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CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer

Looking to learn more about CBD oil for dogs with cancer? If you have access to social media, chances are you have seen someone online discussing how CBD oil helped their friend, neighbor, dog walker, or mailman with cancer. It is easy to write it off as anecdotal evidence, but is there something to the claim that CBD can help with tumors and cancer? And if so, should you give your pet who has cancer or tumors CBD to help their body fight the cancer? Let’s get into the science of CBD for dogs with cancer.

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Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer

To understand the benefits of CBD Oil for dogs with cancer, it’s important to first understand a process known as apoptosis, or natural cell death. Apoptosis is a completely natural process wherein cells that are damaged, or no longer useful, die . Cancer cells do not die on their own ; they do not undergo apoptosis. Which is why they are able to continuously spread unless we do something to stop them.

That’s why the endocannabinoid system is so critical in the body. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system ; us, your dog, your cat, even lions and tigers and bears, oh my. The endocannabinoid system’s purpose is to bring the body back to balance .

As cancer progresses, cancer cells reproduce faster than the endocannabinoid system can handle. It’s no longer able to bring the body back to balance without some type of assistance. The cancer cells begin to spread throughout the body at that point; a process known as metastasis. So what does that have to do with CBD for dogs with cancer? Let’s get into the research.

Research on CBD For Dogs With Cancer

In a recent study, researchers conducted a study to determine how effective cannabis is against canine cancer cells. The study compared CBD for dogs with cancer to a combination of common chemotherapy pharmaceuticals. The study showed CBD for dogs with cancer to be effective at hindering cell proliferation and induction of autophagy and apoptosis rapidly across neoplastic cell lines.

In another promising study conducted in Canada, research was conducted to investigate CBD’s abilities against canine urothelial carcinoma (bladder cancer). The study analyzed the difference in efficacy between the traditional standalone treatment, chemotherapy, versus chemotherapy and CBD for dogs with cancer. The results showed that CBD for bladder cancer not only reduced cell viability and induced cell death in the canine urothelial cells on its own, but worked even better when combined with chemotherapy.

This study was done in vitro, which means it was done outside of a living organism. Further studies in vivo (within a living organism) are warranted, so that we can investigate how exactly this combination will be most successfully implemented in a clinical setting, and also to be able to transfer this into the human clinical setting. However, due to the nature of cannabis, in terms of its continued vilification by governments domestically and across the globe, researchers are limited in their scope. Until cannabis is de/rescheduled on the federal level, research cannot be done on living organisms (such as clinical trials on people). For now, as much preclinical work is being done as possible to create the foundation for clinical research when cannabis is descheduled federally.

The extent of the research being done on cannabis’ effect on cancer cells is only growing, and new research showing the benefits of CBD for dogs with cancer continues to emerge. As time goes on, and the demonization of cannabis lessens, more research is done proving cannabis (CBD, CBN, THC, and its other compounds) has a huge effect on cancer cells, and improving existing cancer treatments. We already know that CBD triggers apoptosis, stops metastasis, and has a positive effect when used with chemotherapy, but new research is constantly emerging regarding specific cancers and cannabis therapy.

According to research, CBD for dogs with cancer has been shown to:

  • Inhibit tumor growth (via apoptosis)
  • Trigger death of cancer cells (via apoptosis)
  • Inhibit the formation of blood vessels that feed tumors (angiogenesis)
  • Discourage the spread of cancer from one part of the body to another (metastasis)

Most importantly, it helps with your pet’s quality of life!

Dosing CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer

The first thing to do is spend some time determining the dosage that will be most effective for your pet. Despite common misconceptions, dosing CBD for dogs with cancer has very little to do with your dog’s size and weight. Dosage is most effectively determined with consideration for each animal’s unique physiological condition. This includes characteristics such as their endocannabinoid system, age, metabolism, disease process, current ailments and other individual health factors.

During the first few weeks, we recommend a trial and error method as you monitor your animal’s response and determine optimal dose. The old saying “start low and go slow” is extremely applicable when considering Full Spectrum Hemp Extract for your animal.

Hemp extract is extremely safe, even at high levels . The most common, however unlikely, side effects you may see are sleepiness or loose stools/diarrhea.

For the fastest and most thorough absorption of CBD oil for dogs with cancer, lift the lip and apply dose directly onto the gums. If added to food, the dosage may not be as effective and can take significantly longer (30-45 min.) to reach the bloodstream as it works its way through the gastrointestinal system.

