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Cloud N9ne CBD Syrup: Grape – 500mg CBD When you purchase any CBD products online, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations around the world that give an effort to make our Vena's Cloud 9 Extra Strength Full Spectrum Hemp Extract + Saffron & L'Tyrosine Gummy is the mood enhancing support squad you never knew you needed. But it’s all you'll ever want from here on out. Our Cloud 9 gummy makes a great alternative to a happy hour cocktail. All the enjoyment, none of the hangover. Cloud 9 CBD is a Tennessee-based producer of cannabidiol products ranging from oils and tinctures to pet treats and real-life CBD flowers.

Cloud N9ne CBD Syrup: Grape – 500mg CBD

When you purchase any CBD products online, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to organizations around the world that give an effort to make our planet a safer place and help them provide natural resources to making this world a healthier and cleaner place.

Hemp is a wonderful product for the environment for many reasons, and CBD is a great all-natural benefit to your overall wellbeing, and we believe that it is our responsibility to spread that good will toward the rest of the world. We want to take care of the environment. We want to take care of the disadvantaged. We want to preserve the world so that it will last long enough for our children and their children to live full, safe, healthy lives. This is something that is at the core of our business and we hold to it very fervently.


Cloud N9ne Syrup is a CBD syrup infused with CBD and 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs that are fermented in-house for long periods of time. Proper dosage of our product gives you a relaxing euphoria effect (body high) and chill vibes like you’re sitting on the clouds.

Hemp extract is an oil that is derived from the stalks and seeds of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp is rich in CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. CBD has no serious side effects.

CBD produced from industrial hemp is protected by the 2014 Farm Bill that was signed by Congress and the President of The United States and is legal for us to ship worldwide.

It’s legal worldwide and you will not fail a drug test using this product. Mix with your favorite beverage. Sprite, 7UP, Fanta and lemonade is our favorite and what we recommend. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

  • 4 FL OZ. per bottle
  • Up to 8+ servings per bottle
  • 9 highly concentrated all-natural herbs
  • THC free
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • 500mg of CBD in every bottle
  • No prescription or medical card needed to buy and consume
  • Not recommended for women that are pregnant or nursing
  • Not recommended for children under 18 years old
  • CBD will not cause you to fail a drug test


Hemp CBD, Melissa Officinalis, Scutellara Lateriflora, Nepeta Cataria, Piper Methysticum, Vegetable Glycerin, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Passiflora, Lactuca Virosa,Melatonin, FD&C Food Coloring, Turnera Diffusa, Salix Alba, Coconut Oil.


Shake the bottle well before each use. Mix up to 2 oz with your favorite beverage. We recommend to start with 1 tablespoon to begin before finding the right dosage.

If you are unfamiliar with the use of CBD, start with a smaller serving. You might have great results with less CBD, or you might need more than average. Everyone’s body chemistry is different and has higher or lower tolerances. Start with small servings and add more until you feel the desired effects.

These statements on have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. Contact us of you have further questions. does not sell or distribute any products that are in violation of the United States Controlled Substances Act (US CSA).

Cloud 9 Mood Enhancing Gummy

A bite of euphoria to help you rise above life’s stressors. Come on, get happy.

  • Helps you feel good with powerful mood-enhancing properties.
  • Elevates happiness and supports emotional well-being.
  • Boosts dopamine production to maintain an elevated mood.

How to Use

Extra Strength Full Spectrum Hemp Extract + Saffron and L’Tyrosine is the mood enhancing support squad you never knew you needed. But it’s all you’ll ever want from here on out.

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Step 1: Take 1 Cloud 9 gummy when you need a mood boost.

Step 2: Welcome to a whole new day or night full of happy potential. Your concert, night out, or even picnic with family and friends just got a little more fun without you missing a beat.

Step 2.5: Our Cloud 9 gummy makes a great alternative to a happy hour cocktail. All the enjoyment, none of the hangover.

  • 30 gummies per bottle
  • 50 mg CBD: 5 mg Extra Strength Full Spectrum THC per gummy
  • 30 mg of Saffron per gummy
  • 250 mg L’Tyrosine per gummy


This isn’t just a feel-good gummy, it’s a bite of euphoria. Make your happy place a daily destination as you rise above life’s stressors and experience the tranquil happiness of cloud 9. Adulting should be fun so, come on, get happy.


Full Spectrum Hemp Extract provides the Entourage Effect which offers an increase in health benefits and therapeutic effect by using the whole hemp plant. The other natural cannabinoids and compounds from the plant boost the positive effects of CBD to new heights.

