Cbd oil for sunspots

Cbd oil for sunspots

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What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is often mistaken for marijuana, but it is actually an active ingredient of cannabis. It has powerful antioxidants that help with a variety of skin issues, and its gentle nature makes it great for all skin types. CBD helps moisturize dry skin and also is soothing to sensitive skin and enables damaged skin to heal faster. CBD also has has anti-inflammatory properties, making it good for reducing redness and inflammation from acne.

What is it best for?

CBD’s soothing properties make it an excellent skincare ingredient for sensitive skin. Because it is an herbal ingredient, CBD is a great option for reducing redness, inflammation, sensitivity and reactivity for anyone seeking a hypoallergenic skincare regimen.

Research has shown CBD to be anti-inflammatory, making it beneficial for reducing redness and swelling from acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and more. Another benefit for acne sufferers is the ability of CBD to decrease excess sebum (oil) production.

CBD is also a great anti-aging ingredient, as it is made up of powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals produced during oxidation that damage our skin cells. Using CBD on your skin regularly will fight daily damage from UV and pollution, keeping your skin bright, youthful, and reducing the visibility of wrinkles.

What is the drawback?

CBD can interact negatively with other medication, so if you’re taking any medicines – especially anything that comes with a “grapefruit warning” – you should consult your doctor before using CBD in any form. Some side-effects caused by CBD extracts include diarrhea, changes in appetite, and fatigue.

What are sunspots?

Sunspots are rather common. They are also called liver spots or solar lentigines. Anyone can have sunspots; however, those who are more fair-skinned, or older than 40-years-old are more susceptible to sunspots. Sunspots tend to be pretty harmless, and it is more of a personal preference if you choose to treat them. The most predictable areas for sunspots to appear are on the back of the hands, the face, your shoulders, and forearms. They are easy to identify, as they are flat brown spots that develop to sun exposure. Real sunspots are harmless and are noncancerous. However, if you see change in your spots or new ones appearing, it is always recommended to have your dermatologist examine your skin for good health.

What ingredients are best for sunspots?

Vitamin E, vitamin C, and ferulic acid work well to not only lighten the sunspots but to help maintain the elasticity of your skin. Vitamin E protects the skin against the damaging affects of the sun, which can make more sunspots or make the ones you already have appear darker. Combining vitamin E and vitamin C can also help lighten existing sunspots.

Does CBD work on sun spots ?

CBD may be effective for sun spots, but there are many other factors that may affect whether this ingredient would work on your skin or if there are better ingredients that may work for you. Take this skin quiz to find the best ingredients for your skin and build your skincare routine.

8 CBD Topicals That Help Seniors Feel Good In Their Skin

Regardless of how they feel about cannabis, older adults tend to be enthusiastic about CBD. Non-intoxicating, natural and increasingly accessible, CBD products promise to remedy a host of ailments that plague the 50+ crowd. And the CBD products of preference for this formidable demographic, according to cannabis market research firm, the Brightfield Group, are topicals.

CBD creams, lotions and salves fall under the industry designation of “cosmeceuticals,” for skin products with purported medicinal benefits. Cosmeceutical is not a classification recognized by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, nor is CBD acknowledged by the FDA for medicinal purposes beyond two severe forms of pediatric epilepsy. Yet in the current regulatory gray area, CBD companies are flooding the market with new topical products, while carefully moderating their claims of health benefits to avoid rousing the ire of the FDA.

Achy joints and wrinkles

Seniors typically buy CBD topicals to alleviate muscle and joint pain. But now CBD is also being added to skin care products that claim to arrest or reverse the effects of aging on their skin. But whether for achy joints or wrinkles, these products base their claims on CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Dr. Jules Lipoff, an Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine is non-committal about the efficacy of CBD products for older adults:

“There are any number of inflammatory skin conditions that occur in an aging population, including rosacea and atopic dermatitis. It remains yet unclear if CBD products have efficacy and safety in treating these conditions.”