Split the recommended daily dosage into smaller doses throughout the day (micro-dosing) for best absorption and to keep it in the bloodstream. The cannabinoid concentration peaks at 2 hours and is gone from 4-6 hours. Make sure to shake the bottle before each use and always keep away from heat.

Vets Using CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer

Of course, many reputable veterinarians also trust CBD for dogs with cancer, and have their own evidence to prove that it works. Because of this, I asked Dr. Trina Hazzah, DVM, DACVIM, CVCH, if she uses CBD on her own patients. Dr. Hazzah is a veterinary oncologist at VCA Animal Hospital in Las Vegas (one of the largest and most respected veterinary hospitals in the world).

The short answer: Dr. Hazzah has used cannabis with her patients and has seen great success.

CBD Success Story: Hammer

“Years and years ago, there was a little dog named Hammer,” says Dr. Hazzah. “He was a Jack Russell, and the owners came in and the dog had three cancers at the same time. He had low-grade lymphoma, bladder cancer, and an oral squamous cell carcinoma.”

Dr. Hazzah discussed all of the options with Hammer’s parents, and they decided the quality of life was most important. They focused on targeted therapy, which was effective for about six months until it seemed to stop working as effectively.

“Around the five or six-month mark, the oral cancer started to get so large that it took up his entire face,” says Dr. Hazzah. “The bladder cancer was getting worse, lymphoma was static. The owners went over the options again, and one of the things we discussed was cannabis. As an integrative oncologist, I felt that I should guide them through the process to make sure it was safe. The dog had 1 mg of THC and 1 mg of CBD, twice a day, along with targeted therapy.”

Within two to three weeks, Hammer’s owner said his eye was starting to open a little bit more. A month after starting the cannabis regimen, Hammer came in and Dr. Hazzah could not find the oral tumor at all.

“Not only could he open his eye, but when he opened his mouth, I just saw a little redness,” says Dr. Hazzah. “The tumor was not there. Hammer was happy, and this was just 1 mg. This goes back to my theory that it wasn’t the amount, it was what the cancer needed.”

CBD Success Story: Nina

It’s been eight months and my 8-year-old, Nina is thriving on a strict regimen including a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, a Full Cannabis extract with high THC, mushrooms , and diet. She’s already breaking records, and because of this, I want to share what I did with you.

Healing Project Reviews

My dogs was diagnosed with lymphoma in December and we trusted the vets to carry out chemotherapy however the chemo didn’t work and I didn’t know what to do as they said it had progressed thankfully I came across a video on YouTube and decided to get in touch with Jesse he was very helpful and gave me some good advice my dogs doing well its still early days but he’s eating and walking better than he was before I wish I had come across the healing project before I went to the vets I would definitely recommend the healing project to anyone unfortunate to be in our situation so grateful of there knowledge and advice

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We cannot be any more thankful for…

We cannot be any more thankful for Jesse’s help and guidance. Thank you !

My dog is dying of hemangiosarcosis

My dog is dying of hemangiosarcosis. She has a 4cm×11cm tumor in her abdomen and two more lumps in her chest. I have been a member of OC Consultants on FB for 5 years because I had another dog die of lymphoma. I absorbed every bit of information I could regarding dog cancer back then and came across Jesse Ramirez. I thought if I ever had this problem again, I could reach out to Jesse for help, which I have as of last Thursday when Octavia was diagnosed. He has given me the run around all weekend long, so naturally I’m suspicuous. I’m so glad I found these reviews before I actually got conned into buying his products. I’m of the same impression other reviewers have of this scam. He’s got a network of people working a system preying on emotional pet owners while their loved ones die of cancer. Beware of this company.

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Reply from Healing Project

I’m sorry Bryan I had food poisoning the night before and it’s only me talking on the phone with clients. So rather than cancel I asked you if we could talk later because I was very sick but you insisted we talk sooner and I couldn’t talk. My wife and kids can confirm this it was left over stuffing from thanksgiving. You instantly started bad mouthing me in our text basically what your saying here. We never had a chance to talk and if you would have given me some time to feel a little better to talk. I am sure I could have helped you out. I wish you well I hope you find peace. Sorry your doggy had cancer.

