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Charlotte’s Web CBD Calm Gummies

charlottesweb cbd products review

Written by Tommy 🙂

September 2, 2023

Our rating

  • Feeling 78% 78%
  • Taste 94% 94%
  • Product finish 83% 83%
  • Our Environmental impact & Sustainabiity Score 65% 65%

One of the most reputable and established brands on the market

Multiple Independant Lab tests to qualify consistency

Strength lower than other brands for price point

Unveiling the Calm Gummies Innovation

Charlotte’s Web’s unceasing commitment to enhancing their top-tier CBD gummies captivates us once again, as they introduce a new masterpiece: the Calm Gummies.

Embracing the Calm Amongst the Gummy Trifecta

While exploring Charlotte’s Web’s esteemed Gummy Trifecta, the Calm Gummies were the final frontier we ventured into during our testing phase. Our enthusiasm for their other offerings initially overshadowed these gems.

Rediscovering the Calmies: A Valuable Oversight

Regrettably, we underestimated the potential of the Calm Gummies, now affectionately known as “Calmies” in our household. This oversight led to a reevaluation of their impact and significance.

A Triad of CBD Excellence: Sleep, Recovery, and Calm

Previously, our focus was drawn to the rivalry between CBD goodness in Melatonin Sleep gummies and the Turmeric & Ginger-infused Recovery gummies. The Calmies, generously sent by Charlotte’s Web, emerged as a new contender.

Introducing the Calmies: A New Era Begins

Enter the realm of Calmies—an experience synonymous with any Charlotte’s Web product. The spotlight remains on their robust whole-plant hemp extract, yet a unique ingredient sets these gummies apart: Lemon Balm.

Unveiling Lemon Balm’s Magic

Encased in a vibrant lime flavor, the Calm Gummies feature Lemon Balm, an aromatic herb from the mint family. Our penchant for mentioning this ingredient sparks lively conversations and adds zest to our discussions.

Beyond Taste: Lemon Balm’s Multi-faceted Benefits

Lemon Balm offers more than just a delightful citrusy taste. It contributes to immune health, aids digestion, and bestows a sense of well-being upon the nervous system. A generous 75 mg of Lemon Balm elevates these Calm Gummies.

Lemon Balm vs. Olly’s Goodbye Stress: A Comparative Delight

Comparatively, the Calmies boast the same Lemon Balm content as Olly’s Goodbye Stress Gummies, with the added benefit of 75 mg of CBD. It’s a transformative experience—more like “Goodbye Stress Forever.”

Navigating Tranquility: The Power of Calmies

For those seeking a blend of herbal stress relief infused with premium CBD molecules, the Calmies offer an enticing option. Brace yourself for a genuine journey to tranquility, an experience we personally underwent.

Unveiling the Effects: Do Calm Gummies Deliver?

Indeed, Charlotte’s Web’s Calm Gummies yield profound relaxation effects, without inducing drowsiness. They harmoniously balance relaxation with productivity, dispelling moments of anxiety that occasionally cloud our days.

A Standout Choice: The Allure of Calmies

After extensive contemplation, we find ourselves drawn to this potent blend of botanicals—a frontrunner among Charlotte’s Web’s gummy selection. A secret favorite that we hold dear.

A Holistic Commitment: Charlotte’s Web’s Virtuous Endeavors

As we commend Charlotte’s Web’s offerings, their certification as a B Corp stands out. They’re devoted to community enhancement and environmental stewardship, exemplified through regenerative farming and social justice advocacy.

Rest Easy: A Conscience Aligned with Excellence

These initiatives resonate deeply with us. (And we certainly enjoy indulging in their offerings.)

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