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Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Many cannabidiol (CBD) retailers complement their range of oils, ointments and edibles with pet treats and products. When asked about the effects of CBD on animals, Milwaukee-area veterinarians all share the same answer: They don’t know, as there is not enough research on the subject.

That doesn’t stop CBD sellers from claiming their products have miraculous properties, such as reducing pain, anxiety and inflammation, calming phobias and aggression, boosting the immune system and even curing cancer. CBD does have some of these effects on us humans (mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which allows us to be affected by CBD), but there have been no formal studies about the effect of CBD on other animals. We only know that, according to a few tests, dogs’ bodies seem to barely absorb CBD at all when ingesting it.

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According to Joey DiFrancesco—co-founder of LolaHemp, a company specializing in CBD for dogs—“We can tell from experience, from word of mouth, that it works,” he says. “But our product is not approved by the FDA.”

The products sold by LolaHemp have been made with the help of professional veterinarians with the goal of ensuring the safety of animals, and lab tests are available on their website to see the quality of their oil. Pet owners who want to supplement their companions’ diets with CBD should make sure that the products they purchase follow a chart of quality, and it would be wise to obtain a veterinarian’s opinion before starting treatment.

Pot for Your Pets?

If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that pot and pets do not mix very well. While we don’t have evidence that CBD extracts are at all harmful to our four-legged friends, the other main component of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is dangerous to them.

As one study found, the number of dogs admitted with marijuana poisoning quadrupled when medical marijuana became legal in Colorado. The symptoms displayed by the animals included vomiting, twitches, incontinence and difficulty with mobility; additionally, two dogs died after ingesting THC-containing food. Another study found that cats react violently when exposed to THC, and their behavior can be greatly worsened by marijuana smoke.

The main danger, as we currently know, lies in the risk of pets ingesting THC. It is currently illegal in Wisconsin to sell CBD products with more than 0.3% THC, but pets are not safe from an overdose, especially if they are small. Democratic Wisconsin Rep. Melissa Sargent just introduced a new bill aiming to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana in our state. If it becomes law, it will be every pet owner’s duty to ensure their critters don’t gain access to their stash!

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Jean-Gabriel Fernandez

Jean-Gabriel Fernandez is a journalist and Sorbonne graduate living in Milwaukee.