I have worked with Jesse for over 2…

I have worked with Jesse for over 2 years helping our Bud have a quality life after having a cancerous oral fibrosarcoma removed in 2019. Jesse is responsive,
caring, knowledgeable and stays current with what’s going on in the field of treating dogs with CBD/ cannabis. I trust Jesse snd his wife Isabel to listen and help me make the best decisions for my dogs. Our Bud is 11 now and remains on his remission oils and loves life. I thank Jesse and The Healing Project for giving us all this extra time. 5 stars isn’t a strong enough recommendation for what Jesse has provided our family. Thank you!!

A God Send

Jesse and The Healing Project have been a God send. Over a year ago, our beloved Baxter (7 year old yellow lab) was diagnosed with a nerve sheath tumor located 1mm away from her spinal cord. The doctors told us that she only had 4-6 weeks before she would no longer be able to walk or move.

We had friends who had great success eradicating their lab’s brain tumor using Jesse’s oils, so we did not hesitate to contact him. We immediately started Baxter on the combination of oils that Jesse recommended. Fast forward 13 months and today Baxter is not only still with us, but is still chasing squirrels and jumping up trees and going for walks. Amazing.

Jesse has been at our side every step of the way and is so knowledgeable and helpful – he does not hesitate to answer ALL of our questions and makes a point to check in to see how Baxter is doing. We are so thankful for Jesse’s knowledge, expertise and compassion. Highly recommend the Healing Project.

Jesse has a heart of gold and would…

Jesse has a heart of gold and would help anybody if he can.
His oil has helped me a great deal with my pain before and after surgery which allowed me to sleep at night.
I would recommend anybody who I think would benefit from his oil.
Thank you Jesse for being you. I am grateful, much love.

My Golden Fiona- Lymphoma of Stomach and Small Intestine

My Golden, Fiona was diagnosed Jan.1, 2020 with advanced Lymphoma in her stomach and small intestine that was already eating away at the linings in both areas. She stopped eating early in Dec. After multiple vet visits, we were sent to the Vet Speciality Hosp. She was hospitalized and an NG tube was inserted for feeding. After an Endoscopy and biopsies were performed, the horrific news was delivered. $13,000.00 dollars later. I was told she had a max of 4 weeks to live. Chemo was not an option due to finances. I brought her home with an Esophageal feeding tube and the extensive research began on my part to save my Sweet Pea. After combing hundreds of websites, FBk. groups and reading everything I could get my hands on, I stumbled across a You Tube Video: My Dog Beat Cancer with Cannabis by Tino, featuring Jesse and Isabel Ramirez. At that moment, God answered my prayers. I took a leap of faith and made that phone call for a consultation with Jesse. I found Jesse to be very knowledgeable and free willing to answer my multitude of questions. Fortunately, Jesse lives fairly close to me and I was able to drive up and meet with him personally to pick up the oils.
When we got home, Fiona began the oils and we weaned her off the prednisone. By the end of the first week she began to eat on her own and continued to eat on her own thereafter. Two weeks later I removed the feeding tube. Any time I had questions, Jesse immediately responded with advice and encouragement. We had to adjust the dosages a few times and then keep going again. Fiona is now on her maintenance dosage and is doing very well. 19 months post diagnosis. We just celebrated her 10th birthday and the vet is astonished that she is still with us. If it wasn’t for Jesse and Isabel becoming such an important part of our lives, she wouldn’t be. I will always be extremely grateful to them for their help. They are very gifted people. I highly recommend them.

Jesse and Isabele are truly amazing

Jesse and Isabele are truly amazing, they have helped my husband bring his blood pressure down after a very serious heart attack. They are the most kind and caring people to have ever blessed our lives. Not only do they truly help but they genuinely care which makes all the difference when seeking help for our loved ones. Thank you Jesse and Isabele keep spreading the love and wonderful knowledge you both have!

Thank you Healing Project

I met Jesse several years ago when my dog Nina was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She was given 8 weeks to live and I was desperate for help to prolong her life. With Jesse’s help her life was extended for almost two years and even though I would have wanted her to live a longer life I’m thankful to have spent the extra time her vet said she didn’t have. I would recommend Jesse to anyone going through health issues whether human or animal. I personally take the medicine religiously twice a day and at 67 years old am in the best shape I’ve ever been

Would definitely recommend!

