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Ananda Hemp is Now Ananda Professional

The exact same products that you know and trust from Ananda Hemp are available through Ananda Professional.

Plus, there are many more exciting benefits for our customers:

Vanilla Orange and Original Flavor CBD Oil Tinctures

THC-Free CBD Oil Tinctures

30ct. and 60ct. CBD Softgels in Full Spectrum or THC-Free

Full Spectrum CBD topicals for on-the-spot relief and rejuvenation

Delicious Broad Spectrum CBD gummies

THC-Free CBD Oil for dogs and cats

Hemp-Extracted Infused socks giving long-lasting relief for diabetic neuropathy

Our premium and unique line of Full Spectrum CBD & Botanical infused formulas for Women

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Pure Cannabidiol CBD Products

CBD stands for cannabidiol — one of the active ingredients in the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). It’s completely non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t alter your mental state.

There have been hundreds of studies on the beneficial effects of CBD — with new applications suggested every year.

Millions of Americans are reaching for a bottle of CBD oil these days — each with their own motivations for using the supplement.

At Gold Bee we offer full-spectrum CBD products. This means our products don’t only contain CBD — they also contain a host of other active ingredients thought to support the effects of CBD. This is a concept known commonly as the entourage effect — the idea that the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other phytochemicals in the hemp plant all work together to boost the effects of CBD.

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All of our products contain high concentrations of CBD, and a wide range of other hemp-derived ingredients.

None of our products exceed the legal limit of 0.3% THC (the psychoactive cannabinoid found abundantly in marijuana). This means none of our CBD products will cause any psychoactive effects.

Browse Our Premium Products

The Gold Bee CBD oil is our bestseller by far — but not the only product we offer. On top of our popular full-spectrum CBD oil, you’ll also find premium-grade CBD capsules, CBD topical gels and salves, flavored CBD gummies, and disposable CBD vape pens.

CBD Oils

While CBD oils are an excellent and cost-effective way of using CBD, if you don’t like the grassy taste of natural CBD oils, or simply prefer using other forms of supplements — our capsules, edibles, and vapes are all great alternatives.

CBD Gummies

Gold Bee CBD gummies are made with our premium CBD extract and a natural gummy base. They’re chewy, fruity, and deliver a potent dose of CBD when you need it most.

CBD Capsules

Gold Bee CBD capsules are standardized to contain exactly 10 or 25 mg of CBD per capsule. They offer a simple and effective way of dosing your CBD every day.

Honey Sticks

Combining pure CBD from American-grown industrial hemp with organic honey from Brazilian Rainforest, this product offers a novel way to deliver CBD with the antioxidant, immunity-boosting, antibacterial, and digestive health benefits of all natural goodness produced by bees.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Why Choose Gold Bee?

During our pre-launch limited-batch runs we aimed to gauge the CBD community to make our products as top-notch as possible. We received a ton of excellent feedback and took this feedback to heart.

Here’s some highlights for what makes Gold Bee CBD your best choice for CBD products if you live state-side.

Premium-Grade American Hemp

We take a lot of pride in the hemp we’ve been able to source. The farmers that grow the hemp we’re using take their profession vert seriously and have generations of horticultural experience in their blood.

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Every Gold Bee product is sourced from organically grown, CBD-rich hemp from California farms. None of the hemp we’re using have been sprayed with toxic fertilizers, fed synthetic fertilizer, or exposed to organic toxins such as mycotoxin or heavy metal contamination.

Everything is tested by independent labs to prove these claims.

Full-Spectrum Extracts

The Gold Bee CBD line is the closest you can get to the original plant when it comes to the chemical profile.

Our innovative extraction process is designed to preserve the natural ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes as much as possible. The result is an aromatic and highlty-potent hemp full-spectrum hemp extract.

The only exception here is our CBD gummies, which are made from a broad-spectrum THC-free extract.

High Bioavailability

CBD is fat soluble, meaning it has to follow a specific absorption patway for fatty compounds in the digestive tract. Many people experience difficulty absorbing fat-soluble substances in the gut — it takes a lot more effort for the body to absorb these compounds efficiently.

At Gold Bee, we use premium MCT oil from coconut to make our CBD oil more bioavailable, tastier, and easier to dose.

The high concentration of terpenes in our oils also dramatically improve the absorption rates or our oils.

Thousands of Happy Gold Bee Customers

When it comes to the quality of our CBD oil, we let our customers do the talking for us. Don’t take our word for it — just have a look at our reviews and customer feedback online.

Our community of loyal customers are all greatly appreciated, and have made the brand what it is today. We receive a ton of positive feedback from our customers, and aim to continue doing our best to provide the best CBD products we possibly can. Nobody should have to settle for subpar CBD products in this day in age. We owe it to our community to keep working hard for years to come.

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Solvent-Free Extraction

Gold Bee CBD oil is extracted using supercritical CO2 rather than harmful solvents like hexane or propane.

Using a high-tech closed-loop system helps us achieve clean extracts without any toxic residue.

This process is improved upon with our slow-circulation drip system — which gradually removes the active ingredients from the hemp leaves. This step minimizes the inevitable loss of some of the terpene and cannabinoids during the extraction process.

Third-Party Tested

Any premium CBD company that doesn’t take this step should be avoided. It’s become an industry standard — and for good reason.

Companies that have something to hide (such as CBD potencies that are much lower than advertised or contamination) tend to avoid publishing their third-party tests.

We stand by our products and publish every test we get back to provide the maximum level of transparency for our products.

You can find our lab results on each product page.

Premium Quality CBD at the Best Prices

The CBD market is very loosely regulated, which is why many consumers out there have wasted their money on inferior products.

Although we can’t undo the orders you’ve made, we can ensure that everything we’re shipping out is of the utmost quality. We have no interest in marketing products that aren’t the best — nor are we interested in charging unfair prices for this important supplement.

Where to Buy

The majority of CBD products are sold online today. Buying CBD oil online is fast, safe, and convenient when you know who to buy from. It’s easier to research your potential vendor before you trust them with your money.

We did a limited run in local shops, but ultimately decided it was better for our customers to offer our products online. Visit our online shop to browse our entire lineup of premium CBD products.