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Can You Travel With CBD?

CBD oil has many uses, and recently, brands have started to incorporate it into a wide range of products. You can buy CBD Gummy Bears and skincare products that contain CBD, and even some dog treats now have CBD in them to calm our anxious 4-legged friends. Due to the changes in the law, more people are open to buying CBD products.

If you have a travel bug or are living nomadically while working remote, you might wonder if it’s okay to bring along your CBD items during your trips. Questions like “Are CBD-infused products allowed in airports?” and “Can I bring my CBD oil?” are very common.

Due to recent changes in the law after the 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, traveling and crossing state lines with CBD is federally legal. But there 3 catches to watch out for we’ll explain here – make sure the CBD in your products was extracted from hemp (not marijuana), has a dosage of THC under the legal limit, and the place you’re traveling to allows CBD.

Domestic Travel

The CBD oils that are extracted from hemp are considered legal on a federal level. You can bring it with you on your travels, whether across different state borders or during flights. We advise that you use travel-sized products that won’t take too much space in your luggage or your carry-ons and don’t exceed the liquid size limits (so they don’t get confiscated at security!)

Traveling, and especially the recycled air on planes, is notoriously bad for your skin. It’s common to experience dry skin or breakouts after long travel days. Normally, bringing all of your skincare goods can be a hassle, but fortunately TribeTokes has an entire collection of travel-sized CBD skincare, like the Travel Size CBD Superfood Mask, Travel Size CBD Collagen Boosting Serum, and many more.

CBD oils that are extracted from marijuana are still considered unlawful in some states. Hemp and marijuana are all in the cannabis family, but hemp is grown with THC levels below 0.3%, and marijuana has THC levels above 0.3%. Both have varying levels of CBD that can be extracted, so your CBD could be from either. You can easily differentiate the two by studying the product ingredients on the label. Make sure that the products you are using have a THC level below 0.3%.

Lastly, while it is FEDERALLY legal to consume and travel with CBD oil, there may be state laws that differ – states maintain the right to ban certain substances in their own state. Make sure you do your research before you travel. For example, as of the time this post was published, CBD is banned in Idaho, Iowa and South Dakota – these are “less traveled states” but just FYI!

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International Travel

If you plan to travel internationally, you might want to do extensive research before bringing your products. Many countries globally still classify CBD and hemp as illegal, so check the laws of the country you are going into. Beware if it is not allowed, you should leave your products at home.

If you’re moving on water or are going on a cruise, it’s a bit more complicated – some cruise lines allow it, but it is still puzzling. Some cruise lines can ban the oils; we recommend contacting them directly if you must travel with your CBD oil if you want to guarantee it won’t be confiscated.

Why Are CBD Oils Good For Traveling?

TribeTokes CBD Tincture 1500 mg

CBD has a lot of benefits. When traveling, you might get anxious about stepping foot into a foreign country and leaving your comfort zone, and CBD oils can help you relax. Aside from that, CBD oil can help regulate your nervous system and the body’s different organs, preventing you from experiencing anxiety and jet lag.

If you are nervous about traveling via airplane with this merchandise in your luggage, we suggest taking it before your flight. You can also research legal places that sell CBD products at the destination you are arriving to.

One important note about traveling with CBD vapes in particular: it is allowed, but you are actually required to take your battery in your CARRY ON, not checked luggage. From the TSA website: “Lithium batteries with 100 watt hours or less may be carried in a device in either carry-on or checked bags. Loose lithium batteries are prohibited in checked bags. For more information, see the FAA regulations on batteries.”

Another tip we can share is – if you are bringing lotions, gels, or oils, you must comply and strictly follow the TSA 3-1-1 rules. Read about the rules, so you will know what the dos and don’ts are. You shouldn’t hide your products, but you are also not required to tell the officers that you have them.

Doing your research before flying will help you avoid problems you could have run into. Always consider the laws of the country you are traveling into. If they consider CBD to be illegal, do not try to bring it if you don’t want to face problems. If you’re anxious about bringing them, you can always ask the internet if the place you are going to sells legal CBD items. Your health and safety should always come first!

Cannabis oil row: Billy Caldwell discharged from hospital

Billy Caldwell, 12, was treated with the drug in hospital after the Home Office granted a 20-day licence for the use of the banned substance.

His mother says his seizures are reduced when he takes the oil and has called for it to be freely available.

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The government is creating an expert panel to look into individual cases.

