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When CBD is applied to the skin, it gets to work by focusing on balance and soothes inflammatory processes – perfect in case of the mosquito bites. Mosquitos are annoying insects whose bites cause itching bumps. Luckily, CBD Oil can help against mosquito and other insect bites.

CBD balm for mosquito bites

The list of positive effects of CBD cannabinoids grows longer by the day. By applying CBD resin or drops under the skin, you will more successfully alleviate problems with insomnia, stress and chronic illnesses. When CBD is applied to the skin, it gets to work by focusing on balance, promotes cellular communication and soothes inflammatory processes. It is this latter activity that is important when talking about CBD cannabinoids and insect bites.

Why do mosquitoes bite?

Today it is relatively well known that it is only female mosquitoes that bite. They bite in order to be able to suck our blood which is rich in proteins that are crucial for the successful production and development of mosquito eggs. Since mosquitoes never know when they will successfully come into contact with a potential human host, they take their ‘meals’ very seriously! In just one feeding session they can consume up to three-times their bodyweight in human blood.

A few more interesting facts about mosquitoes

There are around 3,500 different types of mosquitoes throughout the world. Despite their short lifespan (2 months), mosquitoes have one of the longest traditions in the insect world. Scientists date their beginnings to the period of dinosaurs; it is their small size and adaptability that have enabled the species to survive until today. Mosquitoes don’t bite just humans, they are also partial to the blood of various animals, such as frogs and birds. Did you know that mosquitoes are just crazy about CO2? Exhaled carbon dioxide is the reason that mosquitoes discover even the smallest slit in a window or hole in a mosquito net. Practice makes perfect and mosquitoes have had a huge amount of time to perfect their abilities! They now have a special organ for detecting the presence of carbon dioxide, which they are able to detect at distances of up to 50 metres.

What happens when we are bitten by a mosquito?

The main reason that mosquitoes are always on the list of ‘unwanted guests’ is due to the annoying itching that occurs in the place where we have been bitten. The itching occurs due to an inflammation which is caused intentionally by our immune systems. Itching, redness, and swelling are the effects of the insect poison reacting against the antibodies that are responsible for fighting poison in our body.

Why does CBD sooth skin after a mosquito bite?

When we are bitten by a mosquito an inflammation occurs in our bodies which appears as red, swollen and itchy skin. CBD cannabinoids have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and are therefore effective in reducing, or stopping, the itching which occurs after a mosquito bite. CBD balm that is rubbed into the effective area also works on the skin’s endocannabinoid system – this means that it accelerates communication between cells and the skin’s epidermis and alleviates excessive reactions which occur after a bite.

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The results of applying Therapeutic CBD Skin Balm to the affected skin are:

  • Calming of itching
  • Calming of irritation
  • Reduction of local inflammation

What are the benefits of CBD cannabinoids over other remedies for insect bite?

  • CBD ointment is acquired from the green part of industrial hemp type Cannabis Sativa and is 100% natural
  • There are no side-effects (it cares for and nourishes skin)
  • There are no restrictions on use (CBD ointment can be used on any areas of the skin, as many times as required)
  • It is safe, healthy and effective
  • It is suitable for infants, pregnant women, and nursing mothers

Therapeutic CBD balm

Concentrated CBD treatment balm tackles the toughest symptoms of atopic skin, alleviates skin reactions and soothes eczema flare-ups. Reach for it when skin needs fast-acting help for inflamed, reddened and itchy conditions. It provides intense relief and unique nourishing care. Ingredients: High concentration of CBD extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties. Hemp seed oil, rich in essential fatty acids omega 3 & 6, Vitamin E and minerals – the building blocks of healthy skin. Calendula, shea and mango butter soothe and nurture.

CBD Oil for mosquito bites

Most people love the summer season: soaking up the sunshine, spending lots of time outdoors, and enjoying log, warm evenings in the garden. But warm summer nights tend to bring uninvited guests, too: mosquitoes! These annoying, buzzing little critters know exactly how to find us both outside and in the house. If you get bitten, or actually stung, you’ll feel it soon enough, and the feeling could last for days. Mosquito bites can cause severe itching, and for some people they can even be dangerous (anaphylactic shock). Fortunately, there is something you can do to counter that itch: CBD Oil can help after mosquito bites and other insect issues too!

That mosquito buzzzzz

Mosquitos may be small, but they can get you in some pretty big trouble if you’re unlucky. They spread diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya. Luckily, such tropical diseases are relatively rare in Northern Europe, but mosquito bites cause enough nuisance as it is even here.

There are about 3,500 species of mosquitoes worldwide. They only live for about two months. If you get bitten, you’ll get an itchy bump that usually stays annoyingly present for several days. Some people are allergic, which can cause topical inflammation. If you’re lying awake on a hot summer night, tossing and turning, the buzz (and bite) of a mosquito can become almost unbearable. Mercifully, CBD Oil can reduce the itch cased by mosquito bites and those of other insects. Before we explore our options, though, let’s zoom in on mosquitoes and what happen when you get bitten by one.

