Instagram ads for cbd oil

Instagram ads for cbd oil

Over the last few years, major social media companies have been fighting to prevent the advertising of CBD products on their pages. Facebook and its fledgling company Instagram are included in this ban.

Recently, Facebook announced that they would be relaxing their strict ban on CBD advertising, much to the relief of thousands of online and brick-and-mortar CBD dispensaries around the nation. However, they’re still strict about the kinds of ads that can be placed on these platforms.

Now, they do allow some ads featuring non-ingestible CBD that go directly to landing pages, but they still can’t mention CBD products that are ingestible in advertisements.

“Our policy remains the same: We don’t allow people to promote CBD or ingestible hemp on Facebook. The update to non-ingestible hemp was made months ago,” a Facebook spokesperson told DigiDay.

This makes it a little easier for CBD oil marketers, but their options are still very limited. It takes a little creativity and a few legal loopholes to use Instagram to market your best CBD oil products, but it can be done. Here are some tried and true tips for getting more marketing for your CBD business.

Stick to Posting

Instagram’s policy does not allow paid advertisements for CBD products, but it doesn’t inhibit regular posts that might feature your products. The ice is thin here, as you can still become shadow-banned if you say the wrong thing, but a few well-worded posts can go miles for promoting your products among a targeted audience.

For example, you might publish a news article from a neutral publisher that highlights CBD’s many benefits. Then, you might encourage users to search “best CBD cartridges” in order to find a great local or online provider like Penguin CBD.

This downplays the promotion, yet followers will associate the CBD information with your company, bringing in more organic reach.

Use Influencers

Instagram influencer marketing is perhaps the most effective method on the platform, simply because it comes from a trusted source. Essentially, you’re asking a well-respected Instagram brand to discuss your products on their page in exchange for a fee. Their endorsement will reach many interested followers, and you’ll likely get at least a few sales from the exchange.

Influencer marketing is somewhat tricky when it comes to CBD products because you’re required to find someone who understands its value and doesn’t buy into common misconceptions about the product.

There are many brands that often endorse cannabis-based products. Do careful research on sites like Quantum Marketer, to find a brand that will gain mutual benefit from doing business with you if you want the best bang for your buck.

Content Syndication

Instagram currently has no policy against you posting simple, informative content about CBD. Content syndication is a great strategy for doing so. You can post snippets from your own blog, but it’s even better if the content comes from a third-party source. It gives it more credibility.

Of course, posting blogs to Instagram is challenging because you’re only allowed one link in the bio of your page. However, you can post a CBD-related photo and then copy and paste a piece of the blog post in the photo description. Put the link to the article in your bio, and direct readers to learn more by visiting that link.

Engage Your Followers

Again, informative, useful content is welcome in Instagram’s universe, so use that to your advantage when trying to engage consumers. If you can create strong connections with your audience on Instagram, they’ll remember your brand when they’re ready to buy CBD products, even if you never blatantly advertised it on your page.

There are thousands of CBD brands out there, but the industry is still young. You have time to develop a thriving brand using engagement tactics on Instagram.

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Your goal is to post local content, repost content from other local businesses, and boost your online reputation in the CBD industry. Ask questions, run polls, take live videos, and develop a clearly defined personality on your page to get the most comments, likes, and followers from your audience.

Utilize Tags

Hashtags and geotags are immensely powerful on Instagram. They make your content searchable among your audience so that the next time a consumer looks for CBD, and they use Instagram to find it, your brand will pop up.

You’ll want a combination of branded and popular hashtags to promote your content. Popular hashtags are already trending, so they come with a large following. You can find trending hashtags with a simple search in Instagram Insights or Google Analytics.

Branded hashtags are important for brand recognition. This hashtag is only associated with your company, so when consumers see it, they’ll know who it belongs to. Additionally, it’s great for generating user content on Instagram!

Solicit User-Generated Content

You can’t advertise your CBD products, but that doesn’t mean that your customers can’t share. Request that your followers use your branded hashtag to post content of them using your product, passing by your shop, or otherwise engaging with your content or products.

As long as the content they post is not lewd or obscene, it shouldn’t get deleted. It will relate to your company and expand your brand reach. As people see these posts, it will reinforce your brand and encourage customers to purchase from you when they’re in need of CBD products.

Advertising on Instagram is challenging, but it’s not impossible. With a little creativity and an understanding of the rules, you too can maximize your exposure through one of the most popular social media platforms in the U.S.

Can You Advertise CBD on Instagram? Marketing Guide & Tips

With CBD products continuing to grow in popularity, it is no wonder that confusion surrounds many of them. The lack of legal definition for the plant has created more risk than reward when advertising them on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

Have you ever wanted to advertise CBD on Instagram?

The answer is yes, but there are a few rules that need to be followed. If these conditions are met, you can advertise hemp or cannabis products on popular social media platforms.

The confusing thing about Instagram’s privacy policy is that there are no specific rules. So, for instance, while it says accounts posting CBD products or advertising them somehow will be banned from using the app and thus unable to make any posts.

You may have noted; there are ads about CBD products on Instagram. However, sometimes the ad posting account is banned, or it gets a notification for violation of privacy policy, and in some cases, Instagram does not even respond to CBD ads.

Sometimes the confusing part about CBD is figuring out what it is actually for and which disease it will treat. That is why brands often use custom CBD boxes for promoting hemp products.

Can You Advertise CBD on Instagram?

The cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years as both an agricultural and medical resource. We take a more in-depth look at the medicinal benefits without worrying about breaking the rules and regulations.

