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[Acne] CBD oil made my skin worse. has anyone experienced this?

I did extensive research about the full spectrum CBD oil and bought 2 different brands. they are both full-spectrum and less than minimum THC contained. It’s been 3-4 weeks using it internally and externally on the face. It gave me a bad headache and I feel tired during the day. Worse is that it made my skin very inflamed and sore. in the last 3-4 days I got13-14 painful pimples on my face, almost like an allergy or infection. Usually, I do breakout but nothing like this inflamed pimples. I am under massive stress because of this. I’ve stopped using it since yesterday. Feel soooo depressed and angry.

Has anyone experienced this kind using cbd oil? Did it get better?

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Can you use CBD oil on skin?

I have been taking the drops as I don’t have to worry about drug tests but my wife is regularly tested, I have read stories of people failing with the bluebird bottanicals product (what we have).

Thanks for your help!

Well there are CBD based skin care products. more practical than the oil itself

Your wife should be able to tell them that she uses CBD oil (since itโ€™s legal) they can see the THC % in her body with specific tests

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It can reduce skin inflammation when used topically, but will not offer much else in the way of benefits when used that way. And if it did, it would trigger a positive drug test just like using it any other way.

If your wife absolutely needs to test negative on a drug test, I would not recommend using any CBD products at all. But an isolate product would be safest, and is very unlikely to cause a positive test result.

It smells like cereal to me.

You may have bluebirds full spectrum tincture, which definitely could cause positive test results for THC. Isolates generally are safe in that regard.

For skin use, you could mix in any CBD oil with your existing skin care moisturizers or creams, or you could buy a specifically formulated skin care CBD product. Both are good options

Why use CBD when there are tons of products specifically developed for skin care? Let alone plenty of natural products with much more research. CBD is expensive too.

Well the short answer for your question is YES.

The long answers well it kinda goes like this. For the first question yes you can use it on the skin however the best effects on the skin come from the purity of the CBD oil. As purer as it is it has greater effects and it’s easier to be absorbed by the skin.

For the second question it definitely could fail the drug test why? Mostly because drug tests are used from blood samples and blood is the actual transporter of CBD and THC. Now another thing you need to concern yourself with is THC illegal in your area or is it both THC or CBD? CBD usually it’s legal medicinally in any country with strict drug policies since it is the actual active part from the plant that is medicinally used. For clearing out your worries I would suggest to approx 7 days before a drug test if you can to not use any kind of CBD/THC related product usually that’s how much those products remain usually in blood.

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