The successful mosquito

Mosquitoes don’t just prey on humans; they also drink the blood of animals including birds, dogs, sheep, and even frogs. These bugs are on to a recipe for success, because scientists think they have been around as a species for 100 million years. Their small size and adaptability are the very reason why they still come buzzing through your 21 st century bedroom window craving your warm, tasty blood.

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Only female mosquitoes actually sting, or bite if you like. They need blood to produce the eggs to ensure future generations. Males don’t bite either humans or animals.

Why do mosquito bites itch?

Suppose you’re enjoying a good night’s sleep, snug in your bed. You dream away, blissfully unaware of the hungry mosquito that has detected your emissions of CO2, sweat, and lactic acid, which is now slowly homing in on your juicy, pulsating arteries. The mosquito strikes, penetrating your ksin with a special organ called proboscis designed specifically to drain your blood. As she feeds, the mosquito injects her saliva into your skin. This substance is tailored to keep your blood from clotting too soon, giving her all the time she needs to feast. Mosquitoes can spend up to four minutes gorging themselves on your precious blood supply.

The cause of your itch, however, is not the sting of the proboscis, but the anticoagulant in mosquito saliva. The substance triggers an allergic reaction that cause swelling of the skin (the bump) which will start to itch. Such reactions are usually mild, but occasionally, the response can be much more intense.

Mosquito bite symptoms

  • Bulbous, reddened swelling appearing immediately after the bite;
  • Bumps can be hard to the touch and feel itchy;
  • Small blisters instead of a single hard lump;
  • Dark spots

What to do when mosquitoes bite?

No matter whether mosquitoes love your taste or target you only occasionally, we all get bitten sometimes. When that happens, there are several things you ca do. One simple and effective trick is cooling down the bitemark. A cool piece of damp cloth will offer some relief, but cooling patches wrapped in a tea towel are highly effective, too.

Whatever you do though, don’t scratch! Scratching is our primary reaction, which makes perfect sense considering how annoying the itch can get. Scratching causes pain, which can be a pleasant distraction from your itch. Ultimately, though, scratching is counterproductive, damaging your skin and often aggravating the itch in turn. Scratching can even cut and graze the skin, which can cause infections and scarring.

Certain salves and ointments can help ease the itch. These contain soothing and analgesic compounds like menthol, zinc oxide, or tripelenamine hydrochloride . Effective as these can be, they can cause some unpleasant side-effects. A natural treatment alternative that is just as effective while being safe to use would be preferable in many ways. Luckily, CBD Oil can provide just that, because this plant-based hemp extract supplement can be a genuinely natural source of relief for mosquito bites and other insect annoyance.

Does CBD Oil help against mosquito bites?

CBD Oil has soothing properties that can calm the skin, including when mosquito bites cause itching and irritation. After you get bitten, the skin initiates an inflammatory reaction to counter the substances injected by the mosquito. Our body is equipped with its own endocannabinoid system (ECS) that keeps a multitude of important physiological processes running in smooth unison. The ECS is charged with maintaining the natural balance in our body. To this end, it influences key processes such as the immune system, inflammatory reactions, skin condition, and neural communication.

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The ECS operates by means of cannabinoids that allow it to influence these processes. Taking CBD enables this cannabinoid to influence bodily functions through interacting with the ECS. CBD can help ease inflammatory reactions in this manner, as well as relieve pain and reduce itching. All in all, CBD Oil helps treat mosquito bites in several natural ways.

Research also demonstrates the potential of CBD. In a 2016 study, rats suffering from arthritis were treated with a CBD gel on their aching joints. This proved helpful in terms of pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. CBD can also help relieve skin problems, including dry skin and conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. In 2006, a group of pruritis (chronic itch) patients were administered a CBD cream directly onto the skin. 14 out of 22 participants indicated significant reduction of itch symptoms; by 86% on average. These results underscore the potential of CBD Oil as a source of natural relief for itching and pain caused by mosquito bites.

CBD is a safe and natural way to treat insect bites. The effects of CBD Oil apply equally well to bee and wasp stings, tick bites, and more. Even skin irritation caused by oak processonary caterpillars can be relieved by CBD.

How should you use CBD Oil after mosquito bites?

Are you fed up with the constant itch of mosquito harassment? Try CBD Oil by applying it directly onto the skin affected by mosquito bites. Effective as the oil may be for topical use, direct use on the skin can leave stains in your clothes. Fortunately, we also have CBD Salve and CBD Cream designed specifically for dermal use. These CBD skincare products contain premium CBD, organic argan oil, and added vitamins for comprehensive skincare on top of their capacity to reduce itching and irritation caused by mosquito and other insect bites.

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However, CBD Oil can also reduce the impact of mosquito bites through regular sublingual use (underneath the tongue using the pipette that comes with the bottle). Taking CBD as a daily supplement not only helps maintain your natural homeostatic balance, with all the potential benefits that come with it; it can also help you sleep better at night. That way, at least you will enjoy a good night’s sleep as those annoying insects keep buzzing overhead no matter how hard you try to keep them out…

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