Home Office minister Nick Hurd told the House of Commons that the panel of clinicians, led by England’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies, will advise ministers on any applications to prescribe the drug.

He said Billy’s case had “highlighted the need for the government to explore the issue and our handling of these issues further”.

But Billy’s mother Charlotte Caldwell said there were still “unanswered questions”.

Speaking to Radio 4 she said: “When will the panel be set up? When will it produce its report?

“This is something that has to be moved forward quickly and urgently.”

Her comments followed earlier confusion when Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt suggested that Home Secretary Sajid Javid had launched a wider review of the law.

But Prime Minister Theresa May said government would look only at the current system of licences for use in individual cases.

“There’s a very good reason why we’ve got a set of rules around cannabis and other drugs, because of the impact that they have on people’s lives, and we must never forget that,” she said.

Last week officials at Heathrow Airport confiscated Billy’s cannabis oil, which Ms Caldwell had been attempting to bring into the UK from Canada.

It contains a substance called Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is illegal in the UK but available elsewhere.

She said that Billy had been taken to hospital in a “life-threatening condition” on Friday evening, leading the Home Office to intervene.

Ms Caldwell said: “The fact that Billy has been discharged is testimony to the effectiveness of the treatment and underlines how vital it is that every child and every single family affected in our country should have immediate access to the very same medication.”

The mother, from County Tyrone, said she has rented a flat in order to facilitate this temporary treatment.

But she wants the law to be reformed, so Billy can have the medication administered at home.

“I will demand that the health department, not the Home Office, takes responsibility for providing access to medication for these incredibly sick children – this meeting must take place within 24 hours,” Ms Caldwell said on Monday afternoon.

It is uncertain what will happen when Billy’s 20-day licence expires, and whether the Home Office will continue to allow him to use the drug.

Cannabis ‘got rid of tumour’

Raising an urgent question on the issue in the Commons, Gower MP Tonia Antoniazzi said there were two children – aged six and one – in her constituency who have a serious life-limiting condition and could “benefit hugely” from medicinal cannabis.

Other MPs also raised cases, including that of six-year-old Alfie Dingley, from Warwickshire, who also has epilepsy, whose family is awaiting a government decision on whether he can use cannabis oil medication.

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Former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith – who said he is “by no means a supporter of recreational cannabis use” – shared the case of a woman who, after being given two weeks to live because of a brain tumour, used a form of the drug to get rid of the tumour.

Antoinette Sandbach, the MP for Eddisbury, told of a constituent’s two-year-old son who has 300 seizures a day, which were reduced to about 50 a day following the use of cannabis oil.

Meanwhile, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott said the current system – even with the new expert panel announced – is “simply not fit for purpose” and called for the legalisation of cannabis oil for medical use.

Shadow transport secretary Andy McDonald, whose son died as a result of his epilepsy, also backed a change in the law, adding “I’m speaking out in the hope that further deaths can be avoided.”

I’ve written to the Home Secretary urging him to allow legal prescriptions of cannabis oil for medical purposes.

As a parent who lost a son to intractable epilepsy, I’m speaking out in the hope that further deaths can be avoided & families are spared the pain of losing a child. pic.twitter.com/KXee732n1W

— Andy McDonald MP (@AndyMcDonaldMP) June 18, 2018

Dr Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East, likened the current issue to the relationship between the drug heroin and morphine, adding: “Why can’t common sense prevail in the case of marijuana, as in that case too?”

Supporters of the Caldwell’s cause also include the MP leading an all-party parliamentary group looking at medical cannabis, Sir Mike Penning.

He called the existing laws “bizarre and cruel”, and added that “fundamental reform of the system” was needed.

“Medical cannabis is a health issue, not a misuse of drugs issue,” Sir Mike said in a statement. “It’s about patients and relieving suffering.”

Does cannabis have medicinal benefits?

By Michelle Roberts, health editor

Cannabis contains different active ingredients and experts say some of them might be therapeutic for certain patients.

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the part that makes people feel “high”, but CBD or cannabidiol is another component found in cannabis that scientists are interested in understanding more about as medical treatments.

CBD-based treatments have shown some promising results for reducing seizures in children with severe epilepsies.

Medical trials have largely focused on pharmacological preparations, but some parents of children with epilepsy have been buying oils containing CBD and THC.

There is currently little scientific evidence on the safety and effectiveness of these oils as a treatment for epilepsy, although they do contain the same active ingredients.

It is vital that you talk to your doctor or health professional before making any changes to your epilepsy medication.