Cbd oil for migraines reddit

Has anyone tried and had success with CBD oil for migraines?

My sister in law has chronic pain and swears by it. If you have used it with success, what dose do you take and what form do you take it in(liquid, capsule, vaping)?

I’ve used it, both the full spectrum and the isolate. The full spectrum helped me feel more relaxed and the migraine were less painful, but I also failed a drug test bc of it. The isolate didn’t do anything.

I haven’t had the opportunity to try it yet, but I’ve heard that for prevention it needs to be taken daily in order to work? And that it doesn’t work as well if you take it as needed.

I’d be very curious to see if anyone can compare how it’s worked taking it daily vs. as needed.

Yes, I have heard that as well. Thank you

I have tried the isolate, both oral and vape. The vape is irritating to use, it doesnt taste very good and takes too long. Oral drops dont taste good either, but is manageable. Results are mixed for the oral. It never completely stops a migraine, but sometimes it does reduce the level.

Imo, it’s worth trying just like any thing else.

I’ve used CBD oil and it helps relieve symptoms like the pressure and light sensitivity but doesn’t take care of the pain that comes with it. Recently got prescribed Nortriptyline for my daily headaches and it also lessened my severity of migraines. I usually have 100% CBD edibles with a joint or an OTC acetaminophen.

I used an isolate for a few months a couple of years ago. Dropped the frequency considerably, and took away 90% of my pain. But used it twice daily, sublingually, as a preventative. Cost was prohibitive, so stopped.

I have chronic, but mostly low pain migraines as a result of weather changes, and living in central KY sucks for that kind of trigger.

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I’m taking Migra-Eze now, and it has had similar success as CBD oil, for only $20 a month. Planning to add a magnesium supplement soon to see if I can get frequency down even more.

To date, no studies have been performed to measure success of CBD Oil for migraines.

At Axon Relief we recently began selling CBD for migraines and collecting customer results using the HIT-6 survey which is a clinically validated tool to measure the impact of a persons headache.

30 users took the survey before trying Axon CBD for Migraine and a second survey 30 days after. 93% of them experienced a decrease in the impact of their migraine. Overall headache days decreased by 21%.

This gives us some direction that it is helping those with migraines. You can read their user comments on this page. Here is an extensive guide we wrote about the current knowledge available on CBD and Migraine. https://www.axonrelief.com/cbd-oil-migraines/

When developing our CBD we focused on developing a product that is clean (no flavors or additives that could trigger a migraine attack), strong (33mg a dose), and verified.

The verified part is important because in one study, 70 percent of the CBD products tested, the labels inaccurately listed the amount of CBD, claiming either too much or too little. Even more concerning is that in one study, about 1 out of every 5 samples tested (21.43%) actually contained THC, when the label stated no THC was present.

CBD for migraine?

Hello fellow migrainers, fist time post here. I was wondering if any of you had tried CBD hemp/marijuana products for your headaches and if so, what was the outcome? If it helped, what would you recommend?

Yes, I started it about a month ago. I take Charlotte’s Web. I immediately got relief. No migraine for a day or two in between each migraine (keep in mind I was DAILY before) , and then as I increased my dose, I just got better and better. I’ve settled on about 50mg of CBD per day or every other day and haven’t had a migraine in a week and a half. Not. A. Single. One. No headaches. Nothing.

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I’ve had migraines ever since I was 12 and they’ve gotten worse and worse till now, at 22 to where I was near daily. This has been. Weird. Amazing? I’m not sure what to do with myself now that I’m having pain free days! My sleep also went from naturally needing 10-12 hrs to just 8, pretty much immediately. I wake up before my alarm now. It just kind of turned me into a normal person.

The downside is the cost. It’s about $270 every 3-4 months, I believe. I may be able to back down on my dosing soon. Insurance doesn’t cover it. Laws could change and I could get screwed. But I’ll take it for now and it enables me to work more so I can afford it. And it CAN show up on a drug test, even though it is indeed legal. I work at home and am self-employed, so I’m not worried, but in the future it can be a concern..

That is amazing – I’m so happy you’re getting such relief! I’ve heard of charlottes web and had been planning on trying it and your story definitely confirms that. Thank you for sharing!

This is incredibly encouraging. I have been wanting to get CBD oil but it isn’t fully legal where I live and I worry about the drug test issue. But honestly if you have such great results the risk might just be worth it.

I just got cbd oil (thc is not legal in my state so this is hemp derived) in the past week to see if it would help my migraines. I got Charlotte’s Web oil in the highest dose, and an extra strength balm.

I am still experimenting, but I can say this: On the first night, I got a migraine, and I put the balm on one half my face along my jaw and temple. No pain on that half! The other side of my face was pretty sore, so I put it on there next. In under five minutes, I could poke at it, and it felt fine. I put it on my neck, no tension. I went nuts and smeared it into my whole hairline and looked like a greasy weirdo but it was helping so whatever! I was honestly very weirded out because. that result seems impossible to me? I mean, I expected something, but I wasn’t expecting wizardry. After a couple hours I put some oil in my mouth, and my pain was totally gone. My migraines do not go away on their own – ever. I was surprised, to say the least. Tens of thousands of dollars and fifteen years of treatment have given me a decent metric for measuring efficacy here.

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Now, it’s been a few days and I had a couple other migraines that CBD didn’t help as much, but there might be a difference in trigger and that may make a difference. It still helps though!

I was also experiencing a lot of anxiety as a direct result of my migraines, just being in pain all the time makes you tense yeah? And the CBD made me deeply chill and relaxed. My mood/cognitive fallout from migraines is no joke, and while I wasn’t actually expecting any results on that score, I was happy to discover that it helped.

I was told the dose varies depending on the person, and the length of time it lasts also varies, (the same as with any medicine really,) so I went with highest dose out the gate and dove right in.

I would say it is worth the experiment, definitely. Maybe you have a type of migraine that this works for! I definitely recommend getting the salve (extra strength!) too for soreness and tension, so you can hit it on all fronts. You may end up looking like a greasy weirdo along with me, but it feels nice.