Cbd oil for diabetes reddit

Cannabis and CBD has leveled out blood sugar for type 2 diabetic!!

I also hear great things about THC-V when it comes to combating insulin resistance.

I would love to compare notes sometime if you’re interested

That article made very little sense.

Yea, I’m skeptical about pot and diabetes for one main reasons, even with everything else aside: Munchies

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve touched the stuff and I didn’t have diabetes at the time, but I can only imagine trying to stick to low carb when battling with a case of the munchies.

My husband is a type 2 diabetic, cannabis helps him to realize that he is crashing when a diabetic crashes and is in low blood sugar situation they will fight you they will deny that they are crashing, my husband said he wasn’t to until I filmed him crashing. Cannabis has helped him become more aware of himself and his surroundings. Cannabis isn’t for everyone and that I appreciate, but until you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes all I ask is to look at the research. Thank you

I’m gonna repost what i said about cannabis in another r/diabetes thread. Not that i have anything perticularly against weed, but it needs to be emphasized that smoking anything is extreemly bad for diabetics.

Not related to sugar, but i feel the need to share this about smoking marijauna and diabetes. I’m not trying to write a sob story, but it is important that i share my experience in the hope that others dont end up like me.

I am 20 years old, 15 of those as a T1 diabetic and 5 of those as an everyday pot smoker. A few months ago i was experencing intense weakness and pain in my legs, so i got an angiogram, which revealed i have developed peripheral artery disease (doubble arterial blockage in my poplietial artery).

For those that dont know, PAD is a chronic and progressive illness where your arteries slowly fill with plaque and close off. It is nearly always indicitive of heart failure. Having the disease greatly increases your chance of having a stroke or heart attack. The 5 year mortality rate for the disease is about 50%.

The main risk factors of PAD are smoking, diabetes, obesity, and old age. “Premature” PAD (developing symptoms at around the age of 40) is considered very serrious and nearly always indicitive of premature death.

I am 20 years old. This is not a disease someone my age should have. I am not, and have never in my life, been overweight. I do not smoke tobacco (although i have a handful of times). That means the only real reason i should have PAD is from diabetes and regular marijauna smoking.

Please, if you are a diabetic and wants to use marijauna, get a vape, dab, or eat it. Dont smoke it and expose yourself to excess tar. The additional sugar in our blood makes it stick better to our arteries and cause significantly more damage.

I used to smoke thinking it helped me level off my blood sugars. I slowly learned that instead, i was really just using it to midigate the effects of hyperglycemia.

Please, take care of yourselves. Good health is a blessing.

THC/CBD using when Type 2 diabetes

I’ve been diagnosed with T2 Diabetes a month ago and started metformin right away. I’ve also just started Ozempic. I am a 32 y/o female from Canada – anxiety is also something I have been experiencing for the last year (pandemic made it worse) and before being diagnosed, I was using CBD or THC pills to help with my panic attacks/anxiety (small dosages in pills-never smoked). I talked to my doctor about it to know if I could still using CBD / THC pills while taking new medication and she did not have an answer so she said to not take any. Has someone already tried to take CBD / THC while being on medication for diabetes ? If yes, does it affect your BS or any other symptoms you noticed ?

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This is the credo for pretty much all things diabetes- everyone reacts differently. Also, at this time I think the medical community is fairly split on the whole CBD/THC thing so your doc just may not be on board with that type of treatment. Make sure to monitor your sugars closely and if possible have someone around you trust who can get you help if things go sideways.