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CBD Stores Desert Hot Springs CA

There are 19 CBD stores in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Best CBD stores in Desert Hot Springs, California

IVTHC Inland Valley Therapeutic Healing Center

Address: 11555 Palm Dr, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Phone: (760) 699-7935


I’m correcting a post I made by mistake. I did not mean to post the review that I had posted. IVTHC has the best flower in the CV and I brag about the flower quality all the time. I want to apologize to everyone at IVTHC.
GREAT FLOWER – Mark McKinney

By far the friendliest store in Desert Springs. The prices are the fairest in the valley. Everyone one here has been super friendly, parient, and informative. Have visited this store a few times and every time it is a good experience, thanks to the staff. I would recommend this store as a first and only stop for the Palm Springs area. – Jeff M

Stacy always shows me great customer service and is able to meet my expectations on every visit,the staff is great and attentive,polite and professional,my go to shop here in Dhs/Palm Springs area,hands down. – Isay Merino

Paradise Hot Springs Spa

Address: 67789 Hacienda Ave, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Phone: (760) 329-4445


Because of COVID 19, I was very worried about the hygiene problem.. My boss and I have been having a lot of care, so I have been having fun for 2 nights and 3 days.

The warm cupboard is of a simple size, but the room is so clean and beautiful, and even the hot spring water is changed for our team. – YOUNG SEUNG SHON

It’s so clean and nice
I had a great time with my family.
BBQ at night, bathed in warm hot springs
The atmosphere was so pretty I took a lot of pictures.
The owners are so kind .. ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ I just write a compliment.
The room is clean and the hot spring water is clean.
It is completely recommended! I will go often !! – M K

The facilities are a little behind, but totally good. The family of 4-5 are playing together. We can borrow a whole lot and the uncle who works is kind and the owner is very good. And the hot spring is so awesome ~~~~ – Soo Hee Bae

CK Authentic Thai Massage

Address: 12076 Palm Dr, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Phone: (323) 615-1342


CK is excellent in so many ways. She listens and works her magic throughout your body. You will learn alot about how to keep your body in tip-top shape with her many ‘home works’ – she shows you how to stretch, open up and release and re-balance your structures, your facia as well. The Renu28 skin gel is amazing and I love the Asea water too. My cells are all very happy! Thank you CK!! – worldclass wellness

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Outstanding! CK is a top notch healer. She knows exactly what is off and how to fix it. Thai massage is no joke. Its painful but in a few days you feel like a normal person again. – Janice Hume

Kathy was amazing! It was my first time there after moving to a new area I was nervous, but she was awesome! Thanks Kathy. – Tisha

Green Pearl Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Address: 64949 Mission Lakes Blvd #108, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Phone: (760) 894-3146


Went to a number of dispensaries in the area and this is the one I like the best. The people are friendly helpful and knowledgeable. Weeds great and prices are low not to mention low waiting times because its off away from the down town area. I haven’t bought my weed anywhere else since I fist went here. – james leech

Went to a number of dispensaries in the area and this is the one I like the best. The people are friendly helpful and knowledgeable. Weeds great and prices are low not to mention low waiting times because its off away from the down town area. I haven’t bought my weed anywhere else since I fist went here. – james leech

The Green Pearl Organics store has been so nice to work with. Nicole and Shane are really wonderful. They are easy to talk with and very helpful. I get K9 edibles for my dogs and they have made such a difference . I give the Green Pearl Organics a 5 star + .. I will do business with them for a long time. – Margaret Burton

Desert’s Finest Dispensary

Address: 12106 Palm Dr, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240

Phone: (833) 438-5874


This is my favorite dispensary that is closest to the Morongo basin. All the staff is really awesome and knowledgeable. They have amazing exotic strains and private reserves. I feel like they are always handing out gifts and hooking it up. Shout out to Reyna for helping us out . love the slushies. – Tamara Alvarez

Review From Michael Manter (He doesn’t have a google account). Bud is absolutely amazing, everything I got was so dense and moist and such high quality that I would recommend to any one I know. I will go again probably for a while now, my first pick. Love the joints too, they’re filled to the top. – Robert Anderson

The dispencery employees are very attentive to your needs and they are very knowledgeable about the products that you carry. Excellent customer service and support. Outstanding prices on all of your products. Thank you for your business being here for us. And always HAPPY 420 EVERYDAY. – Ronald Schlenker

7 ways CBD oil improves health and wellness: benefits for anxiety, pain and cancer

Find out about all the ways CBD oil can help treat common conditions and disorders without prescription

Medical marijuana is far from being proved effective, but CBD oil is a health supplement that is being touted as a cure for a wide range of maladies. This non-addictive, non-intoxicating substance is derived from the cannabis plant, but does not get user high like marijuana does.