Saffron increases dopamine levels, helping you enhance your mood and enjoy your day and night as much as you want to. L’Tyrosine boosts dopamine production, and works with the Saffron, CBD, and THC to help you maintain an elevated mood.

Serving Size: 1 gummy
Active Ingredients Per Serving:
CBD – 50 mg
THC – 5 mg
Saffron – 30 mg
L’Tyrosine – 250 mg

Warnings: Keep out of the reach of children, not intended for individuals under the age of 18, women who are or may be pregnant, or nursing mothers. Store in a cool, dry place. Those sensitive to melatonin should consult a physician before use. Due to the presence of THC, users of this product may test positive for cannabinoids in a drug test.

*This product contains less than 0.3% THC by weight.



Vena products are legal and can be shipped to all 50 states. Every product that leaves our facility is third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality. Lab Results and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available for easy reference on each product page.

Shipping: Orders placed Monday – Friday by 5pm PST will be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.

*Please note that while orders leave our warehouse within 1-2 business days, during COVID freight and mail carriers have been experiencing transit delays which could cause a delay in the arrival of orders. We continue to work closely with freight carriers to provide our customers the best freight options and avoid as many issues as possible. If you are experiencing a delay in the arrival of your order please contact the freight carrier directly or reach out to our customer care team.

Cloud 9 CBD Review: Getting High Without Getting High

Cloud 9 CBD is an American company of CBD-based products that range from cbd oils and tinctures to edibles and actual CBD-dominant flowers. The brand has other products as well including creams and pet treats. The company uses organically-grown hemp cultivated in the US. They also import high-quality hemp plants from European suppliers. Cloud 9 uses CO2 extraction to obtain the cannabidiol compound, as well as all the other important terpenes and compounds found in a hemp plant.

  • Made with organic, non-GMO hemp
  • No THC present
  • Combines with any vape juice

The CBD additive from Cloud 9’s Mixologist label features several different CBD concentrations so users can add as much or as little as.

  • Unique blend of disparate flavors
  • Three CBD strengths: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg
  • Several flavor combinations
  • Available in a 30ml bottle
  • C02 extracted hemp extract
  • Full-spectrum product
Table of Context
  • Brand Overview
  • Cloud 9 CBD Line-up
  • Brand Quality
  • Other Cloud 9 CBD Products
  • Competing Brands
  • Closing Thoughts

A Look Into Cloud 9 CBD

The Cloud 9 CBD brand began in 2014, as the CBD craze was gaining momentum around the country. The founders of the company wanted to spread the word about the potential benefits of the compound for such areas as health and wellness, as well as for overall well-being. Especially since medical cannabis is still not legal in the state of Tennessee.

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They started by sourcing locally grown hemp in the Tennessee area and then expanded to find hemp plants from Europe. Cloud 9 Hemp uses C02-extraction to extract the compound from the raw, organic plants and then purifies it. The final product is then sent to third-party labs to be tested for CBD content, THC content, as well as any other unwanted chemicals or additives.

Cloud 9 hemp plants are typically grown indoors, away from the elements where they can be exposed to harmful chemicals and pollutants. The nature of CBD plants also means that they can become contaminated by THC when grown outside, leading to high THC content, which would make them illegal.

The Cloud 9 CBD Product List

The Cloud 9 CBD brand has many products under its banner from oils to edibles to pet treats. The CBD products listed here are only a small sampling of what the company has to offer so be sure to check out their website for a full picture.

  • CBD Additive – Mixologist CBD E Liquid
  • CBD Vape – Easy Rider
  • CBD Hemp Oil – High Octane
  • Flavored CBD Hemp Oil

#1 CBD Additive – Mixologist CBD E Liquid

The Perfect Addition to any Vape Juice

  • Made with organic, non-GMO hemp
  • No THC present
  • Combines with any vape juice

The CBD additive from Cloud 9’s Mixologist label features several different CBD concentrations so users can add as much or as little as they want to their favorite e-juice. The additive is composed of full-spectrum, organic hemp concentrate, as well as a liquid base composed of VG and PG. Users can add the additive to their e-juice, as it is flavor-less so it can easily blend into any flavor e-liquid. Users can choose from a cannabidiol concentration of 500mg to 2500mg.

