What mg cbd oil for endometriosis

Carly: How I dose…

Initially, I started taking CBD randomly whenever I felt stressed or during painful times of my cycle due to endometriosis. Although it was somewhat helpful in the moments I took it, I didn’t feel deeper relief from CBD until I started taking it consistently.

I took CBD for two weeks straight, and this is what happened…

When I started taking CBD consistently, I was dosing about 1/2 dropper of 600mg CBD oil 2-3 times per day. This equates to about 30mg of CBD daily.

At first I noticed the subtle benefits I did before when taking CBD randomly, but not much else. I kept up with the routine of taking the CBD but wasn’t feeling a dramatic change like I had heard of.

“It wasn’t until about 10 days in to taking CBD consistently, that I woke up and felt EVEN.”

I was so surprised by this feeling as this was not something I was expecting. Having spent the past few years dealing with the stress of fertility treatments and endometriosis and felt like I had lost my zest for life. I was overwhelmed with how much better I felt. This was SUCH an exciting shift. In that moment I realized I had gotten so used to operating at such a low level.

I had tried EVERYTHING before trying CBD

Acupuncture, massage, de-sensory floats, diets, holistic healers, and at one point I was taking 30 supplements a day, just trying to get my body back on track from the stress I had put it through trying to start a family. I spent thousands of dollars on doctors and supplements but didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere.

At the time, I was also going through fertility treatments and my body was completely depleted. I felt overwhelmed, hormonal, and unmotivated. Pair that with days I am on my feet all day, styling homes as an interior designer, I would often end the day barely able to walk. I just didn’t have the mental energy to do things I had enjoyed in the past. At 34, I knew I was far too young to feel the way that I did.

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As much as I was loving the results I was getting with CBD, I wasn’t loyal to any specific brand. I hadn’t found a company that I really loved, as many of the tinctures have a strong flavor and oily texture. Others that needed to be dissolved in water were a little more complicated to take and I was looking for a simple solution. And some just didn’t feel like they were strong enough to really help. Plus, I always felt a little uncomfortable walking into the crunchy dispensary in my dingy neighborhood strip mall.

I finally found some relief using essential oils to help balance my hormones. However, the process of taking several different essential oils separately throughout the day, some with the addition of a carrier oil, it didn’t feel sustainable for my lifestyle. I desired an option that was more streamlined and more powerful.

The power of CBD + essential oils.

So when my sister, Ashley, and I decided to start Best Bud, I knew I wanted to incorporate beautiful packaging, modern design, and create a powerful, calming scented topical oil that incorporates the benefits of CBD with skin-enhancing, essential oils. This topical would bring together everything I love (essential oils, CBD, skincare) in a simple solution that I could easily incorporate into my daily routine.

How I Dose…

I take about 1/2 dropper of our Best Bud 600mg CBD Tincture 2-3 times per day (30mg of CBD) as that strength works well for me and has been easy to incorporate into my routine. I take 1/2 dropper in the morning, another at night, and often a third dose in the afternoon or early evening when I am stressed or anxious due to busy days with work and family life.

My absolute favorite addition has been using the Best Bud All Over Oil. The scent alone calms me down and I literally use it all over my body. I love the pump application for rubbing large amounts of it on my legs before and after a long day on my feet or slathering it on my lower back and stomach to combat endometriosis pain and cramps. I keep the roll-on in my purse for easy access when traveling. The stainless steel roller ball is cooling when I rub it on my temples, jaw, and neck when I’m stuck in traffic or feel a tension headache coming on. In fact, come to think of it, I haven’t had a headache since I started taking CBD consistently.

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Although I still have work to do managing my endometriosis pain by adding exercise and an even more focused diet, CBD has really been so life changing and an important part of my wellness plan.

I Tried CBD Oil: Part 1

It seems like CBD is taking over. I get Google alerts telling me this cannabis compound can be found in everything from coffee to cat food. I am dubious of a substance that hasn’t been rigorously studied or standardized by the medical community. But when a chance encounter with a stranger ended with her telling me that CBD oil was the only thing that helped with her endometriosis pain, I decided to give it a go.

If you’re not familiar with the abbreviation, it’s referring to cannabidiol, one of the many molecules found in marijuana and hemp. 1 The hemp-derived version is what I tried and is legal in most states. 2 Unlike its cousin THC, it does not have any psychoactive effects and won’t get you high. It is, however, supposedly helpful in fighting inflammation and chronic pain. 3

Surprisingly, it actually helped me. Here’s how.

First, I weighed my options

I am a Gen X-millenial hybrid. While I’m tech savvy, I still only buy things online if I can’t find them IRL. Since CBD isn’t regulated by the FDA (neither are vitamins and supplements), I didn’t want to order any off the internet. Luckily, a CBD-focused shop had recently opened in my city. They had CBD-infused coffee, energy drinks, lotions, vaping oil, capsules, joints, and tinctures — CBD-oil you drop under your tongue. After a lengthy discussion with the owner about this (probably) snake oil, I bought a cinnamon-flavored oil — effectively flushing $50 down the toilet, I assumed.

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How it helped

Unfortunately, there isn’t an agreed-upon effective dose CBD, so I opted for the lowest concentration they had. The owner assured me it actually contained 275 mg of CBD per bottle. He suggested I take 3.5 mg (or half a dropper) three times a day for as long as I have menstrual cramps. I can increase the amount as the pain worsens. You can’t overdose on CBD, he told me.

I bought the bottle five days before my period was scheduled to start. I have cramps for about two weeks a month — and CBD isn’t cheap — so I tried half a dropper once a day to start.

I didn’t have to take any ibuprofen the first couple days I tried it — that is a very noticeable improvement. My pain is usually constant during this time. When I did feel my cramps resurfacing, I found that taking CBD, which acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system, seemed to increase the speed and effectiveness of the single ibuprofen I did take. 4

The real test

The start of my period is brutal. My pain is so bad on the first day of my menstrual cycle that I will throw up if I don’t have ibuprofen at the ready. That is not an exaggeration. It is why you will find loose ibuprofen in nearly every thing I own: camping bags, purses, my bedside lamp, random jacket pockets.

When I woke up with headache-inducing cramps, I knew it was go time. 5 This was about 24 hours after my last CBD dose. As an experiment, I let my pain linger — untreated — for a few hours. Then I took a full dropper of CBD (7.33 mg) and popped an ibuprofen. About 30 minutes later, my pain was almost gone.

Was it all in my head?

It’s possible the placebo effect resulted in increased pain relief. 6 It’s also possible my body will adjust to the CBD and it won’t be helpful in subsequent uses. But for right now, I will definitely be adding this anti-inflammatory compound to my pre-menstrual pain-relief kit.