I have a 10 year old lab mix that was diagnosed with Mast Cell Cancer the summer of 2020. I noticed a lump in his throat a couple months prior and just assumed it was a cyst. Took him to the vet, they aspirated it and advised he needed surgery to have it removed. I immediately started researching about the cancer and saw so many testimonials of people who have had to get numerous surgeries.. I did not want his final years to be surgery after surgery. I started him on the tagamet benadryl protocol and he remained on that for 6 months I didn’t want him on it long bc of the harmful effectsto the liver. I changed his diet and added supplements and then I found Out about the Healing Project and contacted them.. He started it in May and so far he is doing excellent. So good in fact he just pulled his groin playing with our 9 month old puppy bc he thinks he’s a young lad again. It’s easy to order, and I am so grateful to have been referred to them. My boy’s tumor is half the size it was in Sept 2020 and he seems to be enjoying life and I would choose this route a million times over again! Jesus has really helped me out communicating pricing and also shipping details and also answered me very late at night when I thought I over dosed my dog.. Very grateful to Facebook for helping me find them to help my dog.

It’s worth it!

Jesse has been my go to for several years. 5 1/2 years ago my first Great Dane was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 4. We watched a video about Tino and his pitbull shorty. We contacted him and then jesse. My dog was given 6 weeks. We got 6 months. He ended up anemic. I’m thankful for the time we got with him.
Our next contact with jesse was on another Great Dane we were fostering and ended up adopting. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He was 5 years old. Osteosarcoma is a painful cancer. We were doing all the right things and on the right track but we couldnt stay ahead of the pain. We didn’t want him suffering any longer and put him down. We do know the oils were a positive factor in keeping him around as long as we were able to.
And currently my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer almost 3 years ago. My dad has been on jesses oils the week we got the diagnosis. Three months on the oils and my dads tumors shrink 30%. And there’s been no progression of cancer since. He’s not in pain as the cancer has spread to his certain areas of his bones and he’s functioning and doing great. Without these oils I dont think he would be doing as well.
He’s fair and doesn’t price gouge. He’s never done us wrong. He will always be our guy.

We cannot be any more thankful for…

We cannot be any more thankful for Jesse’s help and guidance.

Several years ago, our 11-year old dog was diagnosed with anal gland cancer. Thankfully we caught it early, had successful surgery and put him on Jesse’s protocol right away (along with drastic diet changes and supplements). We also opted-out of putting him chemo/radiation. His health, energy and all blood work were clean for two years and his quality of life got better and better. Unfortunately, he developed a rare heart tumor that nobody could’ve predicted or could do anything about. In the end, that’s what got him but those 2 healthy years post diagnosis were worth every minute and every penny thanks to Jesse.

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He’s truly one of those rare, authentic people and healers that has your back (or your dog’s back) no matter what. Is it easy? No. Is it cheap? No. Is it hocus-pocus? Hardly. Is it worth all the time and energy making sure your 4-legged family member has a chance to make it through the storm? Without a doubt.

Jesse is heaven sent.

Jesse is heaven sent and immeasurably helped two of our Bull Mastiffs and gave them added quality of life.

Our oldest pup Samba was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma back in 2017, and we started her on chemotherapy based on the recommendation of her oncologist. We could only make it through four weeks of her 16+ week chemo protocol. After the first week when she was hospitalized, she continued to show loss of appetite (even with drugs to stimulate it), extreme lethargy (even unable to eat while standing), weakness (even unable to even defecate without collapsing), and some trembling.

In our opinion, Samba lost her quality of life almost overnight, and we decided to stop the chemotherapy against the recommendation of the “experts.” Our oncologist even said we would be lucky to get a few more months with her given how aggressive hemangiosarcomas are.

Around the same time we learned of Samba’s cancer, I had run into one of my clients who had experienced miraculous results through using Jesse for her pup’s brain tumor. We were desperate to find anything to give our baby added quality of life, and Jesse became our angel too. He walked us through the CBD and THC regimen, and Samba responded incredibly well. So well, in fact, that she lived over two years (. ) after her diagnosis. She even started to act like a puppy again!

Jesse helped us titrate the medicine to exactly what she needed and helped us cure her cancer. Ultimately, we had to make the difficult decision to give Samba her angel wings as she lived an incredibly long life, and her advanced age led to decreased appetite and lack of mobility that could not be helped with further with physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, and Jesse’s regimen. But cancer did not take our girl!

