Fake container for cbd oil

The Most Genius Stash Containers Money Can Buy

Ever found yourself in a situation that required a little extra stealth and wish you had a couple of genius stash holders laying around? If so then you’ve come to the right place! Now of course, we’d totally never hint that these cool stash holders could also double as anything crazy like. . . oh say drug stash containers or anything. Such an idea would be way too diabolical to have even entered our minds.

What you’ll find here however, are a wide variety of totally cool stash containers that we totally can’t be held responsible for what you hide in. So the next time you find yourself going to a concert, the beach, or any other event that might require a little help being shifty, look no further than the crafty James Bond-esque items you’ll find below.

After all, every now and then we all need someplace to store our favorite little green friend. . . cause who wants to risk loosing their money right?

The Top 6 Ways to Identify Fake Cartridges

Today, cannabis vape cartridges are more popular than ever. However, due in large part to their exploding popularity, there has been an increase in fake cartridge manufacturers trying to cash in on the trend.

Today, cannabis vape cartridges are more popular than ever. However, due in large part to their exploding popularity, there has been an increase in fake cartridge manufacturers trying to cash in on the trend.

It was quickly discovered that fake cartridges can have detrimental health effects. In fact, fake vape carts went viral for containing vitamin E acetate, a filler used to reduce costs, just a few years ago with coast-to-coast news coverage on the worst-case scenarios from consuming them.

So, in today’s complex world of vape carts – how can you identify fake cartridges from real ones to stay safe vaping? Keep reading for the top six ways to identify a fake cartridge and the most common FAQs on the topic.

Fake Cartridge Safety Concerns

Before we get into the ways to identify a fake cartridge, it’s crucial to know why it’s so important. Fake cartridges became the talk of the town in 2019 when their safety and health hazards came to light. Since then, we’ve learned about a number of safety and health concerns.

  • Users may experience lung pain, shortness of breath, and bouts of coughing from unsafe ingredients for inhaling.
  • Fake cartridges often come with unsafe batteries, which can cause combustion, or overheating of the vape.
  • Low-quality materials used for the cartridge container may release poisonous fumes that are dangerous to inhale.
  • Long-term use may lead to vaping-associated pulmonary injury, which can result in death.

The severity of this list is why consumers are now educating themselves on safe vape use. That includes, knowing how to identify fake cartridges to protect your health and safety.

Top 6 Ways to Identify Fake Cartridges

Now that you know just how unsafe fake cartridges are, let’s get into the top ways of identifying the vapes

1. Purchase from licensed vendors & trusted brands

Just like food or other ingestible goods – you wouldn’t purchase or consume any from a vendor or brand you can’t trust, the same should apply to vaping. Especially with the increase in fake cartridges on the market today. So, if you’ve never heard of a manufacturer before, it’s best to do your research before puffing.

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Vape cart manufacturers who are legal and licensed are subject to rigorous testing, to confirm the exact contents, and contaminants of what they produce. This means, if they don’t meet testing standards for safe use – they won’t make it to the shelf.

Since fake cartridges are not subject to these types of tests – verifying the legitimacy of the brand or vendor first, is the first sign to check for.

2. Know your brands

If you’re buying online or from a third-party, don’t just take the source’s word for it when it comes to brands. Again, take the time to research the vape brand you’re considering before you move forward with the purchase.

Online retailers and sources, like Leafly or I Heart Jane, host a versatile collection of trusted brands that you can use for verification purposes. User forums like Reddit, may also discuss the brand you’re considering so conducting a simple Google search will help too.

3. Compare & confirm packaging details

Because some fake cartridges try to mimic legit brands, once you confirm the brand is legit – it doesn’t hurt to go further. To do so, it’s recommended to seek out the brand’s licensed packaging to compare and contrast with the one you plan on purchasing.

Fake cartridge manufacturers have become savvy at spoofing the real deal. Which means, the difference could come down to small details. Most state regulations require a batch or lot number to be printed on the packaging or label, so that’s a good place to start for verification purposes.

In addition, if cartridges are branded with cartoons or novelty characters – they’re likely fake. Legal states tend to have regulations that restrict manufacturers from producing any type of packaging that would be desirable to children. That even includes the advertising of fruity or candy-like flavors for certain states.

So, be cautious of any vape cartridge with packaging that’s overly cartoonish or childish.

4. Beware of fake copycats

Of course, some fake cartridge manufacturers take their imitation to all new levels. With some going as far as building their own website and online presence, to appear legit.

During your research, make sure there are no duplicate websites for the brand you’re purchasing. To verify the site even further, look for the license # which is often listed, or inquire with the company directly.

You can also cross-reference locations listed on the web site with the recorded location for licensing by the state in which you live.

5. Check the ingredients

Back to our food analogy – it always helps to check the ingredients to ensure you know what you’re consuming. Much of the controversy over fake cartridge side effects was likely caused by filler, which fake manufacturers use to mimic the real thing. The most common ingredients used for this purpose include –

  • Vitamin E Acetate
  • Polyethylene glycol
  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin

Although these agents are technically approved by the FDA for consumption, they aren’t approved for inhalation. Today, experts are investigating vitamin E acetate as a possible cause for many vaping illnesses and deaths.

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Also, be aware that real vape carts typically contain THC levels of 70-90%. Anything lower than 60% has likely been cut with some type of agent, and anything above 99% would be considered suspect, too.

