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Best CBD Oil in Alabama

Are you looking for where you can buy cbd oil products in Alabama? We researched the best shops in the state for buying high quality CBD.

CBD is one of the fastest-growing health and wellness products on the market, available in all 50 states and 40 countries around the world.

Though Alabama doesn’t currently have any brick-and-mortar CBD shops, the popularity of CBD – in large part due to its medical potential – will likely kickstart CBD in Alabama soon enough. In the meantime, buying CBD oil online is fast, easy, and convenient. And because most online CBD suppliers are wholesale, you can shop for affordable, high-quality CBD oil products in bulk, including brand-name edibles, tinctures, capsules, balms, wax, concentrates, and more. Better yet, delivery service means CBD oil is shipped directly to your doorstep for little to no additional fee.

Our favorite CBD product can be purchased online for delivery to Alabama:

As the popularity of CBD grows, expect to find CBD shops in the larger cities such as Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Huntsville and Tuscaloosa. You may even find some stores that sell CBD in smaller locations like Hoover, Dothan, Decatur, Auburn or Madison.

Is CBD Legal in Alabama?

Alabama is known for its incredibly restrictive laws surrounding the use of cannabis, but you’ll be pleased to know that those laws don’t necessarily apply to CBD. Legislature for the use of CBD first passed in Alabama in the year 2014. The law, known as Carly’s Law, made it legal to possess and use CBD. It was expanded on with Leni’s Law in 2016. These two laws made the use of CBD legal for medicinal usage, whether it was derived from marijuana or hemp.

However, now CBD is recreationally legal in the state of Alabama as well. Marijuana-derived CBD is illegal because the widespread possession and use of marijuana are illegal. Hemp-derived CBD, which comes from industrial hemp plants that contain less than .3% of THC, is completely legal. The last CBD-related arrest in Alabama took place last year before the passage of the Farm Bill, but because of the federal legality of CBD, the shop owner is free and back in business. Laws in the state do continue to offer an affirmative defense for CBD.

Alabama is not regarded as friendly to CBD and its use, but it is legal for purchase, possession, and usage throughout the state.

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What Is CBD?

What is CBD? Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is one of over 85 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, but sets itself apart on one important distinction: it won’t get you high. Because CBD only contains trace amounts of THC, it has zero intoxicating effects, acting as a safe non-psychotropic alternative to other popular cannabis products, regardless of grade or dosage.

Specifically, hemp-derived CBD helps the endocannabinoid system, an oft overlooked anatomy part that controls a half-dozen functions, including mood, sleep, hormone regulation, appetite, and pain. Still, experts are only just beginning to discover CBD’s biggest potential impact. According to a growing amount of medical research, cannabidiol could reduce, mitigate, or even prevent some of the world’s most pressing health challenges, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, general anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, and ALS. In short, the more we learn about how CBD works, and how to optimize its health benefits, the more CBD’s popularity will soar, increasing supply, lowering costs, and promoting positive legislation and policies.

If you’d rather not buy CBD oil online, we’re profiled a few popular head and vape shops in Alabama that might carry CBD (or might in the future).

CBD Oil Shops in Birmingham

Birmingham has numerous popular vapes shops where CBD could be available.

The Vape Loft (720 29th St S, Birmingham, AL 35233) offers a wide variety of products, all at an affordable price. Just a few blocks to the north, check out Boxcar Vape of Birmingham (5510 Crestwood Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35212) and Exxon Hookah Smoke And Vape Shop (4101 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35222), each of which hold high customer ratings and carry an extensive inventory. The south side has several potential CBD suppliers, as well. Check out Bama Vapor (152 W Valley Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209) for premium vape products and Vulcan Vape (2780 Bm Montgomery St, Homewood, AL 35209) for top-of-the-line e-liquids, RBAs, RDAs, and more. Vaper Forge (4673 Hwy 280 E, Birmingham, AL 35242) is a 5-star vape shop, and Royal Tobacco & Vape Outlet (3301 Lorna Road, Birmingham, AL 35216) and Smokin’ Vapor Birmingham (3133 Lorna Rd, Birmingham, AL 35216) are popular Hoover spots worth checking out.