A lot of people still believe that marijuana is a psychedelic compound. However, those diagnosed with mental illness or chronic pain conditions can now find relief through its use as a medicine.

Many people are still uncomfortable with this product. Until they get over it, we have no option but to wait patiently.

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How to Promote CBD Products on Instagram?

Instagram has been one of the most popular social media platforms for years. That is why one can boost business by simply posting ads on it. That seems more than true when you consider the vast number of users and what they post, from food to fashion.

But knowing all these factors does not mean your company will be successful if not careful with privacy policy issues. It is so because Instagram does have strict guidelines about advertising in general which could hurt any future marketing ventures.

There is a reason why Instagram does not respond to some ads, and it is not insignificant. You may have heard the term “lead generation” and wondered what it means. Lead generation can be several different things, but in this case, we will focus on how Instagram ads are used to generate new followers for your business account.

Researching which type of ad on the platform can lead you towards signing up for an account will get your foot in the door at first glance.

Precautions to Take on Instagram for CBD Ads

Instagram has taken a new stance on how CBD products are advertised to its users. The company began cracking down and blocking accounts that advertised the product in ads, making teens think it was legal.

Advertisers should also be mindful about where ads appear: Targeted users may block them because specific keywords lead towards inappropriate content instead of providing helpful information.

Other hemp products do not show up unless you are looking for them, specifically through hashtags or searches deemed safe to post online.

What Does the 2018 Farm Bill Mean for Online Posting?

You are now informed about the source from where their CBD is extracted, which lands it into hot waters often. It is often extracted from marijuana and hemp plants.

It is not surprising that the 2018 US Farm Bill has created a lot of confusion. The 2018 bill passed by Congress and signed into law made CBD from hemp legal, while cannabis with THC is still outlawed at a federal level.

CBD oil is a natural remedy that is used in many different ways. Using the word “hemp or hemp plant,” You will likely draw more attention from potential customers.

Guidelines for Promoting CBD on Instagram

Here are few steps to advertise your CBD products on Instagram without getting banned and violating its privacy policy.

  • Choose non-paid advertisement
  • Repost relevant content
  • Share CBD-related photos
  • Hire Insta influencers
  • Become active & social

There are many ways you can advertise your CBD products on Instagram. Below is a detailed list to help brands get people talking about the revolutionary CBD products.

1: Choose Non-Paid Advertisement

We will explore two different methods for non-paid ads on Instagram regarding CBD products:

Content: The first way to increase your visibility on Instagram is through content marketing and tagging people in the description. You can tag up to 10 users at once, but make sure not to use keywords like “CBD” when advertising this particular post type so that teenagers are not targeted.

Hashtags: The second way to promote your CBD products on Instagram is through the new hashtag feature. By using these tags, you can direct people who search for them towards a specific post or story to find all of their interests laid out before them.

The vital part is that you must ensure your Instagram posts do not directly reflect the sale of CBD products.

Want to keep your Instagram account from being deleted? These were the two methods of a non-paid advertisement that could work for you.

2: Repost Relevant Content

How you advertise your CBD products on Instagram can be a helpful technique, especially if done repeatedly. It is essential to captivate people and get their attention.

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Do you want to make your content more engaging? Then, you can repost the relevant information about CBD products. Your audience will be curious, and they might even buy some.

To make your content more engaging, you can share relevant information about the benefits of CBD products and link them back. This way, people will visit a website with additional product details without violating their privacy policy on Instagram.

3: Share CBD-related Photos

It is not just a trend, but people are attracted more to photos than text. So, if you post pictures or videos about your CBD products on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it is likely that many potential customers will be drawn in.

Adding compelling images of your CBD products and relevant hashtags to Instagram stories will promote a business’s social media presence. For example, posting pictures about what people use or how they work is all-inclusive for promoting the right image.

4: Hire Insta Influencers

Influencers can make your brand stand out from the competition and show that it is worth investment. They are well-known figures on social media who have big followings, so people will listen when they recommend you or products related to yours.

They will advertise your CBD products on their page for an agreed-upon fee in exchange to discuss what you are selling and help grow its popularity among other fans who may not know about this product yet or need guidance when deciding if it is correct or not.

Moreover, the credibility of your products increases because they are advertised on pages that have been trusted for years.

5: Become Active & Social

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of social media platforms, but you must use Instagram as an active person there. Make new friends and tag them with your CBD-related stories while chatting about products without mentioning selling at all.

Promoting your CBD products keeping the points mentioned above in mind will increase awareness about them and make it easier for you to sell.

Tips for Advertising CBD on Instagram

It is no easy feat to advertise your CBD products on Instagram, but it is not impossible. If you do not want yourself banned for advertising these items, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Do not ever think about the paid advertising on Instagram for your CBD products, as it is against their privacy policy.
  • Instead, use words like “hemp products,” which are safe and can get CBD.
  • The story, post, and photos you share on your account must show that you are not selling CBD products.
  • Your post should look informative rather than you are dealing in CBD on the platform.
  • To be successful, you must not target your advertisement specifically at teenagers.
  • You can use tags and hashtags to increase the likelihood that a wider audience will see your posts.
  • Stay connected with the Insta influencers.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you will be sure to have access and avoid any pesky privacy violations.

The End

We are now well informed about the techniques to market your CBD products on Instagram. It is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Your brand can reach success if you follow all the rules and regulations in mind. So, the answer to can you advertise CBD on Instagram is yes.

Make sure to craft your CBD packaging so that even its box speaks to the customers themselves. We encourage you to share thorough feedback with our team. Thanks for reading.