6. Verify regulatory compliance

Like we mentioned earlier, legal states require rigorous testing, and requirements for packaging and labeling. So, most legal and ‘real’ vape cartridges tend to have extremely detailed information on the package it comes in. For instance, the regulations in California require manufacturers to include –

  • Date of manufacturing and packaging
  • Government warning verbiage for cannabis use
  • Manufacturer name and contact details
  • UID number
  • Lot or batch number
  • Instructions or preparation for use
  • Ingredient list, including allergens, and artificial food colorings used
  • Use by, best-by or expiration date

These compliance requirements vary from state to state, and you can check them on the state’s governing website.

When it comes to fake cartridges – no question, is a dumb question. So, to finish our ultimate guide – let’s answer some FAQs.

Fake Cartridges FAQ
Can a fake CBD vape cartridge kill people?

Fake CBD vapes can be made with the same types of harmful fillers that may be responsible for vaping-associated pulmonary injury. This new condition has already been found in over 530 people, and has killed six. So, yes to avoid any injury or death it’s best to avoid fake CBD or THC cartridges altogether.

What are the side effects of fake cartridges?

Beyond dealing with a vape pen cartridge with no airflow issue, there are far more consequential side effects of fake cartridges. Like coughing, harmful lung issues, illnesses and conditions, and even death.

Is there a fake cartridges list?

Luckily, with the collaboration of consumers and being able to connect online – there is now a long list of known fake cartridges. So far, the following brands are a part of this ongoing collection of fake vendors. This is meant to serve as an example and is not an exhaustive or regularly updated list.

10 Secret Cannabis Containers That Will Truly Hide Your Stash

Is there any better feeling than doing something sneaky and getting away with it? The answer is no. So when it comes to your cannabis, it’s always nice when you can hide it in plain sight and know that people have NO idea. Because of that, I’ve compiled a list of 10 places to hide your stash and be in complete stealth mode. Check it.

Smuggler Belts

(Courtesy of Duluth Trading)

Smuggler Belts are dope (no pun intended) because you can walk around with that eighth on you, and still get a fit off with no one being any the wiser. Imagine rocking it out to the bars one night and someone being like, “Man, I wish I had a joint right now” and you snatch your belt off like Pootie Tang and pull a joint out of the back stitching.

Stash Underwear

(Courtesy of iHeartRaves)

Stash pockets are the wave. You can grab a stash-pocket hat or a stash-pocket hoodie, but these stash-pocket underwear are the future. If you think I’m not copping these for Coachella 2018 then you are sadly mistaken. Only way someone’s catching you with these is if they walk up and grab your crotch, but then you get to claim that’s all you (and not a sack of cannabis), so it’s a win-win.

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Lipstick Pipe

(Courtesy of BadAssGlass.com)

Oh, you thought this list was gonna be all about men-type stuff? Nah, son. Ladies is pimps too. This lipstick pipe is perfect for the on-the-go woman who wants to keep her cannabis on deck, but not have it be obvious. Or for the on-the-go man who likes to feel pretty and witty and gay. Ya boy is very gender-fluid over here.

Fake Tampon Doob Tubes

(Courtesy of Amazon)

I REPEAT: LADIES IS PIMPS TOO. We all know how weird dude-bros get at the sight of tampons, so if a woman wants to hide her goods, these are perfect. Twist your joints, throw ‘em in these, and continue to outsmart us one time-of-the-month at a time.

Pitch-N-Puff Combo Pack

Listed it on my recent broiest items list too, but it’s also very applicable to this one. The Pitch-N-Puff hollow golf ball and tee one-hitter combo is one of the smoothest and sneakiest way to hide your cannabis in plain sight. Literally not a single person would take a second look at either item (unless they were closely examining them like a super-narc) and think, “Oh yeah, there’s a gram of Blue Dream in there.”

The Cigarette One-Hitter

(Courtesy of MarijuanaPackaging.com)

The one-hitter, especially when complete with a dugout, is one of the most common, yet still most stealthy ways to hit a little smokey-smoke on the go. Pull out, light it up like a cig, then put it right back in your pocket before anyone notices.

Fake/Hollow Bible

(Courtesy of Secret Storage Books)

Books with hollow centers are a must-have if you’re talking about hiding your cannabis in plain sight. And though you can pick any ol’ book to do so, Bibles are perfect because people don’t ever really open those. No offense. I’ve seen Bibles collect so much dust on so many tabletops, so you’re good.

Fake Soda Stash Can

(Courtesy of MarijuanaPackaging.com)

These come in multiple forms as far as cans, bottles, and so on. The point for all of them is the same: a hollowed-out soda container is something no one will think twice about. Toss a bag of that green goodness in the middle, sit in on the coffee table, and then smile to yourself about the fact that people have no clue that you’re loaded up and ready to smoke at any moment. For added safety, find one of a soda that no one ever drinks. You know, like Mountain Dew.

Urban Wraps Rolling Papers

(Courtesy of Amazon)

Rolling papers that look like cigarettes. Enough said.

EZPipe Discreet Lighter Pipe

(Courtesy of EZPipe)

And for the best item on this list, we’ve got the EZPipe. Basically, it’s a dugout with a built-in pipe, complete with a lighter holder that puts the flame right at the top of the dugout. That make sense? If not, just know that with this, you can flip out a little pipe, light your lighter, and get a nice hitski before sliding it right back into your pocket. Hit one of these, exhale, then smirk to yourself as people try to figure out where the smell is coming from.