We actually attribute much of her physical decline to the Gabapentin our vets continued to prescribe at higher and higher doses. (I learned more about Gabapentin later when helping Samba’s younger sister Lyla.)

Jesse also helped us with Lyla who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last Thanksgiving. We decided to amputate her leg when the cancer was discovered, and we would not even consider chemotherapy for her given we knew Jesse’s protocol. He helped Lyla as well, and she thrived after her surgery with Jesse’s guidance.

We have shared Jesse’s name with countless friends and cannot recommend him strongly enough.

Jesse & Isabel are Heaven Sent!!

My name is Sherry Ferrell and my dog’s name is Rose. Who is a 11 year old Dutch German Shepherd she has Mast Cell Tumors about 7. On 6/10/2020 the oncologist told me she was given six months to live. Which I couldn’t imagine my life without her!! So I went looking for everything. I meant Tino on my dog get cancer with cannabis. He referred me to Jessie and Isabel with the Healing Project. When I say they’re Heaven sent. They are very much Heaven Sent! Rose is my service dog. I have Lupus and Hashimoto’s. I can’t imagine my life without her so I was willing to try anything. I spoke with Jesse for about an hour. I ordered what he recommended. Not only for her but for Me too! When I say my baby girl is alive and well! She doing what she loves best chasing squirrels. Living a good life!
I have quit 6 of my prescribed medication and I feel amazing! Thank Heavens for them.
Sherry Ferrell

A Million Stars Aren’t Even Enough – Forever Grateful to Jesse and Isabel of the Healing Project.

I have never met anyone who works harder or cares more for every single soul that he helps than Jesse!

In June, 2017, my 7 year old best buddy Rayban was diagnosed with a terminal and inoperable brain tumor (glioma) and given only a few months to live. Thanks to divine intervention and a little online research, we found Tino’s video about how Shorty beat Stage IV lymphoma and then found Jesse! I thought he was crazy when he said we could get rid of the tumor, but I took the leap of faith, and Rayban and I jumped in with all six feet with Cannabis Oil. Jesse helped us every step of the way.

Three and a half months later, the University Neurologist came happily into the room following his second MRI to report “RAYBAN’S MRI IS NORMAL!!”

For the next four years, Rayban was the most active, happiest, healthiest dog he had ever been, and even road tripped across the country with me like a champ!! On that trip, we were lucky enough to meet Jesse and Isabel in person to thank them, and as I expected, they are two of the most amazingly special and caring people doing their best to help every single soul lucky enough to cross paths with them.

If anyone has ever had any trouble reaching Jesse, it is only because he is helping another person/pet in need, and a gentle reminder by way of a quick text is all it takes! He does not mind reminders at all and will get back to everyone.

Thank you Jesse and Isabel for being our divine intervention and for becoming our friends! You are all selfless wonderful gifts from God.

Thankful for Cannabis Oil & THC

We started our journey in September of 2020, just a few months before the pandemic when our little 8lb furbaby was diagnosed with a haired area canine melanoma.

Of course we wanted the best treatment for her and a fast recovery so after a very invasive surgery, we began seeking other dog cancer treatment options. We sought out the best board certified oncologist on the West Coast, and paid for everything from CT Scans to the melanoma vaccine for dogs. Options they gave us included heavy radiation (which included a 7 day straight schedule of being put under and hit with radiation), as well as more surgery to remove a lymph node growth, and of course Palladia and chemo. We didn’t want to do this to our otherwise healthy dog, one that we cherish and want to give a great quality of life to — returning the love she gave us over the last 12 years.

We were using an “off the shelf” CBD from Four Leaf Rover/Dogs Naturally Magazine, but we didn’t know the difference between hemp derived products and full cannabis oil, derived from the flower. That was until we saw the Peace Love and Pitbulls video about Tino’s dog who had cancer which was put into remission with cannabis oils. We’d never even thought of using THC on a dog, but were willing to try anything… boy were we in for an adventure and beautiful journey of learning.

We were lucky enough to live nearby Jesse and The Healing Project, and we got a consultation then immediately got her on the CBD and THC tinctures, starting slowly, building it up in the system and building her tolerance. In the beginning, it was where one drop would knock her out for a few hours, due to her size…. Things have really changed!