#2 CBD Vape – Easy Rider

A Smooth, CBD Ride

  • Unique blend of disparate flavors
  • Three CBD strengths: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg
  • Several flavor combinations

The Easy Rider e-juice is a selection from Cloud 9’s vape juice collection that features their ultrasonic emulsified CBD concentrate blended with food-grade flavorings. The Easy Rider e-juice contains flavor notes as varied as Kentucky bourbon, coconut, Madagascar vanilla, hazelnuts, and a hint of brown sugar. The juice is a unique blend of flavors that come together to make something truly unique, along with a perfectly measured out dose of hemp extract. Like all of their products, Easy Rider contains only organic, full-spectrum CBD with no traces of THC or other unwanted ingredients.

#3 CBD Hemp Oil – High Octane

The Real Taste and Feel of Hemp Extract

  • Available in a 30ml bottle
  • C02 extracted hemp extract
  • Full-spectrum product

High Octane is only one of several options in the Cloud 9 catalog of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oils. High Octane features several strengths for users to choose from, including 250mg to 1500mg. It features an earthy taste with a pungent aroma and comes in a dropper bottle so users can accurately measure out every dose. They can start with 2 drops and then add more or less according to taste.

#4 Flavored CBD Hemp Oil

Makes CBD Go Down a Little Easier

  • Four CBD strengths: 200mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg
  • Five different flavors: Cinnamon, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Strawberry, Peppermint
  • All-natural, organic, C02-extracted hemp extract

The Flavored CBD hemp oil options are like the High Octane versions but this cbd oil comes with five different flavor options. The options range from Butterscotch and Cinnamon to Vanilla and Strawberry, so there is a good variety of options. The flavored options contain all the same ingredients as the non-flavored options. Users will still benefit from the full-spectrum, organic hemp extract in each drop, along with a THC-free formulation. The bottle measures 30ml and it comes with a dropper so users can measure out an exact dose every time.

Flavor Review

The brand offers several options for ingesting CBD that appeal to many different types of users. Users who are used to oil drops have that option, while they can also take advantage of the several hemp extract tinctures that also feature the natural extract. For users who do not enjoy the taste of all-natural, unflavored CBD, the company offers flavored versions as well.

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The flavors come from food-grade flavorings so they are not that different from food items with the same flavors like candy or ice cream. But, with that said, they often take a back-seat to the stronger taste of the hemp extract. The Butterscotch flavor pairs nicely with the CBD, as it is sweet and savory, but others like the Peppermint often contrast with the oily taste of hemp.

Other Cloud 9 CBD Products

The Cloud 9 product catalog is extensive. Users can choose from over eight different product categories so they can enjoy hemp extract any way they, and their pets, want to. The most extensive product line is the e-juice line that features over seventeen different products ranging in CBD strength and flavors.

The categories with the least amount of options are the edibles and pet options, as there is only one option per category. The pet option is only a specially-formulated tincture for cats and dogs that users can slip into their food or water. The CBD flower option has three different strains ranging from Hawaiin Haze, Lifter, and Elektra.

The brand even has CBD-based beauty products or topicals, which range from creams and balms to for mild to minor pain or inflammation, while they also sell a face cream and body lotion for cosmetic purposes.

Competing Brands

Just CBD

Just CBD is an American manufacturer of hemp extract and CBD-based products that uses transparency in their manufacturing and extraction processes. The company has a full line of hemp-extract products ranging from pre-filled 510 vape cartridges to balms, tinctures, and even pet treats.

The company puts every product they make through third-party testing and they publish all their lab reports on their website so consumers can see for themselves what’s in their products.

Select Oil

Select Oil is another American company that features boutique items like all-natural, organic CBD oil, but also dabbles in THC-dominant products like oil and edibles. The company has a small product line and they are only available in California, where the company is based.

They offer pre-filled, 510 cartridges that contain either CBD or THC-dominant concentrates, as well as oils and tinctures, and their famous gummies that are 100% organic and vegan.

Conclusion: Cloud 9 CBD Review: Get Up in the Clouds

Cloud 9 CBD has a no-nonsense approach to making CBD products. They source only the best, organically-grown plants from US growers, as well as European growers to deliver a highly-concentrated product that users can take in many different ways. The company’s specialty is their vape juices, as e-liquid is what dominates their catalog.

The company also distinguishes itself by being one of the few companies that offer the raw hemp plant so users can do with it what they please. The vape juices have a mixture of different flavors so anyone can find their preferred one. The company even sells high-quality balms, creams, and lotions, which is rare for a company that leans heavily toward e-juices.

  • Straightforward product line (no unnecessary products)
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • C02-extraction
  • A good selection of different vape juices
  • Raw hemp plant available as well
  • No lab reports on the website
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