Cbd oil for hedgehogs

Have anyone tried CBD for a hedgie?

I have some travel coming up and will be taking my hedgie on a long road trip. I was womdering if anyone has tried CBD oil to calm a hedgie for something like this? I could fly there but honestly I was worried the stress would be too much for her, but I still worry about the stress from a 10-hour drive. Any tips??

Can’t speak on CBD but Nutmeg had an 8 hour car trip to come home and she took it like a champ! Slept the whole way. YMMV but if you have a snuggle sack and they’re not jostled around too much, and kept at a good temperature, the stress hopefully wouldn’t be too bad

Can I Give My Hedgehog CBD Oil?

Many people believe in homeopathic remedies. So when it comes to treating various ailments that hedgehogs suffer, it’s only natural for hedgie owners to ask, “Can I give my hedgehog CBD oil?” Since CBD oil has effectively helped humans, is it effective for hedgehogs? Let’s see what Quilly has to say.

Here’s The Transcript from “Can I Give My Hedgehog CBD Oil?”:

Hey hedgie fans! I’m Quilly and today we’re going to dive into a controversial topic.

Annette from the UK sent in a question about giving CBD oil to her hedgehog, Coley Rhys.
Coley is 4 years old and has a tremendous amount of quill loss and weight problems. He has been under veterinary care for 2-1/2 years. Annette has pretty much exhausted all the resources that veterinary medicine can provide. She loves Coley very much and knows that he’s miserable.

Annette described Coley as depressed and stressed by the harsh chemical baths and medicines. She asked, “Can I give my hedgehog CBD oil?”
My friends at Heavenly Hedgies wrote her back and I thought I would share this story with my fans.
I’m sorry that Coley is not responding to the vet treatments. I know that is very frustrating for you and expensive too.
My friends at Heavenly Hedgies and I would NEVER suggest that you not seek veterinary care or to ignore your vet’s advice.

Ultimately you are the caretaker of your hedgehog and you’ll have to make an informed decision about whether to give your hedgie CBD oil or not. If you’ve exhausted traditional medicine and your hedgehog is not getting any better, I see no harm in seeking holistic treatments.

Did you know that there are naturopathic veterinary doctors too? They had to go through the very same schooling as veterinarians PLUS additional training in their specialized field of holistic treatment. They are harder to find, but they do exist. Unfortunately, like in the field of human medicine, most traditional doctors discourage the treatment by a naturopathic vet or using homeopathic remedies.

Veterinarians argue that there have been no scientific studies to prove that homeopathic treatments work. They claim that reports of improvement are anecdotal – which is a fancy way of saying that the improvement is based on personal accounts rather than facts or research. Unfortunately, only medications that can be sold at a large profit get all the research dollars. Just because testimonies aren’t tightly controlled under laboratory conditions, doesn’t mean that they aren’t true.

Heavenly Hedgies DOES NOT believe that homeopathy should be a treatment of first resort and I agree. Animals are much smaller than humans, so when we get sick, it can escalate quicker than with humans.
If you’ve exhausted all reasonable treatment from veterinarians and your hedgehog isn’t getting any better, I think that natural remedies can be tried as long as the treatment is recommended from someone qualified in naturopathic medical remedies for animals.

When I was quilling, my human used CBD oil to help me with the discomfort. It helped me with the pain so I wasn’t so grumpy and I didn’t get high from it because there is no THC in the drops my human used. They are drops that are intended for use by pets. I didn’t have any negative side effects either. My friends at Heavenly Hedgies will leave a link for it below this video.

My friends at Heavenly Hedgies followed up on Coley Rhys and Annette is pursuing homeopathic treatments for him. He’s waiting for his treatment products to arrive, so we’ll follow up with Annette in a few weeks. In the meantime, my friends and I are praying for Coley’s full recovery.

That’s all the time we have for this episode.
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