It’s been 10 months that we’ve been using cannabis oils to heal our little girl’s cancer. She’s up to 20 drops of CBD & THC 3x a day and doesn’t even feel it. Again, we’re talking about an 8-9lb fluffy white dog. Appetite is kicking, energy is through the roof — we’re exercising more each day, and this dog is a pro wrestler all night, tearing up her toys and jumping up and down furniture like a gymnast. A lot of the energetic behaviors that she had as a puppy, but lost in the last few years returned, and her body is no longer full of inflammation.

At the 6 month mark with the Oncologist he was blown away. Same guy that told us that we could never get a dog this small to the levels needed in order to kill cancer (so of course, he admitted inadvertently that THC & CBD does work on tumors, cancer and stops metastasis.

Things I would do if you’re in our shoes right now. First make that consultation as it’s free and another option. Second, do as much real research on the effects of CBD and THC on cancer – both in humans and dogs. Lastly, listen to Jesse. Start slow. Use the CBD to offset and counteract the psychoactive effects of the THC.

Lastly, take a lot of time to love your pet, and be there for ‘em. We lucked out because we worked from home during this time and it was a little bit bumpy at the beginning when we were just figuring out how it would affect her, but Jesse’s guidance was invaluable and he always made himself available to us by phone, and for that we are so thankful.

Compared to the options the vet/oncologist gave us, this was cake. And I’m so grateful we didn’t have to put our baby through any of the crazy surgeries or soak her in radiation or chemicals which I’m positive would’ve been life altering in a bad way.

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Thank you Jesse for all your help, we are in debt to you guys for the great health and continued love. Lastly, we all started taking the oils, it helps with my anxiety and my husband’s stomach issues, and our other little dog (a fat, but friendly chihuahua) takes them to combat thyroid issues and it also put an end to his pancreatitis, which was an added bonus.

1 year cancer diagnosis anniversary – only treatment is The Healing Project Oils

One year ago my 9 lb Maltese was diagnosed with lymphoma. Kona also has DCM (heart failure) and chronic pancreatitis, hence chemo would most likely have killed him so it wasn’t an option for us. We just wanted to make his last days comfortable. That’s when I stumbled upon The Healing Project and Jesse and Isabel.
Luckily I live just about an hour away from Jesse, and within 24 hours of diagnosis I had had our first consult and agreed to try the oils. Jesse left me with detailed instructions on how to dose the drops. I had concerns that Kona wouldn’t be able to handle the oils due to his pancreatitis, but Jesse advised the drops would most likely help the pancreatitis as well. And he was right!
My vet had told me there was nothing we could do to help the pancreatitis, and that without chemo the dog would not live longer than 6-12 weeks.
I’ve recently seen our vet and she was shocked – first because the dog was alive after one year, and secondly because he has gained a pound and half and hasn’t had a pancreatitis flare in a over 12 months! I had told her at diagnosis that we planned to treat with cannabis and she advised against it, however on this last visit she wanted to know more about our journey and said she has quietly advised others that there are options to chemo.
I so appreciate the hours (and there are many!) Jesse has spent with me patiently advising and teaching. He has always been available and always willing to work through the issues that have arisen during treatment. I know for certain my dog wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Jesse. I’ve researched the Healing Project Oils as well as other options, and I am so happy with the Healing Project’s quality – so much better that what other dispensaries have recommended.
I’ve recommended The Healing Project to three friends – two who have dogs with cancer and one for a friend with cancer herself. Jesse has helped them all, quickly, efficiently, and with passion and patience.

My Westie Henry was diagnosed in July…

My Westie Henry was diagnosed in July of 2020 with a Macroadenoma of the Pituitary Gland. We were told that he had 3 to 6 months to live. We were given the option of 40 treatments of radiation at a cost of $11,000.00 with no real guarantee of quality of life for him. The side effects of this treatment were absolutely frightening so we opted not to pursue that route. They told us that Henry would go blind, walk in circles and have seizures. After the shock of all this wore off, I started searching the internet for help. By the grace of God, I came across The Healing Project website. I immediately scheduled a consultation with Jesse and started treatment for my boy. It is now June 29, 2021 and my dog has not had one seizure, is not blind, and is not walking in circles. When we first learned of Henry’s diagnosis, I never thought he would see another birthday, but on March 29, 2021 Henry turned 14 years old! I don’t know how long we have with our boy but every day with him is a blessing. Thank you God for sending us to Jesse and Isabelle and for giving us this precious time with him.

Beyond grateful for Jesse and the Healing Project!

