Cbd oil for hormonal acne reddit

Put hemp oil on your face. Seriously.

I’m 25 and I’ve suffered from severe cystic acne for almost ten years. I refuse to take antibiotics or isotretinoin because I’m terrified of the side effects, so after blowing through every acne product available to the general public I started looking into natural stuff. I’m gonna save my energy to write out my regimen, so I won’t drone on about about my life with acne or how I found this, but I will say that my face is seriously fucked up and this has helped quite a bit. My face is flat like its supposed to be, nothing is really red and angry, and I haven’t gotten any new cysts. I’ll also say that this is by no means a cure, I still have acne. I’ll probably always have acne, but I’ve accepted this and anything that makes it more manageable without causing irreversible damage to the rest of me is awesome. Here’s what I do:

Step 1: Get some organic, cold pressed hemp oil. The biggest drawback of hemp oil is that it needs to be refrigerated. This kept me from trying it for weeks, but if your not a lazy person or a frequent traveler it’s not that big of a deal. I get mine here because the price is good, but you can get it on amazon or wherever: http://www.swansonvitamins.com/nutiva-organic-hemp-oil-24-fl-oz-liquid?SourceCode=INTL405D&CAWELAID=473653041&catargetid=530002460000126492&cadevice=m&mkwid=XEmgkg5n&pcrid=80480684887&gclid=CjwKEAiA7f-yBRDAgdv4jZ-78TwSJAA_WdMargRDcBaAVHU1JEqQiRBCl_KI4E6PX6vIDTCc7PlcDBoCdYDw_wcB

Step 2: When I wash my face at night I massage a generous amount into my skin prior to using a natural cleanser to wash it off. Wet your face to warm your skin up a little, and then rub the oil into your face. If you wear makeup you don’t have to wash it off first. You can if you want, but hemp oil is actually the best makeup remover I’ve ever used Use the tips of your fingers to rub in a circular motion. This gets it in there and gets all the junk out of your pores (and scars if you have deep ones like I do). If you aren’t in a time crunch I would suggest taking like, 5 minutes to really massage your face a couple of times a week. If you have a lot of gunk in your pores you’ll actually feel some of it coming out. It’ll feel like sand. It’s weird and gross, but really satisfying.

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Step 3: Wash all the oil off with your cleanser using the same circular motion. Do this just long enough to wash the oil off. I’ve found that the Alba Acne-dote cleanser works really well. Plus it smells really good. Pat your face dry with a clean towel.

Step 4: Now, here come the part that made me cringe at first. It goes against everything you know about basic skin care. You’re going to use a little bit of oil in lieu of your moisturizer. DON’T BE AFRAID. I know it sounds horrible, but I swear you’ll be glad you did. And if it doesn’t help you can add it to the list of shit that didn’t work, but why not try it? If you buy the 24 oz bottle from the link I gave it’ll have a little squirt membrane nozzle type deal. The tiniest amount you can get from this will be too much for this step, so what I do is unscrew the lid and put my palm flat on the top before tipping the bottle. This will put a thin little circle of oil on the palm of your hand. This is perfect. Just rub it onto both palms and pat it into your face. It will absorb by the time you wake up and it actually has helped to balance my natural oil production. OPTIONAL when I had really huge, angry fuckers I would take some extra oil and use it as a spot treatment. Get a good layer of oil on there and try not to touch it. I noticed a huge reduction in size and inflammation over night. Keep doing this nightly until you feel like you don’t need to.

Step 5: Make sure you’ve got a clean pillow case and hit the hay. Hopefully you’ll wake up with a less itchy and generally less shitty face.

I’m only posting this in the hopes that it may help someone. Believe me, I know how it feels. I also know that loving yourself and knowing that you’re beautiful and fucking awesome regardless of what your skin looks like is the key to living a happy life. Hold your head high and your acne won’t be the first thing people notice.

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[Research] Study Shows Topical CBD Application Can Inhibit Lipid Synthesis & Fight Overactive Sebum Production (that causes acne)

I just posted this in r/CBD, but I thought I’d share it here too because I found it so interesting. I’ve been doing a ton of research on CBD skincare, wondering if it was a fad or if there was any real benefit to it. I’ve actually tried CBD skincare myself (and saw results), but wasn’t sure if it was a bit of a placebo. This article really provided me with some confidence that CBD skincare is actually a real and beneficial thing. My takeaway from it was that topical cbd not only addresses inflammation but also inhibits lipid synthesis and overactive sebum production. My understanding is that overactive sebum (oil glands) is a direct cause of acne, so this finding is extremely exciting. Would love to hear your thoughts and any experiences!

This. I have been using hemp moisturizer on my skin, a happy accident, that I am amazed at how it calm my skin from tretinoin, the way that nothing could.

That’s awesome! Do you know how much CBD the moisturizer has in it? Curious!

Cbd oil directly on my cystic pimples shrinks them overnight. No joke.

Really?? I get random cystic pimples with my period. My knowledge of cbd oil in general is limited, I ingested some once. Are their specific cbd oil skincare brands or is it just oil for everything?

It is crazy! Are you using pure cbd oil like from a dropper? Or are you using a specific product?

When you do this, is it a cystic pimple that has been lanced, or just a developing one? I’m asking because I get cystic pimples on my cheeks and the thicker and more tender parts of my face. Wondering whether or not I would have similar results.

I can’t wait for more research to come out like this. Literally just commented on another post recommending someone look into it. I think there’s a lot more benefits they haven’t even discovered / tested for yet!

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Agreed. It’s unfortunate that there has been such a negative shadow cast over the cannabis plant. The hemp plant and all its amazing properties are suffering from it!

Where would I even find CBD skin care products?

I had read one of those “top 10 cbd skincare product” or something like that articles and ordered 3 or 4 of the products they mentioned just to compare them. I was pretty excited. Unfortunately none of the products I tried did much, but it made sense after I researched it. Most of them were either a “just add cbd” type of product where the other ingredients weren’t high-quality skin care ingredients, or they had an extremely small amount of CBD in them. I think the highest one was 100mg and 2 of them didn’t even list the milligrams, so I assume it was trace amounts.

One of my friends then recommended Kino CBD’s face, body and hair oil because they’d been using it about a month. She actually mentioned that she thought it had shrunk a large pore she had on her foreheads, but that it also significantly helped with outbreaks. I bought one of the coconut scent ones and i’m loving it. definite reduction in outbreaks (pretty much haven’t had one, but that’s combined with a strict diet) and i’ve also seen dark spots diminish much more quickly than they would normally. It has 500mg of cbd, which is a ton compared to any other skin care product on the market. i think that’s the real factor that makes a difference. plus they use really high quality ingredients and have certifications I haven’t seen on any other CBD brands (which is what initially made me confident to try it). non-toxic, paraben free, vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, phthalate free (not sure what that is), and uses sustainable palm oil. It’s a little pricy, but i do feel its worth it. Also i know there are some coupon codes floating around online. I don’t know the one I used off the top of my head, but if you can’t find one let me know and I’ll fish around and see if its in my order history.