But Dr. Joseph Morgan, an expert in cannabinoid medicine and consultant on topical formulations with CBD, explains that the skin is rich in cannabinoid receptors, so using CBD can impact many different conditions of the skin. He also explains that the compounds added to a CBD product can enhance or deter its outcome, and recommends that if one product doesn’t work, to try another

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The CBD Test

With little to lose and the chance to save at least my own face, I conducted my own investigation on a tiny sampling of what, at this point, must be hundreds, if not thousands of CBD topical products on the market. It is important to remember that some people feel the results of certain products immediately, while others can only be detected after consistent use over time. This made other parameters, such as CBD origin and content, overall product characteristics and packaging, more salient. Furthermore, in a market awash with improperly labeled and downright counterfeit ingredients, the CBD in all of the products listed below is third-party lab tested.

Veritas Farms Salve – 400 mg full spectrum hemp oil in 2 oz. – $39.99; and Orange Creme Lip Balm 25 mg of full spectrum hemp oil in .15 oz. $3.99. Available online and at CVS Pharmacy, Kroger Family of Stores and other retail outlets.

When choosing a CBD product, the origin of the CBD matters. Consumer Reports actually recommends looking for CBD products containing hemp grown in Colorado because of the state’s stringent testing program for THC content and contaminants. Veritas Farms takes advantage of the state’s Rocky Mountain terroir to grow non-GMO hemp plants without fertilizers or pesticides on its own 140-acre farm. A vertically-integrated agribusiness, Veritas Farm also controls the extraction process to obtain full-spectrum CBD oil with a rich cannabinoid and terpene profile. Their salve has an extra-virgin coconut oil and beeswax base that smooths easily into the skin. An eighty-year old friend with an aching hip from cerebral palsy used the salve and is hoping to feel some relief.

Is it my imagination, or are my sixty-year-old lips softer and fuller now that I am using the Veritas Farm CBD Lip Balm?

PurWell Salve: 400 mg Full spectrum hemp oil in 2 oz. $39.99. Available online and through select physicians and pharmacies.

Also from Colorado, PurWell’s CBD salve uses a generous 400 mg of full-spectrum hemp oil extracted from hemp organically grown and harvested in the Rocky Mountain state. I gave the salve to a friend: a contractor and martial arts practitioner in his 60s whose body sustains serious wear and tear. He rubbed it into an aching shoulder before going to bed and woke up feeling great.

High Falls Hemp New York’s CBD Lotion – 500 mg hemp-derived CBD isolate in 2 oz tube. $49.95. Available online and in selected retail outlets in New York and other states.

Photo: High Falls Hemp

On the East Coast, in recent years, upstate New York has become a hotbed for hemp growing, and High Falls Hemp NY is helping put the state on the map for its locally sourced, quality CBD. Started by baby boomers who repurposed their farm in the Hudson Valley to grow hemp, the company produces a CBD lotion that is unscented, not greasy and packs a generous 250 mg of CBD isolate per oz. I gave this cream to my 87 year old mother who is using it on her easily-bruising skin, and we are waiting to see what happens.

Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care Joint & Muscle Relief Salve – 150 mg. CBD in 1.66 oz. – $47.99. Available online and at Lily’s Farm.

Photo: Lily Farm Fresh Skin Care

We love our locally sourced, organic products, and how much nicer it is to know the individual who is actually behind them! Lily Morgan is a Baby Boomer who has been producing impeccable organic skin care products out of her Colorado farm since 1986. She recently began growing organic hemp, a crop both her father and grandfather raised during WWII. After experiencing the beneficial effects of CBD, Lily developed and has just introduced a CBD-enriched salve – the first offering of a planned complete line of CBD facial and body-care products. If you are traveling in Colorado, Lily extends a warm invitation to come by the farm’s visitor’s center, check out the plants and see how they make the products.

Pure Hermosa Pure 13 Skin Repair Cream –20 mg CBD in 1 oz. $43; CBD Revive Skin Serum + Collagen Retinol – 20 mg CBD in .5 oz. $43. Available online and in selected retail outlets.

Pure Hermosa is distinguished by the creative mixtures of active ingredients intended to enhance the effects of CBD in their products. And when it comes to wrinkles and age spots, Pure Hermosa brings in the big guns, with collagen, retinol and an entire lineup of essential oils and extracts that purport to remedy those as well. The Pure 13 Skin Repair Cream counts CBD and a whole bouquet of essential oils among the lucky number of ingredients in a proprietary blend designed to address sensitive skin, irritations, age spots and blemishes. The CBD Revive Skin Serum promises to smooth fine lines, correct age spots and correct wrinkles. I saved these products for myself, and am watching carefully for results. If nothing else, they fill the bill as a pleasant and effective moisturizer, with no unwanted side-effects.