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Instead, CBD helps with any number of common health conditions, and is especially beneficial when taken in its oil form, called cannabidoil. Medical professionals in many countries are now turning to CBD oil, which is made from cannabinoid compounds rather than THC (the psychoactive chemical in cannabis), for its many health benefits.

1. Anxiety and depression

CBD oil is now becoming more widely used to reduce anxiety and treat clinical depression in patients. A study involving healthy human volunteers and animals showed that cannabidoil has anxiolytic effects, which help to alleviate anxiety and combat depression. In fact, CBD oil can minimise social anxiety within just a few hours of taking it.

For this reason, it is especially useful for patients with social anxiety disorder, and is also taken to treat panic disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and various other mental disorders.

2. Pain Relief

Research has proved that high-quality CBD oil inhibits the transmission of pain in the brain’s neurons, making it a more effective pain relief treatment than most other pharmaceutical drugs. What’s more, it offers pain relief without causing analgesic tolerance.

It has been used to successfully treat everything from chronic pain to multiple sclerosis, and is especially popular because it is available without the need for a prescription.

3. Cancer

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy have major side effects such as extreme physical pain and nausea. While there are drugs to deal with these side effects, it has been shown that CBD and even THC consumption can provide dramatic improvements in pain relief and reducing discomfort in those receiving treatment for cancer.

Even more incredible is the finding that CBD oil is also effective at fighting the spread of cancerous cells themselves. In one 2006 study, CBD oil was shown to selectively inhibit the growth of breast tumour cells. In comparison with non-cancerous cells, CBD oil had reduced potency compared to the cancerous ones.

4. Diabetes

CBD oil has also been linked to a reduction in the incidence of diabetes. In one study done on mice, the rate of diabetes in the non-obese mice dropped from 86% to just 30% thanks to the use of CBD. Results showed that the mice taking CBD oil treatments had significantly lower levels of insulitis.

5. Acne, spots and zits

One of the most common treatments for persistent adult acne is laser therapy, but CBD oil is increasingly been championed as a cheaper and more reliable alternative. It works because the oil has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to prevent the cells in sebum glands from producing too much sebum, which is one of the causes of acne.

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6. Neurological disorders

Certain neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS) and epilepsy can also be treated with CBD oil since the chemical makeup of CBD contributes to reducing muscle spasticity, and has shown to be highly effective as an alternative alleviating treatment for those suffering such disorders.

7. Schizophrenia

In contrast to THC, which is present in marijuana, the CBD compound actually has antipsychotic properties, meaning it can help to mitigate hallucinations, delusions and disorganised thought patterns. That’s why it’s being seen as a good way to combat schizophrenic disorder and other hallucinatory conditions and episodes of psychosis.

CBD oil is available from several suppliers. When purchasing CBD oil as a health supplement, be sure to research carefully and opt for quality products from trustworthy retailers.


The Iberoptima company uses modern scientific technology to provide the best CBD oil to clients across the Murcia region

Iberoptima is a Mazarrón-based CBD oil, supplements and vitamin company which uses state-of-the-art ‘Micelle’ enhanced technology to provide the best product to their customers.

This technology increases the absorption rates of CBD oil (cannabidiol) from between five and ten per cent to nearly 100%, up to 15 times more than other companies who don’t use Micelle enhanced products.

Micelle Enhanced CBD oil means that, instead of the products being dissolved in oil, which is not generally well-absorbed by the human body, the CBD compounds are coated with a layer of microscopic ball-shaped molecules, which are carried faster and more efficiently through the human body, allowing clients to get more for their money, as fewer drops are needed to get the desired effect.

Iberoptima products are sold in 10ml or 30ml bottles with built in droppers and cover a wide range of substances including fish oil, vitamin B12, vitamin C, ginger as well as CBD and CBN oils.

The CBD oils are bottled in Switzerland using organic materials and are designed to be dissolved in water and taken as required, keeping in mind that fewer drops than usual will be needed thanks to the Micelle enhancement.

Prices start at between 20 and 40 euros for a 10ml bottle and increase for larger bottles or trio packs. Iberoptima also offer special deals for larger quantity wholesales.

The company are based in Bolnuevo, Mazarrón (in the South West area of Murcia) and are open from 8am until 8pm.