In Jan 2018 , my pup Benny was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. In Feb He had his leg amputated . I’d already been the chemo route with another one of my dogs and it made him so sick and pretty miserable for what life he had left. Desperate to help my boy and get more time with him I scoured the internet to see what else I could do to help him. That’s when I stumbled on a Facebook page for dogs with cancer and found out about Jesse’s cannabis oils and the healing project . I have to admit I was hesitant at first , but I am SO glad I took the chance and contacted Jesse! He explained everything to me and guided me through how to gradually dose my pup and give him a fighting chance. I totally understood that Jesse was one guy trying his best to help literally 1,000’s of people help save their dogs, but I was beyond thankful for his knowledge , compassion and help! If I didn’t hear back from
Him right away , I politely contacted him again later that day , as I knew he had a lot of other people he was helping as well. Jesse always responded , even if it did take a bit to get back to me , but I understood and appreciated all he was doing for us. Not just me , but for everyone who was desperate for his help.
I am beyond thrilled that jesses oils gave me 17 FABULOUS months with my Benny!
The two vets and oncologist that I was dealing with were all curious to see how this would work out being that they never had a dog treated for cancer with cannabis. All three of them were on board with my decision to treat him this way and all felt that 17 months was a success with this very aggressive type of cancer which usually only gets you about 4-6 months with amputation only ! I was beyond thankful for that time and the fact that they were happy healthy and active months! I owe it all to Jesse and his cannabis oils!
Since then I used the oils myself to help with my healing after a knee surgery snd I recovered way faster than expected.
Last month another one of my dogs.Ollie , was diagnosed with osteosarcoma:( My immediate thought was to contact Jesse once again and get her started on the oils as well! I honestly owe the world to Jesse and his wife Isabella who truly have their hearts in helping others!
And I feel so blessed to have found them that day back in 2018 .
They have been a Godsend to me snd my pets. It feels so great to be able to fight cancer in a much healthier gentler way.
One thing I do have to say is – DONT WAIT! Get your pup started on this right away. Not after nothing else has worked! Jesse and his oils are doing amazing things – BUT he’s not God! Sometimes fate has other ideas and nothing will help:(
If there were 100 stars I’d give Jesse , Isabel and the healing project 100 stars!

Forever Grateful to the Healing Project & Jesse

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to come across Jesse’s healing cannabis oils. I had been suffering with pretty terrible gastric issues for years – acid reflux, ulcers, ulcerative colitis & Crohn’s symptoms, as well as all the terrible things that come with those issues and essentially overdosing on various OTC antacids almost daily (which were later found to be dangerous/carcinogenic).

I had heard for the last few years about the healing powers of CBD and Cannabis products, however there’s so much confusion about what’s available to us, what’s being sold on the market, and what works well for what ailments. As you probably already know, there’s also a million different products out there, each one promising to be more pure, more effective and more powerful than the next.

For a guy who just got married to the love of his life and has his whole life in front of him, it was always a huge bummer when I’d have a gastric flare-up, sometimes lasting weeks, where I’d eventually be laid out on the bed, unable to eat and be rendered useless for a few days until I healed.

I’m happy to report that after 3 months of taking Jesse’s CBD oil from the flower, and figuring out the proper dosing and regimen, I’ve been both antacid-free (which was something I’d never thought I’d say) and there also haven’t been any flare-ups. My weight has leveled back to my normal target weight (down 17lbs), and I feel healthier than ever.

I’m getting all my vitamins because antacids aren’t blocking my absorption, and I feel safer taking an all natural oil that for side-effects, has increased my concentration, has given me increased energy, made me a happier person, and sent any anxiety or nonsensical worries I had, running for the hills.

I would’ve been grateful for just the gastric issues to be cured, but once you’re using Jesse’s oils regularly (and have figured out your dosing with Jesse’s help and some trial and error), there’s so much more to be grateful for. and this isn’t taking into account years down the line, considering the road I was going down both with the illness & medication’s side effects.

I am so grateful for Jesse and Isabel, I’m one of the few folks who are lucky enough to have met them in person and I can tell you that everything you hear about how powerfully positive their oil and their hearts are is true — I’m a believer, and through real experience. I can’t say ‘thank you’ enough, Jesse!

Our dogs are also using the oil protocols and this is by far the most potent and cleanest stuff we’ve ever been able to get our hands on.