CBD Oil Shops in Montgomery

If you’re shopping for CBD oil in Montgomery, consider the following: Tiger Vapor of Montgomery (7857 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery, AL 36116); Nebulous Vapors (7924 Atlanta Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36117); Vape Escape (2082 Hwy 14 E, Prattville, AL 36066); Pharaoh Phone repair & Vape shop (111A S Memorial Dr, Prattville, AL 36067); Dixievape (1931 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville, AL 36066); and All About Vaping & Accessories (150 Hill St, Wetumpka, AL 36092). All are highly affordable and carry an excellent vape selection. Finally, Auburn residents, stop by Vapor Craft (221 N College St, Auburn, AL 36830), and Alexander City residents should try Endless Vapor (1678 Hwy 22 W, Alexander City, AL 35010).

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CBD Oil in Alabama: Is It Legal and Where to Buy in 2022?

The CBD market has skyrocketed over the past few years, mainly for its wide range of health benefits.

People are using CBD oil and other products to relieve anxiety, pain, seizures, inflammation, and other health problems.

Although Alabama has very strict laws surrounding marijuana, hemp-derived CBD is legal and widely available both in-store and from online retailers.

If you want to find the best CBD products in Alabama, we recommend making your purchases online. However, there are a few places that you can find high-quality CBD in person. We’ll list them in this article.

Examine Alabama’s laws around cannabis and learn how to buy CBD oil legally without leaving home!

Is CBD Oil Legal in Alabama?

The legal status of CBD oils in Alabama depends on its source.

CBD can be extracted from hemp and marijuana; both plants are regulated by different laws.

Marijuana and its active ingredient THC — the cannabinoid that makes the user feel high — is still considered federally illegal in the United States.

11 states have legalized recreational marijuana, meaning their residents can enjoy their herb without worrying about fines or jail sentences.

Sadly, Alabama isn’t one of them.

Marijuana-derived CBD Oil in Alabama

Alabama is one of those states where you don’t want to be caught with marijuana. The plant is illegal for both recreational and medicinal purposes, with one small exception — patients with severe epilepsy.

Possession of marijuana in Alabama is heavily penalized with hefty fines up to $15,000 and a one-year jail sentence.

The penalties are also relevant for marijuana derivatives such as CBD oil with THC levels higher than 0.3%.

In 2014, Alabama made small progress by introducing Carly’s Law, which granted the University of Alabama in Birmingham to conduct a limited study for testing the efficacy of CBD oils in treating seizures.

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Another bill introduced in 2016 (Leni’s Law) approved trace amounts of THC in CBD oils. Until then, patients in the study were treated with CBD isolate.

Long story short, marijuana-derived CBD oil must be prescribed by a doctor and taken under their supervision to contribute to the ongoing research at the University of Alabama.

Fortunately, Alabama’s law is more lenient for hemp-derived CBD.

Is CBD Oil from Hemp Legal in Alabama?

The answer is a loud ‘YES.’

The Agricultural Act which was amended in 2018 by President Trump — also known as the 2018 Farm Bill — opened the door for hemp cultivation and the commercial production of CBD oils made from industrial hemp.

Before that bill, hemp-derived CBD was treated by the government in the same way as CBD from marijuana, even though hemp contains less than 0.3% of THC.

The amended Agricultural Act removed hemp from the list of controlled substances, making it an agricultural commodity.

It actually brought hemp plants back to where they belonged.

How to Find CBD Oil in Alabama

Alabama may not boast as many CBD stores as states like California or Colorado, but its hemp market is doing pretty well.

Most people buy their CBD from online stores — we recommend it too — but there are a few physical stores that may be worth your attention. We’ll list them later on in the article.

For now, let’s focus on finding CBD oil online.

Why It’s Better to Buy CBD Oil Online When Living in Alabama

Buying CBD oil online in Alabama comes with a few benefits.

As mentioned, Alabama’s CBD market isn’t as big as in other states, so it goes without saying in-store vendors offer fewer product options than online stores. Physical shops usually have one or two forms of CBD on shelves. Buying CBD online gives you access to a wide range of products, including tinctures, capsules, gummies, topicals, vapes, and even CBD for pets.

Additionally, online stores don’t have to pay rents and electricity bills to operate, so they can afford to give their customers regular discounts or even provide loyalty programs so they can save more money on their purchases.