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Taylor & Tess – The Nightcap Facial Moisturizer – CBD from hemp extract, quantity unspecified. $38. Available online, on Amazon and in selected retail outlets.

Taylor & Tess’ skin-care products also feature CBD along with an impressive supporting cast of active ingredients, in this case the antioxidants in vitamins C and E, as well as blueberry, raspberry and cranberry extracts. For older skin, vitamin C is supposed to increase the production of collagen, which slows with age, and rosehip seed oil, touted as “nature’s retinol” may smooth fine lines. The Nightcap is a “feel-good” product – not only because it feels and smells so pleasant, but because of a lineup of natural ingredients that are above reproach, and packaging that is entirely sustainable.

Differentiate to survive?

CBD product manufacturers are advised to differentiate their products if they hope to survive in this hyper-crowded market. Interestingly, almost none of the CBD topicals I tried – or have encountered in my searches – are overtly targeted to older adults. Perhaps that has something to do with the negative stigma attached with aging. Or simply that word of mouth and the general nature of a CBD product’s branding are sufficient to drive older adults to try them.

Yet, as the Taylor and Tess product copy states: “we don’t market to race, gender, or sexual orientation. we market to the largest organ of the human body: your skin.” Along with race and gender, they could have also added age. Because it seems to me that, regardless of who, and how old we are, the desire to feel good in our skin is the ultimate common denominator.

CBD for Hyperpigmentation

One of the many benefits of CBD is its ability to soothe inflammation and treat skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation.

The rise in CBD topicals continues to grow as more people start to see the benefit that CBD offers in skin care. From moisturisers to facial washes, masks and other products, CBD can greatly help to ease the symptoms of a variety of skin conditions.

One such condition is hyperpigmentation – a harmless but frustrating skin issue that causes dark spaces on the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can be a powerful ally in combating the signs and effects of this skin condition.

Hyperpigmentation causes

Hyperpigmentation is a very common, typically harmless condition where patches of the skin are darker than the surrounding skin.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common being sun damage.

Darker patches can form after long exposure to the sun and generally start occurring in old age. Sometimes, these patches are referred to as liver spots, or ‘solar lentigines’.⁣

Another form of hyperpigmentation is called melasma, which occurs as a result of hormonal changes.

These spots can be triggered by pregnancy, or if a woman starts taking a form of birth control, which alters her hormone levels.⁣

Acne can also cause a form of hyperpigmentation, leaving behind a dark mark where the blemish had been.⁣

The body may treat the area affected by the acne as if it were an injury, increasing the amount of melanin to the area and causing a dark spot to appear.⁣⁣

Natural hyperpigmentation treatment

There are various ways that this skin condition is treated. For those wanting a natural hyperpigmentation treatment, CBD skin care products can be a natural yet effective alternative to traditional creams.

According to Dr Nima Gharavi, dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon at the Cedars-Sinai Cosmetic Dermatology Program , the primary way that inflammatory conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne and other issues is the use of topical corticosteroids.

The problem with this is that topical steroids can have side effects. The thin skin around the eyes and the skin in the armpit and groin area can end up discoloured or affected.

CBD can offer the anti-inflammatory benefits produced by steroid creams, without causing any side effects. This makes CBD a powerful treatment for hyperpigmentation and many other skin conditions.

CBD and skin health

We know that CBD benefits are vast. CBD promotes overall well-being, naturally treating a wide variety of concerns and promoting good health – physically, emotionally and mentally.

The link between CBD and skin health shows us that CBD can also help to promote healthier skin.

CBD has been shown time and time again to have strong anti-inflammatory properties, which can be very beneficial for skin health (see our blog on CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties ).

