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CBD oil has changed my life

Hello! Just wanted to shout out the new love of my life, life changer. CBD oil.

I started taking 10mg of CBD oil an hour or so before sleep and it has changed my life.

I used to move/twitch restless feet during the night that my husband couldn’t take it anymore, I would shuffle before going to sleep anxious knowing that I wouldn’t get any all night, and dream so much to the point of feeling drained and tired all day no matter how much sleep I got.

I felt that I havent slept in years, guys. I DONT have kids, im healthy/ no alcohol consumption at all, eat healthy in shape and 28yrs old.

Greenroads is the brand that Im currently taking. Pretty legit, and no traceable THC. I have tried prasozin in the past, and refused to take antidepressants. Im glad I didnt.

CBD oil for sleep?

Newcomer here. I have suffered from insomnia pretty much my whole life. It gets very bad at times. Example, the past three nights I’ve only slept 9 or 10 hours even though I’m in bed for 9 hours a night. It’s hard to explain, I don’t want to rant. My mind is just constantly wired, constantly thinking about something. I also get bad anxiety if I know I have to wake up at a specific time. Heavy breathing, skin gets hot, cold sweats, racing heart, etc. Imagine running a few miles and then immediately jumping into bed, that’s me

Anyways, I have tried every sleep method and OTC supplements like GABA, melatonin, valerian root and benadryl. I have taken handfuls of all of them and it still takes me hours to fall asleep

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My sister recommended CBD oil to me. I’ve been looking into it and just bought some. They had a bunch at my natural grocery store. I ended up buying a 1000mg one ounce bottle for $59.99, kind of pricy.

Is there anything I should know before trying this stuff. I’m really hoping it works. Have people with insomnia had success with CBD oil? I here it’s mixed

Yes! CBD is great for sleep. I use it for anxiety and just take a higher dose to help me sleep. I just feel relaxed and my mind doesn’t run like it usually does. People typically start with 10-20mg I believe. I’ve never had a bad experience with it. My boyfriend works nights and it’s very difficult for him to sleep, since using cbd he has found relief and is finally able to sleep.

We started using Nuleaf and the quality is definitely there but, it was a little expensive. We switched to Sunsoil and found it to be effective as well!

What brand does he use? I’m looking to buy my mom some CBD oil for Christmas.

I find full spectrum oil works much better for me for sleep.

Have you had an official sleep study done? If you’ve had this all your life, maybe there’s an apnea issue. I’m a therapist & have met people with lifetime insomnia get a test only to find they barely breathe in sleep. The theory being our brain will do whatever it has to in order to keep us alive, even if it means avoid sleep. It’s a long shot but something to rule out.

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Never had a sleep study but I don’t think I have sleep apnea. I’ll check out the signs/symptoms later

I have had success with it. I’ve had insomnia from stress and depression and it’s helped me get more sleep. When I take it, I feel relaxed and my body feels weighted and my tension is released.

Go low and slow. Don’t expect it to perform a miracle on the first night. It definitely takes some time to find the dose and frequency of doses. It took about 3 nights to find a routine that worked for me.

Also try different brands if the one you got doesn’t work out for you. Every company has different blends and processing methods.

Try CBD + Melatonin. A couple of CBD brands have it. I use NutraCanna sleep tablets and it works wonders!

Imagine running a few miles and then immediately jumping into bed

Have you tried doing that?

Can help prepare you better to sleep by quitening the mind. Should also look addressing the root cause too.

Looks like it didn’t help too much. Still took three hours to fall asleep

There are a lot of misconceptions about CBD being sedative or sleep-inducing. The mechanisms aren’t particularly well understood. Supposedly it is biphasic (pun intended). Current thinking is that lowers doses of CBD correlate to wakefulness and larger doses ones to promote sleep. Of course, the clinical studies are far from conclusive on this front, as with much about cbd.

I think a lot of it has to do w the interactions w THC, as well, which of course has sedative and psychoactive effects. Smoking high ratio flower (Harlequin) works wonders for my sleep, while ingesting CBD oil/tincture doesnt work as well for me. It does help, I think, especially insofar as it calms my mind and anxiety and thus allows me to get to sleep more easily and restfully. But not immediately before bed – I mean its doing that work all day – which helps me when I’m ready to sleep.

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Make sure you have been taking it for a while (week?) before you expect a full result. Try and think of it as part of a process of removing anxiety that will wind its way back to sleep but not as a silver bullet for just falling asleep. I don’t think there is much evidence of using it as a cure for insomia except at very unrealistic levels (200mg-600mg/day).

Here is a good primer article with links to research about CBD and sleep https://www.leafscience.com/2017/04/09/does-cbd-make-you-sleepy-or-more-alert/

I know you have been struggling with insomnia for years so there’s probably not much I can recommend that you haven’t tried or been told but have you tried behavioral and lifestyle change, or therapy? Pharmacology will only help so much.