Radiation injury
  • Second-degree burn

Finding best solutions to cure blisters

CBD can help reduce potential triggers of eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Apply a quality CBD skin cream on the affected area a few times a day. It has a soothing effect that works best for people having sensitive skin. You can combine it with essential oils to heal blisters quickly and effectively. However, make sure to pay close attention to the CBD product you’re picking. Consult your doctor before initiating a new treatment for your delicate skin.

How CBD helps to treat skin issues?

Amidst numerous compounds that come from the Cannabis sativa plant, CBD is the one that does not trigger a “high”. Most of the CBD products available in the market are hemp-derived. It retains less than 0.3 percent THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The low THC content of CBD ensures that it is safe to use. Besides these qualities, CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial features that help in curing skin problems. It affects the skin in three ways:

Works on sebocytes

The overproduction of sebum is a significant factor causing skin issues like acne. Research shows that CBD regulates oil production by behaving like a highly effective sebostatic agent. It influences sebocytes, the skin cells that generate sebum.

Reduces inflammation

Being anti-inflammatory, CBD helps keep the skin free from radicals and inflammation. It helps in reducing swelling, pain, redness, and skin irritation.

Hydrates dry skin

CBD plays a vital role in hydrating the skin. It has nutrients and substances that are highly effective for dry, dehydrated skin. Since it can nourish and moisturize the skin, many manufacturers have come up with many skincare CBD products in the market.

CBD products for skincare

Cannabidiol (CBD) is available in various forms, from gummies to oils and tinctures. Though most of these products treat symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and pain, few are different. They tend to keep your skin healthy. You can apply CBD-infused skincare products directly to your skin. But don’t forget to read the directions on the label of the specific product. If it is a moisturizer, cleanser, serum, spray, or facial mask, use them as a regular skincare derivative. Some of trending CBD products for skincare are as follows:

What is the right way to use CBD products for skin?

When your skin is prone to infection, you should not apply anything that can be irritating. The key to use CBD skincare products is to start slow and ensure that your skin responds well to it. If things are favorable, increase the application to a reasonable level. You will soon notice that blisters heal fast.


Whether you are a professional athlete or employee who wore a new pair of shoes, skin blisters may occur to anyone. Most of the blisters are circle-shaped, and they give an abnormal appearance. Depending on the cause, they may make you feel uneasy and awkward. However, the good news is that experts have found an easy way to deal with blisters. They suggest the usage of CBD skincare products for this purpose. Hemp-derived CBD has prominent features that help treat blisters. Just apply CBD skin cream or oil to the blister-prone area. The skin absorbs the cream through its pores in a short while. It treats the inflammation and heals the blisters soon.