CBD can help regulate hormone levels, lessen acne, and treat psoriasis and eczema (see our blog on CBD for skin ). All of these, if reduced, can make hyperpigmentation less likely to occur.⁣

CBD has also been shown to have antibiotic properties, helping to kill off harmful bacteria. This can prevent any infection in the skin that could then lead to hyperpigmentation later on.⁣

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But if hyperpigmentation that has already occurred from acne, or due to the body trying to heal the skin from sun damage, is treated with CBD, it will become less inflamed or irritated.⁣⁣

The dark colour should subsequently fade as the skin no longer sees this area as an “injury.”⁣⁣

CBD oil has also been shown to be calming and hydrating, two characteristics that will again help with hyperpigmentation by soothing the skin. When the skin is soothed, it is likely to return to its natural colouring.”⁣⁣

Is CBD skin care safe?

Is CBD skin care safe and can you use CBD topicals without any worries about side effects?

CBD does not contain any harmful chemicals. As it is a natural product that contains pure hemp-derived cannabinoids, topical application of CBD is unlikely to cause any harm to your skin. Most CBD face cream, cleansers and CBD ointment is enriched not only with CBD but also nurturing ingredients that provide even more benefit to your skin.

If, by chance, you do experience any irritation, rash or allergic reaction, speak to your doctor or dermatologist.

CBD hyperpigmentation study results

What does the science say about CBD topical products?

While research is still being done, CBD face cream and product studies show promising results.

Initial studies show that CBD can be effective in reducing acne, thanks to its ability to decrease sebum production. The endocannabinoid system regulates cell growth and differentiation. It can have anti-inflammatory effects that reduce skin irritation that triggers acne and other causes of dark spots.

CBD is associated with therapeutic benefits for a range of skin and cosmetic disorders. Preclinical evidence shows that topical CBD can be effective in treating skin disorders, such as eczema, psoriasis, pruritis, and inflammatory conditions.

Can CBD help skin issues?

With these studies in mind, can CBD help skin issues?

Absolutely. Both studies and anecdotal evidence support the fact that CBD helps to soothe, protect, hydrate, cleanse, and nurture the skin.

The two biggest ways that CBD helps skin include reducing inflammation and promoting skin repair.

CBD benefits for your skin

The body’s endocannabinoid system is a complex system that balances numerous functions within the skin. This includes such as oil production and melanocyte production or pigmentation. Some of the ways that CBD helps the skin include the following:

CBD for skin inflammation

As we’ve mentioned already, CBD skin care plays an important role in reducing inflammation. When the skin is irritated, sensitive and inflamed, breakouts, redness and other problems are more common. It is these problems that often lead to pigmentation.

Inflammation is caused by irregular functions within the body’s endocannabinoid system. When you reduce inflammation, there is less chance of breakouts. This, in turn, means that there is less chance of dark spots.

CBD for skin repair

One of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation is damage from the sun and other environmental stressors. Free radical damage can lead to sunspots, thinning the skin and causing dry, sensitive skin. Over time, it can also increase signs of ageing, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles that cause even more pigmentation.

Studies done in 2009 show that CBD can help hydrate dry and dehydrated skin. By fighting free radical damage and increasing antioxidants within the skin on a deeper level, the skin’s natural barrier is strengthened. This, in turn, helps to reduce dark spots and prevent hyperpigmentation.

Best CBD oil skin care products

Numerous CBD oil skin care products can help promote healthy, problem-free skin. The goodleaf CBD skin care range includes a selection of moisturisers, cleansers and other products.

The CBD After Sun Spray is essential to prevent dark spots and sun damage. It contains aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, hemp seed oil, and witch hazel to minimise the effects of sun exposure.

For skin that is hydrated, youthful and energised, our CBD Glow Serum is highly recommended. This serum contains broad-spectrum CBD along with mongongo oil and baobab oil.

Our Hemp Infused Face Cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin, with no added fragrance or harsh chemicals. It is enriched with green Rooibos and aloe vera, soothing irritation and balancing the skin.

For gentle exfoliation, try the Hemp Infused Exfoliating Wash . This wash contains green Rooibos and other ingredients that stimulate cell regeneration, soothes redness and cleanses the skin.

For dryness and balance, the goodleaf CBD Face Mask reduces inflammation and dryness. It contains cucumber, aloe vera and witch hazel, along with mineral-rich clay.

Follow your daily skin care routine with our CBD Morning Moisturiser and our CBD Night Moisturiser to nourish your skin even further.

CBD topical benefits

As you can see, there are many benefits of CBD for hyperpigmentation.

CBD skin care products are a great way to ease the symptoms of this condition, promoting healthier, happier skin the natural way.